At that time, Wei Suo had clearly seen it. The toad head demonic beast with high intelligence and the Primordius Silver Nuwa that broke out from Eccentric Chen's body. Their mutual calculations were also extremely powerful. The toad-headed demonic beast had forced back the fleeing Ye Lingyun. While the Primordius Silver Nuwa was battling with Wei Suo and the others, it saw the right opportunity and assassinated the Silver Primordius. However, this Silver Primordius was deliberately using itself as bait to attract the attention of the toad-headed demonic beast, allowing it to obtain the magical pearl of the ancient Silver Primordius. At that time, Wei Suo and the others clearly saw that the Silver Scaled Demon Beast only evolved after it swallowed the magical pearl, eventually becoming the shockingly powerful Four Armed Primal Chaos Silver Nuwa. This four-armed Primordius Nuwa had devoured the two high-grade Dao-treasures of Adept Firecloud and the beautiful flower as though nothing had happened. In addition, after devouring these two treasures, its body began to shine with a brilliant light, as though it could transform these two treasures into its own. According to Wei Suo's calculations, this should be the Ancient Realm's innate divine ability that was created after the Primordius Silver Cult was sealed by the cultivators of the Cloud Realm in its crystal column. This was the effect of its magical pearl. Those silver-scaled beasts were determined to smash apart that altar, no matter the cost. In fact, the reason why the first Primordius Primordius was using him as a bait was so that he could acquire this magical pearl. If this magical pearl was embedded onto the staff, it might have an astonishing effect. At this moment, Wei Suo scanned with his Spiritual Sense and found that both Primordius Demonic Beasts had beast cores inside their bodies. The Primordius Silver Nuwa that broke out of Old Freak Chen's body had a Demonic Core that hadn't fully formed yet. It was only the size of a pigeon egg, while the Demonic Core within the Four Armed Primordius Silver Nuwa was the size of a duck egg. It had completely turned into the climate. But no matter which one it was, there were no magical beads within his body. What surprised Wei Suo the most was that the bones within the four-armed Silver Primordius gave off a strange feeling, as if it were a magical treasure that was unable to be penetrated with divine sense. Wei Suo's eyebrows twitched slightly. He stretched out his hand and grabbed, and a wave of purple primeval essence as thick as mercury sucked up this Silver Wooden. It floated in front of him and he then carefully examined it. "Eh?" In the blink of an eye, a look of astonishment appeared in Wei Suo's eyes. Half of the reason for the death of this four-armed Demonic Beast was because it had been pulled out of its internal organs by the toad. The other half was because it had died of old age under the greyish black brilliance emitted by Wei Suo's silver staff. At this moment, not only did a large hole appear on the ribs of this demonic beast, but there were also cracks on the skin that was covered by the silver scales. This way, it would not be difficult to see some of the bones in this demonic beast's body. He saw that the skeleton of this demon beast was actually made of silver and gold. It was flashing with light and did not look like bone. Instead, it looked like it was made of pure gold. This could not help but give Wei Suo a feeling that the two high-grade Dao rank magic treasures' body had fused with the skeleton of this demon beast. It seemed that the silver scaled demonic beast, which should have already been an evolved queen, was now one with the Primordius Silver Nuwa. After being nourished in its body and having its magical pearl devoured, the four-armed demonic beast that had evolved was no longer the Primordius Silver Nuwa, but a strange new type of advanced demonic beast. The skeleton of this demonic beast should be able to refine magical equipment and its grade would definitely not be low. However, because it was daytime, the green-robed old man did not come out, and Wei Suo did not investigate further. He withdrew his primeval essence, and after putting down the beast, he did not even take out the beast core. After picking up the crystal marrow, Wei Suo immediately sat down and closed his eyes to cultivate, as if he was absorbing spiritual energy from the spirit stones. Enveloped by the faint purple light, the crystal in Wei Suo's right hand slowly started to emit traces of silver-colored spiritual energy. The spiritual energy slowly seeped into the purple light and into his meridians. The moment the strands of silver spiritual energy seeped into Wei Suo's meridians, Wei Suo's eyes immediately opened and stopped cultivating. His eyes were extremely shocked. After the initial shock, a look of ecstasy immediately appeared in Wei Suo's eyes! Now he completely understood why the Cloud Realm Sect had spent so much effort to lay down the Demon Sealing Mountain and seal a Primordius Silver Nuwa within it. The crystal essence was scanned by one's consciousness from the outside. It didn't seem like much, but the spiritual energy it contained was simply too astonishing. The reason why it didn't feel like much was because the spiritual energy inside was simply too condensed. The spiritual energy that it emitted could not even be described as a single hair on the nine oxen; it was simply like a drop of water in the ocean. Just now, every sliver of silver spiritual energy seemed extremely tiny. However, when it entered Wei Suo's body, he felt as if a huge dragon was entering his body. Every sliver of silver spiritual energy contained pure spiritual energy equivalent to at least ten spirit stones! What kind of concept was this? When Wei Suo had first set up the Spiritual Concentration Formation, before the spiritual energy in Sea Immortal City had started to deplete greatly, within two hours, the total amount of spiritual energy Wei Suo could absorb from the Spiritual Concentration Formation was equivalent to the amount of spiritual energy within 40 high grade spirit stones. For twelve hours a day, the limit would be the absorption of nearly five hundred high-grade spirit stones. But now, if he were to absorb the spiritual energy from the crystal marrow, as long as he could absorb around 50 threads of silver spiritual energy in a short period of time, it would be equivalent to cultivating for a day in the Spirit Convergence Array! This amount of spiritual energy and cultivation speed was simply too astonishing. It now depended on how much of this silver spiritual energy could be extracted from this crystal. How long could the crystal last for? Taking a deep breath and calming his mind, Wei Suo started to try to absorb the silver spiritual energy seeping out of the crystal and started to cultivate again. Threads of silver spirit energy flowed out of the crystal and into Wei Suo's body. As this sliver of spiritual energy seeped out, the color of the crystal slowly faded. Roughly an hour later, the color of the crystal changed from a bright silver to a light silver color. Wei Suo once again opened his eyes and gasped for air. His eyes were once again filled with disbelief and ecstasy. The feeling of being unable to breathe was not because of the difficulty in training, but because of the mental pressure. This was because when he was training, he had to desperately control the urge to stop from time to time. The support time of this crystal was far beyond his imagination. If he were to stop cultivating from time to time, it would be difficult for him to feel the total amount of Lingqi in this crystal. Now, Wei Suo could clearly feel that in this half hour, he had actually absorbed a total of more than 15,000 high-grade spirit stones! Right now, there should still be about half of the spiritual energy remaining in this crystal. That is to say, this crystal was equivalent to a total of over 30,000 high-grade spirit stones! Moreover, this was equivalent to more than 30,000 high-grade spirit stones. In about six hours, it would be completely refined! Previously, when Wei Suo had been continuously cultivating in seclusion in the Spirit Convergence Array, he had gained sufficient experience. It took him thirty-one days to break through from level one to level two. It took him eighty days to break through from level one to level three, and from level three to level four, it took him about five months. Although Grandmaster Xuanyuan used the Earthly Transformation Art to break through to the fifth level, it only took him a few days to break through to the fifth level. However, aside from the time, Wei Suo already had a clear idea of how much spiritual energy would be needed to break through each stage. In normal cultivation, breaking through to the fifth level of the Memory Divide stage from the fourth level of the Memory Divide stage would require an amount of spiritual energy of more than 100,000 high-grade spirit stones and above, and from the fifth level of the Memory Divide to the Core Formation stage would require an amount of spiritual energy of over 300,000 high-grade spirit stones and above! Cultivating at a normal speed, even if an ordinary cultivator had enough spirit stones, it would still take them more than twenty years to advance from level four to level five. Moreover, from level five to the threshold of the Aurous Core stage, it would take at least forty years. In reality, other than a small number of cultivators who had great encounters with each other, the majority of cultivators would take a much longer time than this. This was precisely the appearance of many cultivators, who had not even reached the Perception Severing Stage in their entire lives and had already used up all of their lifespan. When almost all cultivators reached the Aurous Core Stage, they would look to be at least 40 to 50 years old. This was also a cultivator's cultivation technique. Most of them had the effect of retaining one's looks, otherwise, one would at least look old. In the past hundreds of years, the first Cultivator to reach the Core Formation stage was over forty years old. Originally, the genius disciple of the Ming Yuan Sect, Oran Meng, could have become a legendary figure before the age of fifty, but he died in the hands of Wei Suo. At this moment, after Wei Suo had tested the amount of spiritual energy in the crystal, he was immediately overwhelmed by a thought that flashed through his mind. To reach the Core Formation stage required at least 300,000 high-grade spirit stones and above. At this moment, Wei Suo had fourteen crystals in total, which was equivalent to four hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones and above. In addition, it only took him six hours to refine one. In other words, he would only need three days to break through to the Core Formation Stage and the Aurous Core stage?! This thought was too shocking!
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