If this news were to spread out, the person who threatened the Great Western Holy Emperor, Chen Wannuo, would definitely be a powerful figure. But from the looks of it, Chen Xiaoyao didn't seem like an arrogant person at all. He was more like a wild beast that had bared its fangs to protect its young. Whether it was human nature or animal nature, there was love for their children in it. The two of them had no idea what was going on, they had left far enough behind. However, for some reason, the two of them had a kind of trust in each other. Even if the other party was the Great Western Holy Emperor Chen Wu-Nuo, they still believed that the person who changed their name to Xiao Yao could be dealt with. Of course, they didn't know that Chen Xiaoyao, who had dealt with this matter, could have perfectly recovered. However, because of this battle, his original body in the Cang Man Mountain vomited a large mouthful of blood. At the same time, the Great Western Holy Emperor opened his eyes with a complicated expression on his face. The two of them squatted on the wall of the ancient city and looked in the direction where they came from. They looked at each other and saw deep worry in each other's eyes. Chen Shaobai knew that his father was very powerful. He knew that Chen Xiaoyao was very powerful, but his opponent seemed to be even more powerful. If there was a battle between the two of them, the outcome could not be determined. Moreover, the scales of victory were more or less tilted towards Chen Wannuo. At this moment, the beads of blood flashed. Chen Xiaoyao's shadow appeared in front of the two. It seemed like he was in good spirits. "Don't worry, I didn't win, but I didn't sustain any serious injuries either." Chen Xiaoyao said, "Let's be brief, because I want to quickly retract my cultivation and go into seclusion." Injured, but not completely unharmed. For the time being, the two of you better not return to Yanzhou, and instead go to the Western Regions to clink for a while. I will have Jian San protect you guys from the shadows. If you guys are unable to solve anything, then go back to the Blue Barbarian Mountain. " After saying this, without waiting for An Tan and Chen Shaobai to say anything, Chen Xiaoyao disappeared. Anchor glanced at Chen Shaobai and asked, "Is his injury not light?" Chen Shaobai sighed, "My old man needs you to be able to materialize and talk to me for a bit. It seems like you and him are even closer than him and me …" The injury shouldn't be that serious, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to materialize thousands of miles away just to tell him that he was fine. We should just listen to him and go to the Buddhist country in the Western Regions to have a stroll. " "But I don't want to go to China." Chen Shaobai said, "Whether you like it or not, it's not like I met an old lover in my previous life. But then why don't you want to see her? Even if you were to take a few more glances at such a beautiful woman, it would be a very enjoyable feeling. " Anxious, "Forget it, why don't we just go straight to the Golden Crown?" Chen Shaobai: "We still have to go to Che Chi Country. Even if we don't see Xu Mei Di, we can still see if we can sneak into the Immortal Palace. The last time we entered the immortal palace, we actually found something extraordinary. However, if there wasn't anything amazing, why would Da Xi be willing to fall out with the Buddhist countries of the Western Regions just for the immortal palace? " Anti: "You... More like a gambler. " Chen Shaobai asked, "What do you mean by that?" How could I be called a gambler? I am clearly an explorer. " He thought for a moment. He couldn't go back to Yan Kingdom for the time being anyway. If they really were to be targeted by Da Xi's troops, it would implicate Qu Liuxi and the rest. Thus, it would be better for them to just head west. However, there was still one question that remained unanswered in his mind. It was the biggest knot in his heart. Even if it was the other part of him, the struggle for the residual soul's life and death, that part of him would be relieved. However, as long as this mystery was not solved, there would be no peace to be had. Who had the future plans of the Ming Fas? There were three people in the Ming Fas who were most likely to be the mastermind. One was Ouyang Duo, and the other two were Chen Siqian and Chen Yingrong. However, when these three people stopped in front of the prison cart a few days ago, they clearly already had the determination to die, so it couldn't possibly be the three of them. The man would not have died like that if he were still carrying out the future plans of the Ming Fa Si. Wei Ping came back to say that everyone had been dismissed. Not long after that, Wei Ping died unexpectedly without even finding the body. At that time, Ouyang Duo had not yet been promoted by An Zheng, so theoretically he should not have known about Ming Fa Si's future plans. Chen Si Qian and Chen Yu were two brothers, but from their character, they did not seem to be people who would do such a despicable thing. Sooner or later, they would have to return to Da Xi. They had to thoroughly investigate this matter. With a "pa" sound, Chen Xiaolian patted on An Xin's shoulder. "What are you thinking about?" Anti: "Ah... "It's nothing. I just suddenly recalled that when I went to the Western Regions this time, I didn't know if I would be able to meet a monkey or a monk." Thinking of that monkey called Qi Tian, that seemingly eccentric monk, the corners of Chen Shaobai's mouth curled up: "You said, why didn't I expect to meet you unreliable fellows before I left the Cang Man Mountain?" "Actually, you still owe me an explanation. Why did you live in the Illusory Paradise back then?" Chen Shaobai smiled. "Would you believe me if I said that it was because of you?" Without waiting for a reply, Chen Xiaolian pulled out a pipe from somewhere and skillfully stuffed the tobacco into it. Then, he lit it and took a deep drag. He was like a monster spitting out smoke, looking like an old smoker. You should know what kind of person my father is. How could he not notice the death of such an overpowered and powerful figure in the Cang Man Mountain from your previous life? Even though he had just revived at that time, he was once an influential figure that shook the world. Back then, I might not have avoided the Chou family, but it was an enemy that I don't even know who was. "Then I was unsealed and he told me to find a man who came back from the dead. I was confused too, where can I find a person who came back from the dead? It just so happened that when I first arrived at the Great Illusionary Land, that fellow called Chen Shaobai was killed by his men. At that time, he brought a few of his subordinates to rob a young lady in a fantasy world. I originally wanted to get rid of these disasters, but the ones being bullied were a seemingly honest farmer and his daughter. " "But no one would have thought that the farmer was so secretive that he directly beat Chen Shaobai into a serious injury. Chen Shaobai let his men bring him home. Along the way, he kept cursing, saying that his men did not protect him well. After he returned, his father would execute all his men. Those fellows have discussed and agreed that since they are going to die anyway, it would be better to kill Chen Shaobai and slip away. If they can escape, they can live, but if they can't, then they will die, so it wouldn't be a loss to kill Chen Shaobai. " "I am very happy to hear this from somewhere in the dark. Evil people always have evil people to grind on. After some discussion, those guys actually killed Chen Shaobai and tried to run away. I got rid of those little bastards and sent them to the Western Sky as well. Then, I disguised myself as Chen Shaobai and went home. I told him that I met some demon beasts when I was taking my subordinates and they were all dead. At that time, Chen Shaobai's father was scheming something big, but he didn't have the time to worry about it. " Chen Shaobai smiled, "I was just pretending to be mysterious. Because I didn't understand you back then, I didn't tell you the truth." "But how did you become so short?" Chen Shaobai said, "Are you kidding? I wasn't that big back then, young master." "Then you said that you've been frozen for a long time. I think you must be at least a few hundred years old." "Scram, young master is still young and young, alright?" I was only a teenager when I was frozen by my father. Could it be that hundreds of years of ice had frozen me when I was a teenager? " "Isn't it?" "Seems to be true... "That's not important!" Chen Shaobai waved his hand, "At that time, I just happened to need an identity to enter Illusory Paradise. That Chen Shaobai deserved to die, so I died anyway. With this identity, investigating some matters became much simpler. Knowing that you were beaten to death at Nanshan Street's academy, you seemed to have come back to life in a strange manner. That's why I approached you with Chen Shaobai's identity. Think about it, you were a monster that came back to life at that time. Anxious said: "This way of putting it, there is nothing wrong with it." Chen Shaobai said, "It was only later on that I found out that Dad calculated that you would be reborn in that youth's body. What he said to me, I still remember... He said he knew you, even though he had sealed it. Do you still remember that coffin in the Cang Man Mountain? " Chen Shaobai asked. An Di nodded. "I know." Chen Shaobai explained, "Actually, when you met my father in the herb field, he did it on purpose to test you. He had been in the ice coffin the whole time, and his sword slaves had not died in battle, so the rest were still protecting him in the cave. After that fierce battle, a portion of the experts loyal to my father had been dispersed and remained in Da Xi. "I don't know why they are at Da Xi. My dad said that they are monitoring a big shot, and that big shot is our enemy." "For so many years, the people outside have been watching that person from generation to generation. All the news had been sent back through the same material as the ice coffin. When the news reached the ice coffin, even though my father is in the ice coffin, he still knows all about Da Xi's big affairs like the back of his hand. " Chen Shaobai let out a sigh of relief, then continued, "At that time, my father said that a person like you cannot die. So he wants to help you, but he doesn't know how to help me. "You know what happened after that. When you went into the mountain, you met my dad, and you and him had a blood relationship." After saying that, Chen Whitesnow heaved a sigh of relief, "To be honest, you think that my father used your blood energy to recover. Actually, I was thinking that he might have been helping you all along. " How could he not know about this? He took a deep breath and then wrapped his arm around Chen Shaobai's shoulder. "Let's go, to the Western Regions to bring disaster to the monks." Chen Shaobai asked, "Why not Ni?" Anti turned his head to the side and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "You …" Chen Shaobai replied, "I just said it casually. I actually have quite a lot of respect for the Buddhist Sect. Even though there are bad people in that sect, the number of bad people is still lower than the other sects. I heard that the Immortal Palace is still dominated by the Buddhist Sect people, so I just said a few good words, maybe I'll let us in. " Right at this moment, a ray of light suddenly flew over from the distant skies, rapidly descending. Immediately afterwards, another streak of light appeared from the horizon, clearly chasing the streak of light in front of them. The two streaks of light fell to the ground in succession, exploding into a huge ball of light far away from their line of sight. Tens of minutes later, the hurricane, covered in dust, was pushed forward like a tall wall. The scene was extremely shocking. "Which deity is fighting?"
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