"Kneel!" The woman let out a cold shout. Long Chen immediately felt that the surrounding space had frozen. The terrifying energy of heaven and earth was like a tidal wave as it came crashing down on Long Chen. "Boom!" The ground beneath Long Chen's feet shattered. The terrifying shockwave caused the residence behind him to shatter. Long Chen felt as if he was being pressed down by a small mountain. However, he stood there unmoving, using his physical body to resist the terrifying pressure. "You want me, Long Chen, to kneel? Who do you think you are?" Long Chen couldn't help but snarl as he stared at the woman in front of him. He didn't understand why this woman, whom he had never seen before, would humiliate him. "Who is it?" The commotion from this side immediately attracted the attention of the courtyard. Countless people rushed over, and when they saw that the girl actually took action against Long Chen, they couldn't help but angrily yell out. "Scram!" The woman let out a cold shout and it turned into a rolling sound wave. The disciples and elders who were rushing over were instantly knocked unconscious. "Buzz!" Long Chen took advantage of the moment when the woman was stunning everyone, and swung the blood-red saber in his hand towards the woman. "Humph, he's just playing with the hatchet!" There was a trace of ridicule on the woman's face as she slapped Long Chen's blood-red long blade. Long Chen felt a terrifying power come over him. "Pa!" His sleeve exploded, and the blood-red blade in his hand could no longer be held. The blood-red blade spun around and flew into the distance, instantly shattering a small building several hundred zhang away. "You're being so rude when facing senior. Since you don't have a home tutor, let me teach you a lesson in place of your parents. How can you respect your elders?" The woman coldly scolded as she suddenly struck Long Chen's shoulder like lightning. Long Chen immediately felt a terrifying wave of Heaven and Earth energy invade his body as he spat out a mouthful of blood. "Kneel!" The woman coldly scolded. She forcefully pressed down with her palm, wanting Long Chen to kneel. "Dream on!" Rage burned in Long Chen's eyes. This was the first time he had been humiliated like this. He used all of his strength to resist this terrifying power. "The bones are really hard. Let's see how long you can hold on!" The woman's face revealed a trace of surprise, but she soon sneered and gradually increased her strength. "Boom!" The ground beneath Long Chen's feet shattered and turned into a huge crater. Long Chen felt as if his bones were about to break. The power of the woman was too terrifying. Long Chen felt that the entire world was pressing down on his shoulders, and he had no way of resisting it. When the woman saw that Long Chen was actually able to resist her power, a look of shock appeared in her eyes. However, that shock was quickly overshadowed by an ice-cold killing intent. "The technique is full of evil intent. You must be a spy from the evil path. When I see your sea of consciousness, everything will become clear!" The woman sneered and pointed a finger at Long Chen's forehead. Rays of light flowed from the tip of the finger, and bright runes and terrifying soul power could be seen within. One could tell that this was a soul art. "Watch you go numb!" Long Chen let out a furious roar as he punched the woman's fingertips. When the woman saw Long Chen's fist coming at her, a cold, disdainful smile appeared on her face. If Long Chen were to punch her, the power attached to her finger would instantly shatter Long Chen's fist. "Boom!" However, when Long Chen's fist collided with the woman's finger, the woman's expression immediately changed. This was because Long Chen's fist was filled with purple lightning. When it collided with her finger, it actually forced her two steps back. "Die!" Long Chen let out a roar. As the woman backed up, a lightning spear appeared in his hand and he charged toward the woman. The woman couldn't help but be shocked when she was pushed back by Long Chen. When she saw that Long Chen was about to be shot, she coldly snorted and a light appeared in her palm. "Pa!" Long Chen's spear made of the power of thunder was shattered by her palm like a toy without any threat. This caused Long Chen's heart to turn cold. He instantly understood what level of expert this woman was at. She was not someone he could deal with. "Seal the Heavens and Lock the Earth!" The woman sneered. Suddenly, her hands formed a seal in front of her and countless runes suddenly flew into the air. Long Chen immediately felt that he couldn't move at all. "Evildoer! How dare you behave so atrociously! Let me see what kind of background you have!" The woman pointed at Long Chen's forehead. Long Chen immediately felt a powerful soul force pierce into his sea of consciousness like a sharp knife. Long Chen knew that this woman was extremely vicious and wanted to observe his sea of consciousness. If that was the case, then all of Long Chen's secrets would be discovered by her. Long Chen used all of his soul power to form a soul wall, completely protecting the center of his brows and preventing the invading soul force from invading. "Hmm? [I didn't expect your soul force to be so powerful. But it's still not enough for me!] The woman gave a cold snort. Suddenly, the charm characters on her finger flared up. "Buzz!" A loud sound exploded in Long Chen's mind. He felt as if his head had been smashed by a sledgehammer. His seven orifices began to slowly bleed. The woman had used a powerful soul skill to instantly destroy Long Chen's defenses, injuring him. "Hmph! Let me see what secret you're hiding!" The woman sneered and was about to forcefully look through Long Chen's memories. "Chi!" A sharp attack was directed at the woman's back. The woman's heart trembled. The attack made her feel a threat to her death. She did not care about Long Chen and hastily dodged to the side. "Buzz!" Just as she dodged, a jade-like hand suddenly struck her chest as if it had calculated her position. Puff. The woman spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. Long Chen recovered from his shock at this moment and saw a beautiful girl appear in front of him. "Sect Leader!" That person was the Head Bureau's Shui Wuhen. At this moment, he had an angry expression on his face and a frosty expression. Looking at Long Chen bleeding from his seven orifices, killing intent surged in his eyes. "Shui Wuhen, how dare you hit me so hard. What do you mean by that?" The woman spat out a mouthful of blood. A piece of her chest had collapsed from the impact and she spoke with a furious expression. "Ah, so it's Vice Head Zhou. I'm so sorry. I thought it was an evil expert who came to kill my disciple. What a misunderstanding." Shui Wuhen suddenly said with 'shock'. "You … "You clearly did it on purpose. That palm was actually filled with Mysterious Innate Qi. You deliberately injured me. I will report it to the Dao Sect and say that you are avenging a personal grudge!" That woman said angrily. "Zhou Qingyi, you better not hurt my disciple. You were the one who did it to my disciple. I mistook you as an evil expert. This can only be considered a misunderstanding." Shui Wuhen said lightly. As he spoke, Shui Wuhen held Long Chen's hand, and Long Chen immediately felt a strange fluctuation rush towards the center of his brows. Unlike the woman, Shui Wuhen's power nourished Long Chen's soul, and very quickly, Long Chen's pained soul was pacified. "You …" "I only saw that his martial arts were a little strange, and wanted to test it out. You actually attacked so heavily, it was clearly intentional!" The woman who was called Zhou Qingyi said angrily. "Whether you are testing me or not, we all know that there is no need to be so clear about it. You must remember, even though you are also at the Sea Opening Realm, this is not a branch of the Xuan Dao Sect." You are the Vice Sect Leader, so you better restrain yourself a little and don't let me do whatever I want. If you make me angry, I will kill you at all costs. " Shui Wuhen said coldly. "You dare? "If you kill me, your Shui Family will be in big trouble. I don't believe you have the ability!" Zhou Qingyu said with a face full of ridicule. "It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not. I can kill you before I kill your son. At worst, I'll just leave this Xuan Dao Sect. I have no children and no children anyways. What do you think?" Shui Wuhen looked at Zhou Qingyu and said coldly. "You …" Zhou Qingyu's face fell. "I don't like to talk nonsense. You can scram now. Don't think that you can turn the tables around just because you've won a vice head seat. If you provoke me, you'll both be killed!" Shui Wuhen said. "Fine, let's wait and see. Don't think that the Shui Family will always have the upper hand!" Zhou Qingyi gave a cold humph and gave Long Chen a fierce look. Suddenly, a huge pair of wings unfolded behind her back. "Boss, what's going on?" At this moment, Guo Ran and the others ran over. The First Courtyard was too big, so Long Chen chose to stay in a secluded place. By the time they arrived, everything was already over. However, when they saw that Long Chen's residence had already turned to dust and Long Chen's clothes were torn and his face still had traces of blood, everyone couldn't help but be shocked. "It's nothing. All of you can go. Cultivate well. I have something to say to the head of the sect …" Long Chen said. Although everyone had countless questions in their hearts, seeing that Long Chen was unwilling to speak, they had no choice but to ask. Especially since the Lord Headmaster was present, it was truly inconvenient for them to speak. "Long Chen, I'm sorry, I've implicated you." Shui Wuhen said apologetically. Long Chen smiled, tidied up his messy hair, and said indifferently: "This matter can't be blamed on elder sister, this is the martial arts world, the conflicts are endless, unless we completely crush the other party to death. "Elder sister, there's no need to feel guilty. I will remember this Zhou Weiqing. Today, I will compensate her a thousand times over for the humiliation she gave me …" Long Chen's eyes flashed with a murderous light. Zhou Qing Yi had gone too far. Seeing that Long Chen was still calling him "elder sister" made Shui Wuhen feel somewhat guilty. "Actually, she is showing off to me and you are just an innocent victim. This time, the Zhou family had killed a half-step-to Sea Cleaving stage expert. The Zhou family immediately started their counterattack and submitted an application to the higher ups. In order to express his sincerity in admitting his mistake, he had sent a powerful Sea Cleaving Adept to replace Zhou Qingyu. In actuality, the Zhou family wasn't willing to give up just like that. They wanted to find a chance to bring me down, so Long Chen, if you want to leave this courtyard, I won't stop you! " "Leaving the yard now is just too useless. Besides, how can I leave my sister alone and fight with her?" Long Chen said. "Ai, I'm afraid that they will target you. They will make things difficult for you and affect your cultivation. Moreover, the Zhou family is also eyeing the treasures on your body covetously. "Also..." Shui Wuhen sighed. "Is the Shui Family also interested in my secret?" Long Chen said. Shui Wuhen smiled bitterly and did not say a word. Everyone knew that Long Chen had fused with a mystical pearl in the Nine Li Secret Realm. They were all curious about it, and so was the Shui family. "But don't worry. Since you've acknowledged me as your sister, I'll protect you!" Shui Wuhen said. "That's good. We'll join hands and fight them. To be honest, I really want to pinch that woman to death right now!" Long Chen couldn't help but grind his teeth as he spoke. This girl was too hateful. "It's not realistic to kill her now. She is the same as me, a Sea Cleaving expert, but her cultivation realm is not as high as mine. "Also, I have bad news. A sect head will descend from the First Courtyard. He was arranged by the higher-ups and will arrive tomorrow," Shui Wuhen said. "Sect Leader?" Long Chen was shocked. "Yes, a new Sect Leader, that is Zhou Qingyi's son." Long Chen's eyes lit up when he heard Shui Wuhen's words. A sinister smile appeared on his face. "Very good, very good!"
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