Chen Shaobai was not an idiot, of course he could tell that something was wrong. He checked all the equipment he brought and took a deep breath. "Do you really think this uncle is your follower?" "If you want me to leave, I'll leave. If you want me to come, I'll come?" Anxiang looked at Chen Xiaobai. Before he could say anything, Chen Xiaobai had already walked forward, "It's just a fisherman by the river. Could it be that it's the Great Western Holy Emperor, Chen Wannuo?" Anti sighed and replied in an extremely low voice: "Don't speak in a while, stand outside and wait for me, he …" It's the Great Western Holy Emperor, Chen Wannuo. " Chen Shaobai's footsteps paused, and he patted An Zheng's shoulder. "On the account of my young and vigorous character, please forgive me for my irresponsible bragging just now. I'll be leaving first. If there's anything else we can discuss next time." However, as he said these words, he continued to walk forward. He noticed a faint light flickering in Chen Shaobai's right hand. Clearly, he was prepared to make a move at any time. However, in front of the Great Western Holy Emperor, who other than the Buddha who hadn't left the Great Thunderpool Temple for a very long time? What was the point of making a move? Anti walked over to the river bank and told Chen Shaobai to wait for him nearby, then he slowly walked over. Chen Shaobai walked forward another ten meters before stopping a few meters away from the boat. Of course, he was also very clear that if he and An Zheng were to really fight against Chen Xiaonuo, the latter might be able to crush both of them into dust with a single strand of hair. He was the strongest person in the past thousand years, and no one could question that. Anxious walked to the side of the boat and stopped, looking at Chen Wu-er without saying a word. Chen Wu-er raised his head to look at An Zheng's face, then his attention returned to Yu Di, "Why did you come over?" He replied seriously, "I thought His Majesty wanted me to come over." "You've met me?" He replied, "Yes, but I've never seen him before." He actually did not notice her! An Zheng's heart skipped a beat. When he was fighting in the academy, he was actually a little worried. Although he had the power of the righteous path when he used the power of the thunder spirit, with a first-rate expert present, it was not hard to tell that his power was extremely close to the Nine Astral Thunder Soul. But, of course there wouldn't be many who would suspect that he was Fang Zheng, since Fang Zheng was already dead. Chen Wu-Nuo waited for a while before saying no more, and pointed at the fish floating in the air, "This river fish is very beautiful, I can see that many fishermen can easily catch a lot of big fish. But I've been sitting here for an hour, why can't I catch a single fish? Do you know why? " "They are fishermen who rely on water for their food, so they are very good at it." And His Majesty is not a fisherman, he wasn't born to fish. It's normal for him to be unable to catch any fish. " "Your answer is flawless. It's the standard fart. If we can't catch fish, most people will think so … It was Chen Wu-Nuo who did not know how to fish. If it was anyone with more guts, they would secretly think in their minds that Chen Wu-Nuo was also a fool. But when you say it, you're probably as tactful as you are. Therefore, you are not an outstanding person. You cannot give an outstanding answer. I am a little regretful that we have wasted the world for your trip from Jinling City to the border region. " He raised the fishing rod. "I didn't catch any fish because I didn't put a hook on it." There was only a line and a line on the fishing rod. Indeed, there was no hook. Anxiang said, "His Majesty only fishing and not hooking. No wonder His Majesty wasn't able to catch any fish." Chen Nuo slightly sighed, "There are always people who say to me that even if it is the first time they have met me, they would still be convinced by my elegance and would have an irresistible urge to bow down and worship me. It all seemed to be a lie, not to be trusted. "If I am really so elegant, even if there was no bait or hook on my fishing rod, a fish would still come over and bite the fishing line." For a moment, the enmity was at a loss as to what to say. He had yet to understand what Chen Wannuo wanted to say. But at that moment, a very large fish jumped out of the water and bit into the fishing line. Logically speaking, the fishing line was smooth and thin, and it was impossible to bite into it because the fish's mouth wasn't particularly tight. However, the huge fish bit into the fishing line without even struggling, as if it was afraid of falling down. "His Majesty has underestimated himself," Anti said. Chen Wu-Nuo picked up the fishing rod, looked at the big fish that was tightly holding onto the fishing line, and sighed, "You came too late to flatter me. You have to wait until This Emperor finishes his words before you jump out." The fish suddenly let go of its mouth and landed on the boat. It stood like a human on its tail and bent its body 90 degrees. The head of the fish looked at Chen Wu-er as if it was worshipping him! At this moment, the surface of the water rippled, sparkling under the sunlight. In just a short moment, countless big fish and small fish swam over from afar and jumped out of the water. That feeling was like the replay of time and dumplings. Soon, the area around the boat was like a mountain of fish. Chen Wu-er put down his fishing rod and asked, "Why is that?" "His Majesty didn't say it earlier, so how could Yu Di know that His Majesty was fishing?" As Your Majesty has said, fish have flocked here. " Chen Wu-Nuo was silent for a while, and then shook his head: "You are indeed too tactful, and not the person I am waiting for. You can leave now … I'll just take it as a distraction. "If that person from back then …" His eyes glazed over for a moment, as if he was somewhat sad. "Who was it?" Anti asked. Chen Wu-er didn't speak, he didn't even look at An Zheng. That year? How could they not know that year! That year, it was also the riverside of such a large river. Chen Wu Nuo was also wearing a straw cape and a bamboo hat as he sat on a small boat. At that time, when he had just returned from the case, An Zheng was still in high spirits and he waved his hand towards He Tan. He didn't want to go over, but after thinking about something, he actually walked over. At that time, the security dispute was still just a small team commander of the Ming Fa division, not even considered a mid-level official. However, at that time, An Zheng's strength had already reached the peak of the Great Perfection Stage, and he was very close to the lesser celestial stage. The year of the dispute was barely over thirty, and it had just been transferred from the warehouse of the Ming Fa Division to the Operations Division. At the time, Chen Wu-er had asked An Tan, "Why can others catch fish, but why can't I?" "How long have you been fishing?" "An hour. I can easily see the fishermen fishing." Anxious's reply at the time was, "If this is your first time fishing, then it doesn't matter if you can't fish out anything. No one is a genius in all aspects. But if you haven't caught one for an hour, you're stupid. Because an hour is more than enough time to learn it. " "Because I didn't put the hook." Anti: "Set up the ghost." "Do you know who I am?" "Why should I know who you are?" "Perhaps there's a great opportunity in front of you?" Struggle: "I don't need a lucky chance. I need to rely on my own hard work to get what I want. The opportunity that you mentioned might not necessarily be an opportunity for me, because you don't understand me at all. " Chen Wu Nuo: "You are wrong. I know you, so I was waiting for you here to give you a chance. You said that you had to rely on your own efforts to get back at them, but if you could do bigger and better things by chance, wouldn't that save you a lot of time? Moreover, this opportunity is so great that you cannot reject it. " "Is there anything I can't refuse?" "Realize your dream, and I will allow you to be the head of the Dharma Division." Chen Wu-er took off the bamboo hat on his head and looked at An Zheng with a benevolent and gentle expression. Then, at this time, the head of the Ming Fa division came running over from afar and scolded Anti for not kowtowing to the Great Emperor! He said that from today onwards, I will no longer be the head of the Ming Fa Division in Da Xi. At this moment, the river suddenly started to sparkle. Countless big fish and small fish swarmed over from the distance. Countless fish jumped out of the river and piled up on the side of the boat. Countless large fish stood on their tails like human feet as they bent ninety degrees to pay their respects to the Saint King. At that time, all the officials kneeled down and said with utmost sincerity that this was because the Saint King was the ruler of the world. Not only was he the ruler of the world, he was also the ruler of all living things, even the fishes had to pay homage. At that time, Chen Wu-er asked An Zai what do you think of this, "His Majesty's cultivation base is the best in the world, let alone fishes, if His Majesty wanted to, even a tree, even a mountain, would bow down to him." At that time, everyone was looking at An Zheng with fear in their eyes, only Chen Wannuo laughed loudly, "This Emperor wants someone like you!" And at this very moment, a disappointed expression appeared on Chen Wannuo's face. After waiting for a while, they could only turn around and leave. Behind him, Chen Wu-Nuo sighed, "You will never know what a great opportunity is in front of you, but you did not treasure it." "Your Majesty, what did I say wrong?" Chen Wu Nuo: "Everything was wrong …" "I ask you, why do you know me?" "Because when I was in Jinling City, I wanted to go to the city and offer up wine in front of the carvings of the successive Sacred Emperors. I bought a pot of wine from a tavern on the street. From afar, they saw the emperor carrying a jug of wine as well, and also head over to the Sacred Emperor's stone sculpture. After bowing to the sculpture with the rest of the people, they sat on a large stone for a while. " "Even so, how can you be sure that it's me?" "Because Fang Zheng, the head of Great Xixi's Manfa Division, is my idol, I have asked him many things in particular about him." 。 I heard that he would often go to the Sacred Emperor's side to pay his respects, sitting on that large rock in a daze. When I saw His Majesty at that time, I was extremely shocked and thought that he had returned from the battle. But after thinking for a long time, I was able to guess that it should be you, your Imperial Majesty. " Chen Wu-er raised his head and glanced at An Zheng, "You are more meticulous than him, but you are not as good as him." He seemed to have lost all interest as he waved his hand, "Go, don't disturb my fishing." With a grunt of assent, He Zheng Tan bowed deeply, "This humble one will take his leave." After saying this, he did not leave very quickly, and appeared to be hesitating. He walked up to Chen Shaobai and shook his head, signalling him not to speak any nonsense with his eyes. Chen Shaobai was very smart, he immediately asked who that person was. There was no answer, only sighs. For the third time, Chen Wu-er raised his head to look at An Zheng, his brows were knitted tightly. Did I misjudge him? he asked himself, but even he could not give himself an answer. Wei Zheng did not know what Cen Shuyin had done to him, and even Chen Shaobai had no idea what she had done to him as he watched on helplessly. Perhaps the only person in this world who knew Chen Wannuo better than An Zheng was Cen Shadow, so she was very clear on where the flaw in the security dispute lay. Therefore, she had given some sort of pill to An Xin to repair his incomplete Fate Soul. Even though it wasn't perfect, it was much better than before the war. Perhaps, she had already expected what Chen Wannuo would do. After walking for a long distance, Chen Shaobai asked An Lai, "You lied to him?" Anti shook his head, "No... I could feel him killing me three times. "But because of this …" An Tan raised his hand, and the blood pearl bracelet on his wrist was still faintly glowing. Chen Xiaoyao's figure appeared from the blood pearl bracelet with a serious face: "You guys hurry up and go to the Buddhist Kingdom, the Buddhist Kingdom is the place Chen Wu-Nuo is the most unwilling to go. Fortunately, you knew that you couldn't hide it from him, so you contacted me. Otherwise, the two of you would have died long ago. " Chen Xiaoyao said, "I temporarily gave him some scruples with my Heavenly Demon Qi. He thought you were all from the Devil Sect, so he temporarily didn't make a move. But he was too smart, Soon, he would be able to react. You guys leave first, my shadow will stay here and wait for him. "Let's go, let's go. The more we drive, the better it will be!" At the same time, sitting on the fishing boat, Chen Wannuo's eyes suddenly turned cold: "I nearly got cheated by you, hmph!"
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