It had been four days since He Zheng woke up. By now, he was already at the western border of the Great Western Region. It had to be said that Chen Shaobai's chariot was ridiculously fast. It only took a few days to travel from Jinling City in the south of the Great Xixi River to the border of Great Xixi. When he woke up, the chariot was no longer in existence. Jian San had brought the treasure that Chen Shaobai had found and returned to the Green Barbarian Mountain. Perhaps the pill that Cen An gave An Tan was very effective, or perhaps the mental state of An Zheng was close to breaking down by then, so he sealed off his mind after taking the pill and only regained his consciousness after she had completely recovered. Anchor opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He discovered that he was lying on a tall slope of grass. After sitting up, he could see that in the distance, there was a wide and shocking river. The river flowed east-west. It seemed to be several miles wide, with many fishing boats on the surface. Perhaps this was the broadest and calmest place in the waters of this large river. On both sides of the river were green grasslands, making the scenery exceptionally beautiful. He felt a headache coming on, and couldn't remember what had happened. However, the memories soon returned from the depths of his heart, making his mind hurt even more. "He didn't die?" Chen Shaobai leaned against a boulder on the slope as he watched the boats coming and going over the river. With a strand of furry grass in his mouth, he glanced sideways at An Zheng. "What a pity. We've waited so long, but still haven't died yet." Anti raised his hand and rubbed his temple. "How are they?" "They didn't die either, but you did, and the other half of you did." Chen Shaobai looked as though he was taking pleasure in An Zheng's misfortune. However, when he saw An Zheng waking up, the look of relief and relief in his eyes was still evident. This guy's mouth was never virtuous. Sometimes, he could even be harsh with his words. "That's good." Anti let out a long sigh of relief and asked, "Did you bring me out?" Chen Shaobai said, "Yes, I took advantage of the time when you were unconscious to taint you. From today onwards, you are mine, so I will take responsibility for you." "Can you be more serious?" Chen Shaobai shrugged and spat out the furry grass in his mouth, "Tell me, why did you come here this time?" Actually, you already know that when you come to the Great Xixi, even if you meet the legendary Holy Emperor, you won't be able to change anything. How could such a person change himself for the sake of others? " "It's not like there's no chance. I know Chen Wu-Nuo." He felt that his entire body was in pain, so he could not help but seriously consider whether this son of a b * tch Chen Shaobai had really done something infuriating. Of course, this was only to let himself relax. These few days, he had collapsed too quickly. His entire body was like a clockwork man, never stopping for a moment. However, due to the pain, his mind became clearer. "He is a man who values his reputation above all else." Anti tried to stretch his body a little, then he raised up half of his butt and reached out to touch it. "It's okay, it's okay." Chen Shaobai said, "Scram …" "If any of his subjects were to tell him not to punish Yan, he would never accept it. But if I bring it up to him in a public place, as an ordinary Yanzhou citizen, he will really pretend to think about it seriously, and then half the chances are that he will actually take back his decision to punish Yanzhou. Because he needs people to see his benevolent side at all times and to live up to his image as the world's common master. " Chen Shaobai said, "You sound as if you really know him very well. If I'm not wrong, he will of course show his benevolence in front of everyone, letting them praise him, and even letting them spread the news. This way, everyone in Da Xi will feel that he is a benevolent king. But in reality, it was impossible … He promised you face to face, and he will be greatly praised. However, once he returns to the Imperial Palace, he will absolutely not truly do so by decree. " "It's the same for the people of Da Xi city, including those from other countries. They will only see his benevolent side and won't really ask. In the end, did he lift the sanctions against Yan Kingdom?" Chen Shaobai harrumphed, "It's just a common trick, but you're still harboring such delusions. I really wonder how someone like you managed to reach such a high position in your previous life." Anxiang shook his head. "At first I thought it was because of my own hard work, but now I don't think so. In retrospect, there are a lot of people who work harder than me, but there are very few who can succeed. I don't know why I was able to succeed in the first place. " Chen Whitesnow: "Idiot …" The reason why you've succeeded is because Chen Wannuo needs someone as successful as you to become the benchmark. " "Perhaps …" Anti lay down and stared at the blue sky in a daze. "No matter what, Da Xi, you can't stay here any longer. Who is that Instructor Cen? "Why should I care so much about you?" "Actually, I'm not very familiar with it. Every time when the Great Western Holy Emperor goes to the three academies to receive the disciples that are on the top of the Violet Ranking, I would accompany him. And every time, I was the one who taught in his place. I don't really remember any interactions I had with her, and most of the time I would focus on the disciples below. Could she have received me at the time? or what did you hear from me down there? " Chen Shaobai shook his head. "It doesn't look like it …" Looks like she's very familiar with you, or maybe she's very familiar with you. " Anxious thought hard, then suddenly remembered: "Oh …" Every time Chen Wu Nuo visited the three academies, she would head to the cafeterias to have a meal with her disciples. I seem to remember her figure appearing every single time, but she was always at the back rather far away from me. I always thought that she was someone from the canteen … Maybe it's because something happened, something went wrong with my memory. " How could he have forgotten about that person? Actually, it wasn't that he forgot, but that he really didn't feel anything for women in his previous life. Every time when Chen Wu-er went to the cafeteria to eat, Cen Shadow would be there, sitting at the same table with An Zheng. This was because he was the only one who ate alone, he was just putting on an act and cooking alone. Every time, she would bring the dishes up to Chen Wu-er and then sit down to eat at the place where the competition was taking place. In his memory, there was a very quiet looking woman. Her impression of him was completely different from before. There weren't that many coincidences in this world. When he recalled the past, he felt that there might be some sort of relationship between Cen Ning and the Great Western Holy Emperor Chen Wu-uo. Otherwise, why would she be in charge of serving the dishes? Furthermore, every time the Saint King personally taught the disciples an hour according to the plan, he would fight for them. Where did Chen Wannuo go in that hour? He would never have thought of such a thing before, because it was not a problem in his opinion. Now that he thought about it, these were all problems. "Let's go." Chen Shaobai stood up, "You have slept on this grass for a day and a night, you should have had enough rest." Instructor Cen said that the lightning spirit energy in your body is not pure, so you can continue to refine it in the Great Thunder Lake Temple in the Western Regions. He also said that your fate soul is incomplete and that problems will occur sooner or later, so he told you to find your old lover, Xu Medi, at the peacock's palace in Chi Chi Nation and use the great calendar of the Peacock Ming Palace to help you keep your soul under control. " "I don't want to go." He glanced at Chen Shaobai and said, "I've slept on the grass for an entire day and night, yet you're not even thinking of finding me a blanket or something to cover me with?" Chen Shaobai shrugged. "Do I have to find a girl for you?" Anchor stood up, stretching his body and looking at the distant river. He asked, "Where is this place?" Chen Shaobai said, "The western border of the Da Xi Empire. If we go further west, we will reach the southeastern border of the State of Qiang. We are currently nervous. However, he was no fool. He did not dare to provoke Da Xi directly. Instead, he went against Zhao. Therefore, it seems like Da Xi had launched a war against the Buddhist Kingdoms in the Western Regions just to fight for the immortal palace. However, Da Xi's power did not directly interfere. "The State of Qiang has put on an act by placing more than a hundred thousand troops at the southeast border. Most of its elites are concentrated at the border with the State of Zhao. If they were to fight … Hehe … Just a hundred thousand soldiers could stop the great army of Da Xi? This is already the border. Look at the people of Da Xi city, they are still living happily. "Therefore, don't even think about it. The Great Western Holy Emperor would never allow the battlefield to be moved to his doorstep for the sake of a small Yan Kingdom." Anti: "That may not be the case. Right now, it's just a test of the two super powers, the Golden Crown and the Great Xixi. Whether it was the State of Qiang or the State of Zhao, both were cannon fodder. If Yan Guo were to get involved, it would be just like cannon fodder. There was definitely a secret within the immortal palace, but this secret had yet to be discovered. The moment they are discovered, the Golden Crown and the Great Xixi will stop doing whatever it takes and will pounce on us like mad dogs. " "These have nothing to do with me. I am not someone who worries about the country and the people and the world." The two of them walked down the slope as they talked, their feet touching the soft grass as if they were treading on a carpet. Anxious knew that nothing had happened to the people from the Mage Department, so he felt a bit more at ease. As for Fang Zheng's death … Only he himself could understand the feeling of peace. "From here, you can travel by boat all the way to the west, and you will be able to leave the borders of the Da Xi Empire. However, if they were to take a boat, there would be a water barrier at the border crossing. If you are walking, you can go around the checkpoint from here to the northwest. In any case, you and I are not afraid of any ferocious beasts in the mountains. " When Chen Shaobai finished speaking, his face suddenly changed. Because he saw An Zheng standing there motionlessly, staring off into the distance like he was in a daze. He followed the sight of Anti, and found a small boat by the river. An old fisherman wearing a straw hat and raincoat was fishing in the boat. His head was lowered as he stared at the water. This was an extremely common occurrence, but for some reason, it seemed as if the whole situation had changed. It felt like … He was an arrow that had been nailed to the top of his hard body skill. He could shoot it out at any moment. "You go first." Anti looked at the boat and said, "No matter what happens, don't come over. Let's go!" Chen Shaobai asked, "What do you mean?" "Let's go now!" Anti shouted in a hoarse voice.
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