Chapter 265 Without any expression, Wei Suo took out two items. When seeing what he took out, a look of extreme shock appeared in Shopkeeper Wang's eyes. "Earthly Fire Immortal Lotus?" The expression on the face of Silver Carp Rogue Cultivator changed. A moment later, he looked away from the two red jade-like lotus petals in Wei Suo's hands and stared coldly at Wei Suo. "I didn't expect you to have something like this." "This junior's two Earthly fire Immortal Lotuses should be enough for a cultivator to cultivate up to the Fire Spirit Root." Wei Suo's expression didn't change as he looked at this guy, whose expression alone was a bit uncomfortable. "I wonder if this will meet Senior's requirements?" "With such a thing, of course I can make a deal with anyone." "It seems like you also used this Earthly Fire Immortal Lotus to cultivate your Fire Spirit Root?" Do you have any more Earthly Flaming Immortal Lotuses on you? If you do, I can make some deals with you. " Wei Suo shook his head, "I only have these two left on my head." "Let's go." After looking coldly at Wei Suo, Silver Carp turned around and walked out of the crimson red light barrier without saying anything else. Shopkeeper Wang was also overjoyed. He immediately followed Wei Suo out. Since he even had an Earthly Flaming Immortal Lotus, he became more and more certain that Wei Suo wasn't an ordinary cultivator. He felt that his act of making friends with Wei Suo was very wise. "Fellow cultivator Silver Carp, could that Heavenly Blizzard Fruit be in that person's hands?" But when he walked out of this unassuming store and saw Silver Carp walking straight towards the top of Immortality Sea City, Shopkeeper Wang suddenly seemed to react to something and couldn't help but ask in surprise. "Other than that person in Sea Immortal City, is there anyone else who doesn't care about the techniques and skills of cultivators below Heaven level? Can it be that they don't even care about the treasures below Dao level?" Wei Suo's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. "Shopkeeper Wang, could it be that the person you're talking about is Grandmaster Xuanyuan, an Aurous Core stage cultivator of the Sea Immortal Sect?" "Since fellow Daoist Silvercarp has said so …" Other than Ancestor Xuanyuan, who else would it be? " Manager Wang smiled bitterly. "It can't be?" Wei Suo didn't know whether to laugh or cry in his heart. He wanted the Heaven Lantern Orchid Crystal so he could "steal" the spirit vein of the Seafood Sect. However, this deal had gone to the forefather of the opposite party. It was almost like a thief asking the owner for the key. "He's actually making a deal with Ancestor Xuanyuan? Good, haha, using his Heavenly Lantern Orange Crystal to steal their spirit energy, great! An Aurous Core stage cultivator, Wei Suo, I'm not coming out, so as to avoid being discovered. Waiting for your good news. " The green-robed elder's voice immediately rang out in Wei Suo's ears and immediately disappeared without a trace. The silver carp man led Wei Suo and Manager Wang up, passing through all the residences of Sea Immortal City and finally arriving at the highest point of Sea Immortal City where the white light was shining. "It's Manager Wang?" When the three of them approached the outer layer of the white light barrier, a disciple dressed in a silver robe appeared from within. This disciple of the Sea Immortal Sect was at the fifth level of the Circulatory Cycle Realm and had a longsword with a silver scabbard on his back. This Sea Immortal Sect disciple recognized Manager Wang, but he didn't recognize unspecialized characters like Silver Carp and Wei Suo. "Seniors, may I ask why you have come to the Sea Immortal Sect?" After a moment of surprise when he saw Shopkeeper Wang, the Sea Immortal Sect disciple asked in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing. "Go inform Ancestor Xuanyuan, that the silver carp has come to visit him." Silver Carp Man said with his usual cold expression. A trace of awkwardness appeared on the face of a disciple from Sea Immortal Sect who was wearing a silvery-white robe. "The Patriarch left a message that no outsiders will be seen while he is in seclusion." "I have an appointment with him. If you go and inform him, he'll let us in to meet him." A cold light flashed across Silver Carp's eyes, and he let out a cold snort. "Since that's the case, then please wait a moment, seniors. I'll go inform them immediately." The expression on this Sea Immortal Sect disciple's face didn't change. After nodding his head, he turned around and disappeared into the white light. After less than half an incense stick of time had passed, a silvery white light flashed, and this Sea Immortal Sect disciple appeared once again within the white light. He bowed towards the three of them and said, "The Ancestor invited the three of you, seniors, to come with me." The scattered Silver Carp Man acted as if he had known this would happen. He unhappily snorted and followed without calling for Wei Suo and Manager Wang. Wei Suo and Manager Wang looked at each other and immediately followed. This Sea Immortal Sect disciple emitted a faint green light. Leading the way, Wei Suo and Wang Shouchuan didn't feel anything strange at all. They passed through the white light barrier that was over a hundred feet thick. As soon as he passed through the white light barrier, Wei Suo immediately felt the rich spirit energy. The spiritual energy within the Sea Immortal Sect was at least three to four times thicker than outside. In other words, if a cultivator were to cultivate inside a sect gate of the Sea Immortal Sect, it would be equivalent to absorbing three to four more spirit stones a day compared to the cultivators outside. This may not be a big deal for cultivators above the split remembrance stage, but for cultivators of the Spirit Sea Realm or the Revolving Core realm, the speed at which their cultivation increased was extremely astonishing. For Wei Suo, this was also his first time entering a large sect's entrance. After the initial slight shock, he immediately raised his head and began sizing up the surrounding area. Behind the white light barrier, it was clear without any splendor or fog. However, due to some unknown ability, the perception of cultivators was greatly restricted. The line of sight of a cultivator could originally be seen from tens, or even hundreds of miles away. However, in this mountain gate, although there were no obstacles, it could only be seen from a distance of one to two miles. Wei Suo only saw that the two sides of the pavilion were made from an ivory jade. On top of the pavilion, there were many inscriptions. It seemed that these pavilions were magic tools with extraordinary defensive power as well. A long, spotlessly white step rose up into the sky as if it were endless. It was as if it was reaching the heavens, and its presence was extremely astonishing. The white road seemed to lead to the end of the sky, where a towering, enormous palace could be seen. A white jade door carved with the design of a fish dragon could be seen at least a few hundred feet high, giving off an indescribable sense of pressure. Behind the palace, there was an exceptionally graceful statue of Fairy Hai. The Sea Immortal Sect disciples had barely taken a few steps up the white staircase when the white jade door of the palace suddenly opened! "Fellow Daoists, I'm going to be far from you in welcome." A voice that could not be described as majestic came out from the great hall and rumbled down. Immediately, a ball of white light rose from the opened white jade door and appeared in front of Wei Suo and the others. Wei Suo's breathing couldn't help but stop for a moment. When it suddenly appeared in front of them, it was as if it wanted to smash them into pieces. However, the lotus seat that carried such a crushing momentum, when it stopped in front of them, was extremely gentle, even without a hint of wind. Before this, Wei Suo had also seen Eastern Yao Resort's Aurous Core stage cultivator, Daoist Master Changfeng. However, the sacred art of this Grandmaster Xuanyuan was far beyond Daoist Master Changfeng's. "Please!" The Sea Immortal Sect disciple in front bowed towards the huge palace with utmost respect. He immediately stepped aside and gestured for Wei Suo and the others to ascend the lotus throne. Wei Suo and Manager Wang followed the expressionless face of the scattered Silver Carp people as they climbed up. With a "boom", a brilliant light flashed in front of Wei Suo's eyes. In just a split-second, the lotus seat had already passed through the white jade door and entered a huge hall. A yellow-robed old man with a head full of white hair was seen standing in the great hall. In the center of the hall, which had a height of over four hundred feet, there was a huge green spirit stone embedded in it, emitting a gentle green light. However, the surrounding walls were filled with extremely profound relief sculptures, some were like star maps of countless stars, some were just strange beams of light while the others were gods who were wearing strange armors and wielding all kinds of magic tools. Compared to the outside, the Spiritual Aura in the huge hall was at least twice as dense. Especially the enormous oval green Spirit Stone above his head, it was unknown what treasure it was. Under the gentle cyan light it emitted, it gave off a feeling that it was unspeakably relaxed and happy. The yellow-robed elder didn't use any true essence to stand there, but yellow cloud like patterns of light began to appear around him. Golden Core Dharma Idol! This was an Aurous Core stage cultivator at the second level of the Aurous Core stage or above. Only when the spiritual energy in his body is surging would he be able to form the Aurous Core stage. "Dao Friend Silver Carp, have you found the thing you found for me?" The yellow-robed old man nodded at the three of them and spoke to the man with the silver carp. The figure of Silver Carp Dispersal trembled slightly, as if there was an invisible giant hammer pounding on his body. "Of course." With a shake of his hand, the scattered silver carp struggled a little and shot a silver light towards the yellow-robed man. Without any movement from the old ancestor, a silver light flashed and disappeared into his sleeve. As for Ancestor Xuanyuan, he looked at Wei Suo, who seemed to be unaffected by his naturally released consciousness pressure, his eyes couldn't help but flash with a strange light. "Discarded Silver Carp, did you bring Shopkeeper Wang and this Fellow Daoist here? What's the matter?" "This person has something you should need." As Silver Carp looked at the calm and composed Wei Suo beside him, his eyes flashed with surprise, "He wants a Heavenly Tide Orange Crystal."
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