"Got it!" The green-robed old man's loud shout suddenly sounded in the quiet room. At this moment, the meditation room that Wei Suo was cultivating in was filled with all kinds of ancient books, scrolls, jade manuals, and jade talismans. Hearing the green-robed old man's loud shout, Wei Suo, who was originally sitting cross-legged as if he was meditating on some magical technique, suddenly stopped. He stretched out his hand and sucked in the book in front of the green-robed old man. In just three days, he would be able to prepare for the Core Formation stage. The vibrations brought about by the Primordius Nether Crystals were simply too great, to the point where he couldn't believe it. A single stone was equivalent to thirty thousand high-grade spirit stones, and it could be refined in about six hours. Wouldn't that sect which received the Silver Primordius be extremely easy to refine? However, Wei Suo was completely sure that even in the ancient cultivation world, where countless Divine Profound Realm cultivators had sprung up, it was extremely difficult to reach the Aurous Core stage. Because he couldn't figure it out no matter what, he ordered the Sea Immortal Sect disciples outside to bring over all of the ancient scriptures and ancient scriptures that might contain information on beasts like the Primordius Silver Nuwa. The fact that he could prepare to break through to the Aurous Core stage in three days' time already shocked him too much. If he was unable to clear his doubts, even he was unable to calm his heart down. "The Primordius Silver Nether Crystal Marrow. A thousand years to form a single crystal, a single crystal, and a Grand Dao Flowing Dan …" After Wei Suo captured the ancient, yellowed leather scroll in his hand, he unconsciously read it out in a low voice. "Forming one in a thousand years? "The Great Way of the Samsara?" Immediately after, Wei Suo frowned slightly. He couldn't help but ask the green-robed elder, "What is the Great Way of the Appraisal Pill?" "The Great Way of the Appraisal. It is a heaven-step pill that could greatly raise one's cultivation level in our time." The green-robed old man looked at Wei Suo and explained, "According to the current number of Spirit Stones, one is estimated to be worth at least a hundred thousand high grade Spirit Stones." A single crystal is equivalent to a heaven-step pill, and its value is over 100,000 high grade spirit stones. According to this record, this crystal essence does indeed contain 30,000 high grade spirit stones. Wei Suo took a deep breath and said in a slightly surprised tone, "However, even if one was produced in a thousand years, the destruction of the Cloud Realm Sect would still be less than ten thousand years. Wei Suo took a deep breath and said in a slightly surprised tone," But a thousand years, the destruction of the Cloud Realm Sect would still be less than ten thousand years. The green robed old man nodded his head, "There are only two possibilities. The first is that the Primordius Silver Primordius isn't an ordinary mature Silver Primordius, it is an advanced elder level Silver Primordius, its grade might even be higher than the eighth level. Otherwise, after its body is defeated, how can it release so much silver liquid, as if it was possessed and reborn again. For a Primordius Silver Nuwa at this level, it should be the equivalent of a Divine Profound Realm cultivator. The speed at which it transforms into crystal essence might not even need a thousand years. The other possibility was that the Cloud Realm Sect had spent so much effort to seal this demonic beast there. Naturally, it was because they wanted this demonic beast to produce a continuous stream of crystal essence for them to use. Perhaps they had other methods that could help this demonic beast awaken its crystal marrow. "Look at the black and purple talismans that you've obtained. They should be the spiritual symbols that allow Cloud Realm Sect cultivators to enter the Demon Sealing Mountain." "Very likely." Wei Suo nodded. "I wonder what kind of price the Cloud Realm Sect paid to seal a demon beast that has the strength of a Divine Profound Realm expert. However, if the Cloud Realm Sect doesn't perish, then this Primordius Silver Nuwa definitely won't die. They will definitely raise this Primordius Silver Nuwa like a hen that has consumed a golden core. "For a crystal to be so effective, even if you can produce one in 600 to 700 years, it will definitely be worth it. I wonder how many cultivators with shocking cultivation bases will be able to produce such a crystal!" The green-robed old man became more and more excited as he spoke, and towards the end, he began to shout incoherently: "Wei Suo, it seems that there is no problem now that the matter of the Crystal Marrow has been completely clarified. This Crystal Marrow should indeed have such a shocking effect! Three days! As long as it takes you three days, you will be able to break through to the Core Formation stage. At your age, if you succeed in reaching Core Formation, you will most likely be number one for thousands of years! " The reason why the green-robed old man was so excited was because helping him to form his true form required an Aurous Core stage cultivation level. As long as Wei Suo succeeded in forming his Core, he would be able to prepare the matter of helping him form his true form. This kind of speed, if everything went well, before his lifespan runs out, there's a high chance of helping him form the formation. Seeing how excited the green-robed old man was, Wei Suo, who was extremely shocked after discovering the effects of the crystal essence, had actually completely calmed down. This was because he was very clear that even though refining the Crystal Marrow would require three days to reach the Aurous Core stage, the time needed to actually prepare for it would definitely not be just three days. After all, the green-robed old man had never followed an Aurous Core stage cultivator before, so he didn't really know much about Core Formation. Wei Suo also needed to understand in detail how much attention and preparation he had to make when he reached the Core Formation stage. Also, Wei Suo did not dare to rashly rush into the Aurous Core Stage while his Spirit Sea was not the same size as the others. He must first refine some Heaven Mending Pills and then turn his newly cultivated Spirit Sea into the same size as the other fourteen. He would need a certain amount of time to refine both the Heaven Mending Pill and the Purple Fox Flower. Moreover, Wei Suo would definitely wait for Ji Ya to refine the Nine Yang Pills and save Han Weiwei before attempting to break through to the Golden Dan stage. Otherwise, if he was worried about other matters, there was a high chance that it would affect his breakthrough to the Golden Dan stage. After a moment of excitement, the green-robed old man calmed down and began to offer suggestions, "Wei Suo, this Sea Immortal Sect is not a small sect. Quite a few Aurous Core stage cultivators have appeared, so there should be quite a few records about Core Formation. Tell them to bring all the books regarding Core Formation over as well. The matter of Core Formation must be prepared immediately. For someone like Ye Ling, if we want to deal with you, we definitely have to avoid too many troubles. We definitely won't give you too much time, it might be so fast that we wouldn't even be able to imagine it. " "As long as you succeed in forming your core, you will be able to suppress the demonic umbrella and Adept Huo Yun's golden cores and refine them into the Extinction Gold Pill. When that happens, even the powers of the Yin Corpse Sect will have to fear you." I will only let you have a fair fight. Even if you kill Ye Ling, with the two 'Extinction Gold Pills' in your hands, they won't dare to suppress you. " "Extinction Gold Pill?" Upon hearing the green-robed old man's words, Wei Suo's eyes flashed. He recalled the terrifying fake core that Dong Qingyi had used to deal with him, "Old man, this Aurous Core of an Aurous Core stage cultivator can be used to refine magic tools?" "That's right!" A sinister look appeared on the face of the green-robed elder as well. Now that Wei Suo was about to break through to the Aurous Core stage, Ye Lingcun could be a huge hindrance, the biggest factor of uncertainty. And Wei Suo's success in forming his core was also the key to his success in forming his core. In his eyes, Ye Ling had naturally become his greatest enemy. Naturally, he hated Ye Ling to the core too. After fiercely nodding his head, the green robed elder's eyes flashed as he explained, "A cultivator's aurous core is the life essence of more than half of an Aurous Core stage cultivator. It gathers countless of Essence Qi and True Essence, just like a small planet. Thus, although the true essence and origin energy within the aurous core were extremely pure and condensed, definitely far superior to this crystal marrow, there were only two ancient cultivation methods that could produce a portion of the aurous core's might and origin energy for their own use. Moreover, these two techniques had long been lost. In our era, the only way left is to refine the Jindan into a magic tool, the 'Extinction Gold Pill'. " "The Aurous Core, when activated, is equivalent to an Aurous Core stage cultivator exploding his own golden core. Even a cultivator at the second or third level of the Aurous Core Stage might not be able to defend against one. If you had two of them in your hands, a cultivator at the second or third level of the Aurous Core Stage would definitely be killed. However, when refining the Extinction Gold Pill, only Aurous Core stage cultivators would be able to suppress the glow of the Golden Core. Otherwise, the two Aurous Cores will explode when they are refined. " "How much time does it take to concoct a metal extinguishing pill like this?" Wei Suo took a deep breath and slowly let it out, "Daoist Master Huo Yun must hate Ye Ling to death. If he knew that I refined his Jindan into an Extinction Gold Pill to deal with Ye Ling, he would definitely be very happy." "You are too soft-hearted!" The green-robed elder harrumphed, "What are you trying to do with all this nonsense?" This kind of 'Extinction Gold Pill' required almost no time to be refined. It only required a massive amount of true essence and blood essence. As long as he was prepared, he would be able to successfully forge it in a short period of time. After he finished refining these two items, he would then think of ways to refine some of the items on the body of the Primordius Silver Nuwa into powerful magic treasures. "When that time comes, you can go directly to the Corpse Sect to challenge Ye Ling." Wei Suo knew that even though the green-robed old man kept on yelling at him, saying that cultivators need not acknowledge each other, only caring about themselves, in reality, even the green-robed old man might not be able to do it himself. Thus, after hearing the green-robed old man's words, he did not bicker with the green-robed old man. … …. "What, a book about Core Formation?" Outside of the residence, a square-faced disciple dressed in silver clothes of the Sea Immortal Sect couldn't help but feel greatly shocked after hearing Wei Suo's orders.
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