Chen Shaobai glanced at the wooden man sitting on the floor and sighed, "There aren't any strong elemental energy waves outside, which means nothing has happened to your old subordinates." I just went out to take a look … One of the carriages was destroyed, and the people in the carriage ended their own lives. " Anxious, he raised his head to look at Chen Shaobai, and Chen Shaobai's heart was immediately shocked. What kind of eyes were those? They were blood-red, as if they were the eyes of an awakened wild beast. There were still traces of blood on the corners of his mouth and his face. However, he seemed to have lost all of his soul, so numb that it made one's heart ache when they looked at him. The door creaked open, and Cen An slowly walked in. She glanced at Andi, then let out a soft sigh. She walked up to An Zheng and squatted down. She took out a small medicine bottle and poured out a pill from inside before stuffing it into his mouth. Security did not resist at all, it was as if they did not see Cen Shuyin at all. He probably did not know that Cen An gave him a pill. "What kind of medicine is this?" Chen Shaobai asked cautiously. Cen Xin thought to himself, "Stabilizing the heart meridian and recuperating the Inner Mansion. The True Qi in his body is currently very chaotic." She put her hand on his neck, and he closed his eyes and fell asleep. This was the first time in the history of the dispute that he lost his vigilance. He fell asleep like a child who was tired from crying. Cen An sat down on a chair and glanced at Chen Shaobai, "You are not a student of the academy." Chen Shaobai nodded, "I am not." "But you are his friend, that is enough." I don't ask you where you came from, but the fact that you can help him in this situation proves that you are a good person. Because if anything unexpected happens to the situation at that time, you and him will both die. " Chen Shaobai frowned. He couldn't help but think to himself, could it be that this woman knows of the identity of An Zheng? "I know." Seemingly seeing through Chen Shaobai's thoughts, Cen Mo said in a light tone, "I was only suspecting it in the beginning, the power similar to the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique makes me suspicious." Although it was very different from the Nine Heavens Thunder back then, it was only a difference in form and not in nature. Someone said no, and I said no, because I didn't want anyone to know that was it. The moment I saw him rush out of the academy, I knew who he was. So I'm glad that people like him don't deserve to die. " After a moment of silence, he continued, "Since he's him, then he really shouldn't have come. I knew he wasn't lying. He didn't come for himself, but for the Kingdom of Yan. He was such a man that he would spare no effort to do what he thought was right. A person who has experienced life and death should experience changes, but he hasn't. " The way she looked at An Zai was somewhat strange. It was a strange emotion that Chen Xiaolian could not understand. "Take him with you." Cen An looked at Chen Shaobai, "As long as he stays here, he will be discovered sooner or later." I'll take him away today. I still have some methods to let you leave Nanjing without a sound. Today, his madness had been seen by many people. This sort of thing could not be hidden. The academy was a place where dragons and snakes were mixed, and there were people from all sorts of families. If anyone associates his madness with the fact that the people from the Ming Fas are blocking the prisoner carriage today, even if those people are only suspicious, they will get rid of him. " Chen Shaobai cupped his fist and bowed. "Thank you, senior." Cen thought to himself, "I'm not some senior, I used to be his friend." I remember being told long ago that people like him don't live long. At the time, I didn't believe it. I always thought that someone like him should live a long, long life. If you are his friend, then take him away and don't let him come back. At the very least, don't come back until he's strong enough. If he wants revenge, I also hope that he will come back when everyone is afraid of him. " Chen Shaobai acknowledged, "I know." "There's something very strange going on in his body." Her attention was focused on the wrist of Andi, a blood bead bracelet. Cen Ying took An Zheng's hand and examined it before his expression changed slightly, "Could it be that pearl bracelet?" Chen Shaobai said, "Yes." Cen Xin sighed, "How can his luck be so bad?" "Trust me, that was all due to his good luck." Cen An looked at Chen Shaobai with a profound look as he retrieved an item from his storage space and placed it in the bosom of An Zhenbiao. She looked at the sleeping struggle, lifted her right hand, and placed two fingers on his forehead, "I don't know what I can help him with, I just hope that he won't die again. Due to the many injuries in his body, his body has accumulated blood. Even though there seems to be a person with great medical skills who has treated him before, there are many things that could not be resolved by the methods of the medical community. " A soft white light radiated from her fingertips, and a warm current flowed from her contentious forehead into her body. "I will expand his Qi channels and open up his clot. His body after his rebirth should have been very weak at the beginning, and had been transformed the day after. Because of this, the inadequacy of the Upper Sky would be revealed sooner or later. I will expand his Qi channels and then use my power to stabilize his dantian's Qi Sea to remove the remaining impurities in his body. Although it is impossible to directly increase his cultivation by many realms, it will reduce some problems when he cultivates in the future. " "I left three pills on him, and the red one is the same as the one I ate earlier. When he wakes up, he'll take it again." The blue one could increase his perception of water. If he wanted to use his lightning power, he would have to first turn it into a cloud. Without water vapor, there would be no clouds. The strength of his lightning directly depended on how much water vapor there was. After eating this pill, there will be some improvement. " "The golden pellet is used to repair the soul. The fact that he lacked a remnant soul didn't seem to have much of an impact. But that part was like a small crack, and there would be no problem for a short period of time. But no one can say that there won't be a problem in the future, and if there is a problem, then he will become a madman due to the lack of memory. " Finishing this sentence, Cen An stood up and walked out. When he reached the door, he stopped and could not help but take a few more glances at the situation. "If he wasn't so impulsive, he really could have stayed at the Three Great Academies for a while longer. No matter how dangerous Nanjing was, the three academies were still safe … If you leave, don't go back to Yan State for now. I will try my best to create a false impression that those who are paying attention to him will think that he is dead. Of course, there would be people who didn't believe it, but if they continued to chase north, then it would be fine. All of you go west, towards the Buddha. " "Go to the Palace of Peacock Ming in the Western Regions and find Xu Medi. Even if she has given up on her past, she will still help him. As far as I know, the Peacock Ming Palace has a Grand Calendar Pearl that can help people awaken their past. You can take him there and fix his soul fragments. If it's lost, it's lost. It can't be found back, but it can stabilize the soul, otherwise, something will happen to it sooner or later. " "Thank you!" Chen Shaobai solemnly bowed. Cen Xiao shook his head, "I've said it before, I'm also his friend. I used to …" I'll help him drag it out for a while. In addition, I will also do my best to help with the matters of the Kingdom of Yan. However, all of you should be well aware that there is no one in this world who can control the Great Western Holy Emperor. Chen Shaobai said, "I know, I'm already very grateful to you." "You can leave now." Before she walked out of the room, she said, "It looks like he had experienced the power of the Thunder Soul to temper his body, but the power of the Thunder Soul isn't pure, so his thunder energy isn't pure either. It's far from being as strong as his original Nine Heavens Thunder Soul. If you want to go to the Buddhist Kingdom in the Western Regions, then go to the Great Thunderpond Temple if possible. That lightning pool there is where the true power of the Lightning Spirit gathers. According to what I know, the lightning pool of the Lightning Lake isn't a place where outsiders are forbidden to enter. As long as there is a fated person, they can enter the lightning pool to be baptized. It's just that this is an external lightning pool, a small pool that was created by the true lightning pool. " "We will be there." He could not help but turn back to look at An Zheng's face, the complicated look in his eyes growing even stronger. It was like a century, and then she strode away, never to look back. Chen Shaobai sat down beside An Tan, carefully considering how to leave this place. He looked at An Zheng's calm aura and felt a bit more at ease. After thinking deeply for a while, he took out an item, it was a spatial artifact. After collecting An Ce, he stood up and left the small courtyard. He had the Yaksha Mother Umbrella, but he did not dare to use it. This was the Da Xi Golden Tomb. The time needed to use the Yaksha Mother Umbrella could not be compared with the time needed to use the Umbrella, but the drawback was that the magic artifact's aura was too heavy. There were hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Jinling City. If someone were to notice them, it wouldn't be worth it at all. He changed into a new set of clothes, found a mask and put it on, then transformed into a gentle looking middle-aged man and walked out. Two hours later, he actually just walked out of the Jin'ling City of Da Xi. He followed Cen An's directions and headed west instead of north. He didn't dare to show any impatience along the way, walking leisurely like a tourist. Only when it was dark did he start to increase his speed. After confirming that he was already far away from Jinling City by midnight, he summoned his followers, boarded the chariot, and sped towards the west. On top of the war chariot, Jian San, who was piloting the war chariot, glanced at Chen Xiaobai and asked, "Young Lord, what happened?" Chen Xiaobai took out something from his chest and handed it to Jian San, "I've found what father is looking for. After we leave the western border of the Great Xi Empire, you will ride your war chariot back to the Cang Man Mountain and pass the item to father. Anti and I are going to leave for a while, but I don't know when we'll return, so I told Father not to worry. Other than that, I hope that Father will abide by the agreement and return the power to settle the dispute to him after his body recovers and rescind the blood contract. " Jian San could not help but ask, "Where are you going?" Chen Shaobai looked at the peace dispute that was still sleeping soundly. After a moment of silence, he replied, "Bring him back to himself."
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