The southern border of the Great Xixi was beautiful, while the northwestern border of the West and Qiang was also vast and desolate. The man who drove the cattle and sheep across the grassland brandished his whip and the fisherman's fishing boats on the river in the distance, forming a beautiful new scroll. If he unfurled it from the beginning, he would have a new artistic conception. The man in charge of herding the cattle snapped his whip and sang a long, cool song that assailed his mind. Deep down in his bones, he felt that the sand in his body was like the valiant force that swept through the world. Chen Wu-er took a big step forward, each step took a flash, and that was teleportation. The fisherman, the herdsman, was one of his subjects, but at this moment, he felt somewhat annoyed. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to catch up to those two youths. Who was he? He was the Great Western Holy Emperor who shook the heavens and the earth. He was the first person from ancient times to create a flourishing world, and he was Tian Kehan who even the people of the Great Prairie revered. He was the man that the Buddha of the Western Regions praised. However, he could no longer continue to chase after her because there was someone blocking his path. A middle-aged man dressed in long, white, cotton robes looked ordinary, but he gave off the feeling of an otherworldly expert hiding in a large city. People like that were always very special. Even the village girls wearing flowery clothes would look a few more times and say that uncle was truly handsome. Chen Wu-er stopped and frowned slightly. The man in front of him was also surnamed Chen. His surname was Chen and he was known as Great Elder. He was the largest family in the world. Even if it was someone with the surname Chen who didn't have a relationship with the royal family, he would still have more confidence if he mentioned his surname Chen. For many years, during the chaotic times of Spring and Autumn, when the various empires competed for supremacy, the Chen Clan was a great clan that could summon the wind and summon the rain. Afterwards, the heavy floating up and down, the Chen family has never pushed out the historical stage. When they arrived at the Great Xi Empire, the Chen family had reached its peak. Logically speaking, there was no one surnamed Chen in this world who could be compared with Chen Wu-Nuo. However, for some reason, when Chen Wu-er saw the man before him, he felt a sense of wariness and worry. Although the meaning flashed through his eyes, it was enough to explain the situation. "Long time no see." The person who spoke was called Chen Xiaoyao, a man even more mysterious than Chen Wannuo. However, what he said was not 'hello'. Instead, it was' long time no see '. Thus, there was an additional feeling that others could not understand. "We shouldn't have met." Chen Wannuo answered. Of course, Chen Shaobai's temper would more or less be inherited from his father. For example, he always seemed to have a slightly slovenly demeanor. But by saying something slightly unpleasant, Chen Shaobai had learned the truth. Chen Xiaoyao truly had the mentality of playing the game in the mortal world because he had the qualifications and had a magnificent life that others would never be able to have. If someone were to write the story of Chen Xiaoyao, it would be even more interesting than the story of Chen Wannuo. Chen Xiaoyao shrugged his shoulders. "You think we won't meet just because you said so?" Chen Wu Nuo's face was serious and even a little angry: "At that time, you and I had an agreement, if there is nothing between us, then we won't meet again. "This is a condition. I will not kill you." Chen Xiaoyao chuckled. "Such cruel words actually have a hint of righteousness in them from your mouth. If you don't know who we are, you will definitely be applauded." Everyone in the world knows that you are a first class benevolent ruler. Some people say that you are the only one in the world for a thousand years. That's not a big deal because no one is better at acting than you. If you can't even immerse yourself in acting, then even if you don't become a Saint King, you'll still become a good actor. " In this world, there was still someone who dared to speak to Chen Wannuo in this way. If people were to know about this, they would be so shocked that their teeth would fall out. Chen Wu-Nuo took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out, "Don't force me." Chen Xiaoyao: "Forced from where?" After saying that, he laughed, "These four words are a bit ambiguous … But since I'm standing here, of course I'll stop you. As for why I'm stopping you, I have time to explain it to you. Of the two little fellows you are chasing, one is my own son and the other is my own disciple. I just don't know which one you're going to kill. Oh … Whether it's my own son or my own disciple, you want to kill me right? Because even I … You are going to kill him too. " Chen Wu Nuo: "You have your own business, I have mine. I already said at that time that it's better to stick to the bottom of the river." Chen Xiaoyao: "What a big chicken egg that broke through the sky. Aiya, the Chen family members need to maintain their demeanor at all times, right? They can't just casually say dirty words. You see how excited I am and how I f * cking forgot." But then again, do you think I'm stupid? Why did those people from the Devil Sect dare to rebel? Don't they know that even if we add them all up, they still won't be my match? All of a sudden, their courage grew and they all believed that they could succeed. Does this really have nothing to do with you? " "A bunch of arrogant people aren't scary. A group of arrogant people also obtained the secret support of someone even more arrogant. That's scary." Chen Xiaoyao's tone suddenly changed and there was a trace of coldness in his words. "Thanks to you, I haven't had a good time in the past few hundred years. Not only did I seal myself in order to breathe, but even my son had to be sealed away to avoid his appearance. "Tell me, if I was by the river with you, how would I introduce you to my son?" Chen Wu-er snorted coldly, "You brought this upon yourself. If you refuse to leave on a bright road, you will definitely become entangled with the people of the Devil Sect. What sort of scum were the Devil Sect's people? I have already given you a chance in the past for you to be willing to live within it. It's not because of who you are, but because your surname is Chen. " Chen Xiaoyao possessed and bowed. "Thank you." He stood up straight. "I thank you on behalf of those surnamed Chen." Chen Nuo felt as if he had been slapped in the face. His face was burning with pain. "Are you really going to stop me?" "Your question is really meaningless. Why else do you think I'm standing here?" "With just you? A ten thousand miles long silhouette? " "Aren't you?" The corner of Chen Xiaoyao's mouth rose: "Everyone said you are invincible in this world, but you are really invincible? Right now, the situation seems fair. You are in Jinling City and I am in the Cang Man Mountain. You wanted to kill me a long time ago, so you will have to fight me sooner or later. Chen Wu Nuo was silent for a long time. "You are no longer worthy of the surname 'Chen'." Chen Xiaoyao: "It's not up to you to decide whether or not I deserve it. My surname is Chen because I have the Chen family's blood in my bones, not because of you, Chen Wu-Nuo." "I thought I wouldn't regret it, but now that I think about it, I really shouldn't have left home for you." "You chose that yourself!" Chen Wannuo angrily scolded. He was clearly infuriated by Chen Xiaoyao's words. He made a sudden move and struck out with his palm. He was the Great Western Holy Emperor, Chen Wannuo. His every move and action was made by the heavens, so why would he need a high level cultivation technique? Simple and uncomplicated, each move and each move was enough to topple mountains and overturn seas. He struck out with his palm, and Chen Xiaoyao's arms opened up. A round light barrier that was like a transparent glass cover appeared around him. It was also like a bubble. The wind from his palm surged, but the bubbles were like boulders. Wherever the palm wind passed, the grass turned into a barren hill. Thirteen miles away, the trees on both sides of the road were instantly turned into wood shavings. The pavilions built by the roadside for the bystanders to rest in became flying back. 28 miles away, a small city that had existed for hundreds of years suddenly collapsed. In the midst of yellow sand, the small city disappeared. Thirty-six miles away, a mid-level demonic beast that had just come down from the mountain to look for food had a change in its expression. It turned around and ran. However, he hadn't run more than a few meters before the wind from his palm blew. The body of the demonic beast remained frozen in a running posture, and after a second, its skin and flesh disappeared, leaving only its skeleton. After another second, the skeleton turned into dust and flew away, not even a speck of its remains remained. However, Chen Xiaoyao remained standing tall and unmoving. "You actually recovered?!" The expression in Chen Wu-uo's eyes changed. The corner of Chen Xiaoyao's mouth still had a smile. He still looked like a slob and he didn't seem like the sect head of an evil sect who held great power. However, there was a clear look of ridicule and contempt in his eyes, which made the anger in Chen Wannuo grow even stronger. "In the past, when you wanted to kill me, you had chosen to borrow a knife to do so. It's a pity that the knife you borrowed was not sharp enough to cut me. " Chen Xiaoyao indifferently said, "I'll give you another chance to kill me today. You can do it yourself." "So what if I kill you?!" He raised his hand above his head and then fiercely pressed it down! With a hong sound, the beautiful grassland turned into yellow sand. This time, it became a basin. The deepest part of the mountain was at least a few dozen meters deep. Such a huge crater had appeared on the ground, and the earthquake was enough to affect the surrounding area for hundreds of miles. The bubble that Chen Xiaoyao was in fell into a trance a few times, but it did not break open. His body floated in the air, like a small boat on a raging storm or a large river. "That's it?" he asked, pointing with one hand. Behind him, a light green stream of air quickly gathered and coiled like a tornado. The tornado then transformed into a long sword, and in a split-second, it arrived in front of Chen Shuang. Chen Wu-Nuo's body suddenly disappeared, and in the next second, he appeared again, as if he had not moved at all. But in that single second, the violent sword intent just happened to pierce through. Wherever the sword intent passed by, it created a deep gully in the ground. Perhaps many years later, people would wonder how this smooth and flat canyon was formed. A few dozen li away, a huge wave suddenly rose up on the great river. The river's surface that was a few li wide seemed to explode into a straight bridge of water. The wave could reach up to a hundred meters high into the sky. The river was so wide that it had been cut in half at the waist. A vacuum of ten meters appeared, and the water was no longer dripping. Chen Wushang looked at Chen Xiaoyao, while Chen Xiaoyao looked at him. Such a destructive power, yet the two people who had just attacked were not their true bodies. They were merely shadows cast thousands of miles away from them. Of course, only the two of them knew how real and illusory it actually was. Only the two of them knew how much power it carried in its body. However, if the two of them were to fight without the slightest hesitation, it was likely that the area within a hundred miles would be completely razed to the ground. Chen Wu Nuo narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Xiao Yao: "My Chen family is the world's number one family. If I am like this, then you are also like this … If I don't kill you, you'll be of use to the Chen family. "However, you must remember that from now on, if you don't have my permission, you can step onto Da Xi's land and I will destroy your soul." Chen Xiaoyao: "I don't care what you say. I still have the same words. One is my own son, the other is my own disciple. They are what I care about the most." "I also know what you care about the most. If you touch my family, I'll touch your mountains and rivers."
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