In a large hall that was entirely black gold, there was a huge dark yellow throne that emitted an extremely ancient and savage aura. This throne was around three zhang in radius. It was tall and round, covered with lines of Netherworld Flames on the lower half of the body. The upper half of the throne was covered with the runes of a skeleton wearing armor. A red robed elder was seated on this enormous throne that was emitting an aura of the Ancient Desolation. This red-robed old man was extremely thin, he had half closed eyes, did not have any accessories on him, and his hair looked a little dry. He was also casually tied behind his head with a jade ring, but his body was emitting an indescribably powerful aura, emitting a thick red light that filled the entire hall. This caused the entire black hall to be dyed a terrifying dark red. Suddenly, a white talisman the size of an invitation card flew in from the entrance of the hall and floated not far in front of him. "Eh?" The red-robed old man with an ordinary appearance suddenly opened his half-closed eyes. An even more terrifying might gushed out from his body, causing the opaque hall to darken even more. The red light above his head started to twist as he opened his eyes. Looking carefully, it would occasionally transform into a demon god with four arms and three heads that were more than ten feet tall. It was as if a demon god was being born in the red light, but it was just a hair's breadth away from being able to grow. It was extremely shocking. "Come in!" After opening his eyes, the old man who gave off a frightening might expressionlessly said those words to the outside of the palace hall. A pale white brilliance immediately swept in from outside the hall. He stopped 500 feet below the old man. "Patriarch!" When the person stopped, he immediately bowed respectfully. This cultivator was none other than Ye Ling. And looking at his current appearance and hearing him address him, this thin old man in a red robe on the throne was obviously the sect master of the Yin Corpse Sect, Blood Spirit Ancestor. Many cultivators on the Cloud Spirit Continent secretly laughed at him for being Patriarch Painful Core. However, if they ever saw Patriarch Blood Spirit, none of them would be able to laugh. They would be crushed to death by his divine sense. Right now, even Ye Ling, who had a cultivation base at the second level of the Aurous Core stage, was several times weaker than the Patriarch of the Blood Spirit Sect. "Ye Ling, are you here to see me for something important?" The Blood Spirit Grandmaster glanced at Ye Ling and spoke in a cold, impolite tone. "This time, when I was searching for treasures in the Little Heaven Realm, I obtained a stalk of this thing, and am here to offer it to Ancestor." With a tap of his hand, a pale white light wrapped around a blood-red light and floated towards the Blood Spirit Grandmaster. "Blood Poria Cocos at the Spirit Transformation stage?" The eyes of the Blood Spirit Grandmaster narrowed. With a "pu" sound, the blood cocoon, already in the shape of a spirit rabbit, was sucked into his palm. "This … this … this … this … this … this … this … this …" At the very least, this blood Poria Cocos could replenish my blood essence for several years. "Very good, Ye Ling! What kind of reward do you want? " After receiving the item, a sliver of satisfaction appeared on Patriarch Blood Spirit's face as he spoke in a very straightforward manner. And from his words, it could be seen that Patriarch Blood Spirit was of the highest rank in the Yin Corpse Sect. As for the other Aurous Core stage cultivators, they weren't even on the same level as him. "Blood Spirit Escape Technique, as well as bestowing the beautiful flowers to me, become my concubine." Ye Ling's eyes flashed. A trace of displeasure immediately appeared on the face of the Blood Spirit Grandmaster. "Ye Ling, you should also know that such a thing isn't worth such a reward." "Of course I know that." Ye Ling's expression didn't change at all. He looked at the Blood Spirit Grandmaster and said, "Naturally, I wouldn't dare to ask for such a reward just because it's a Spirit Transformation blood Poria Cocos." "Speak!" The Blood Spirit Grandmaster glanced at Ye Ling and spat out a single word without the slightest hesitation. This was the complete display of his unparalleled power. "When we entered the Little Heaven Realm, the people from the Fire and Fire Palace and the Sea Immortal Sect also entered the Little Heaven Realm. I coincidentally obtained the complete soul of the demon umbrella and refined the Ten Desolate Divine Arrow, launching a sneak attack on Ancestor Xuanyuan. If nothing unexpected happens, Royal Elder Xuanyuan can only last for a year and his lifespan will be depleted … " "You want to swallow up the Sea Immortal Sect?" Ye Ling had not finished speaking when she was interrupted by the Patriarch of the Blood Spirit Sect, "Ye Ling, you should also be well aware that with the current strength of our Yin Corpse Sect, wanting to take over one or two sects like the Sea Immortal Sect is not a difficult matter. However, a sect like the Fire and Fire Palace, which is about the same strength as us, will definitely not leave us alone. Not annexing a city level sect like this was a rule that everyone in the cultivation world agreed upon. Are you trying to start a war between the sects? " The words from Patriarch Blood Spirit had already turned ice-cold. It was obvious that he thought Ye Ling had done something wrong. He was already furious. "The Sea Immortal Sect might not necessarily want to annex us. At most, we'll just push them down a little." A cold light flashed in Ye Ling's eyes, and he said, "The reason why I did this is because there is a cultivator called Wei Suo among them. We have to deal with him." That was because this cultivator actually had a Blood Devouring Magic Saber! Moreover, he was only in his twenties and was already in the fourth level of the Fragrant Sky stage when he started cultivating the Heaven Tier technique. "This is too strange. Not to mention the secret on this person's body, his current cultivation level is a huge threat to our Yin Corpse Sect in the future." "Blood Devouring Saber?" A trace of shock appeared in the eyes of Patriarch Blood Spirit. "Are you sure he has such an ancient treasure on him?" "He used this magic treasure to extract Spiritual Master Huo Yun's vital energy and blood, and to destroy the body of the demonic umbrella. He caused the umbrella to use the redemption technique, causing the essence of the umbrella to fall into my hands." Ye Ling nodded heavily, "It should not be wrong." After pausing for a moment, Ye Ling added, "This person is currently the most important figure in the Sea Immortal Sect. If we were to go against him, Ancestor Xuanyuan would definitely protect him with all his might. Furthermore, I also want the Blood Spirit Escape Technique because he has the Exquisite Pagoda, which can teleport magic treasures, and a spiritual type magic treasure that can cause people to age quickly. I need this teleportation escape technique to be able to restrain these two treasures and prevent his magic treasures from being able to be attacked. If he tries to escape, I will also be able to catch up. " "Alright!" After a moment of silence, Patriarch Blood Spirit seemed to have weighed the pros and cons clearly as he nodded and said, "You did well in this matter." After nodding his head, a red talisman materialized from the hands of the Bloodsoul Grandmaster. With a flash, it appeared in front of Ye Ling. "This is the Blood Spirit Escape Technique that you wanted." However, the cultivation of the Golden Core Stage Yin Lihua was also a pillar of our Corpse Sect. In the future, we might have great achievements. But right now, I am unable to promise to bestow her to you. " Blood Spirit Grandmaster glanced at Ye Ling, "But I can promise you that no matter if this child only has this Blood Devouring Saber, or is related to the various sects of the ancient Northern Mang, he will still be alive. As long as you break through to the third level of the Aurous Core Stage, I will give you the flower. Also, if this child really obtains some clues related to the ancient Northern Mang, to our Yin Corpse Sect, you will have contributed a huge amount of credit. You don't need to break through to the third level of the Aurous Core stage, I can immediately give you the flower as a concubine. " "Alright, with Ancestor's words, it'll be enough. Since the forefather has no objection, then I shall do as I see fit. " Ye Ling's eyes narrowed and a complacent look flashed across them. Ancestor Blood Spirit hated people the most. He only valued his sect's interests the most. Therefore, Ye Xiao didn't say anything about the matter of the beautiful flower and Wei Suo colluding. Moreover, everything he said was the truth. He was also very clear that the Yin Corpse Sect's cultivation methods came from the ancient North Mang sect, and the ancient North Mang sect's cultivation methods, although they also cultivated Yin Yuan cultivation methods, were not as flawed as the current cultivation methods of the Yin Corpse Sect. If one looked carefully, it must be because some cultivation methods were missing, or because some cultivation methods were not passed down, which was why several powerful cultivation techniques of the Yin Corpse Sect had all had all sorts of negative consequences in the end. The best example was the "Painful Pill Cultivator", Patriarch Blood Spirit. Therefore, the temptation of the ancient Northern Mang was something that not even Patriarch Blood Spirit would be able to resist. "Six million spirit stones, twenty disciples divided into two ranks. If there's nothing else, you can go. Ancestor Xuanyuan is currently in extreme danger and cannot be allowed to enter the Yin Corpse Sect. " The Blood Spirit Grandmaster glanced at Ye Ling and said lightly. Six million spirit stones and twenty disciples were divided into two ranks. This was the authority that Patriarch Blood Spirit had given Ye Lingyun. This was not to say that Patriarch Blood Spirit could make him use so many resources, but rather, it was to give him the greatest amount of damage he could bear in dealing with this matter. It could be said that he had the power of six million low-grade spirit stones and twenty disciples at the remembrance stage. This power was truly astonishing. "Nothing else." Ye Ling didn't waste any time on nonsense. After nodding his head, he turned around and left the hall. "Little brat with the surname Wei, not to mention I am an important figure of the Yin Corpse Sect, even a wandering cultivator like you is not a match for me." After a series of wild dashes, Ye Lingcun stopped in front of a large white hall that was carved from the bones of giant demonic beasts. A disciple of the Yin Corpse Sect was waiting at the entrance of the eerie white and gloomy hall. "Master, Wei Suo and Ancestor Xuanyuan have already returned to the Sea Immortal Sect. Ancestor Xuanyuan has already gone into seclusion to cultivate." Upon seeing Ye Ling, this Yin Corpse Sect disciple immediately greeted him. "Very good! I don't want him to have time to cultivate in peace. You know what to do? " Ye Zero nodded and said to the Yin Corpse Sect disciple. His figure flashed into the white bone hall.
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