"That girl from the Yin Family was ultimately unable to endure the torture and ended up killing herself. Long Chen, you should be careful of the Yin Family. I don't think they'll let this matter rest," Shui Wuhen said. "So what? Come to the First Courtyard to kill me? " Long Chen said. "They won't dare to offend you, but with the vengeful nature of the Yin Family, you should be more careful. Try not to go out!" Shui Wuhen warned. "Mm. I don't need to go out recently and won't give them the chance to do so." Long Chen nodded. In this world, there were always some people who would sneakily watch you. If you made any mistakes, they would be like poisonous snakes, baring their fangs and giving you a bite. Long Chen was not arrogant enough to ignore the concerns of others. Especially when it came to an Ancient Era's Family. Long Chen did not know much about the Ancient Era's Family. However, from the pride of the disciples of the Ancient Era's Family, he could tell that they possessed very deep backgrounds. Right now, what they revealed was only the tip of the iceberg. "Then is Han Tianyu dead?" Long Chen asked with concern. "No, I heard that he was highly valued by the Yin Family and received the best nurturing," Shui Wuhen said. "It can't be, Yan Wushuang actually didn't bring him away?" Long Chen couldn't help but be stunned. This was completely different from what he had expected. Originally, he thought that with Yan Wushuang's character, he would definitely kill Han Tianyu before he died and then set off together with her. "I'm not sure about the specifics. In addition, there are two pieces of information about the evil path. One good, one bad. Which one do you want to hear?" Shui Wuhen smiled. "Listen well first!" Long Chen said without thinking. "The good news is that Yin Luo is dead. You're one less opponent!" Shui Wuhen said. "Dead? "It can't be, how did he die?" Long Chen was shocked. "To assail the Invigorated Meridian Realm, to be invaded by Demons of the Heart, to have one's body explode and perish. A prodigy of a generation perished just like that." Shui Wuhen looked at Long Wu Chen and sighed. Yin Luo, like Han Tianyu, was considered a rare genius in a thousand years. He had spent a lot of blood and sweat to cultivate it. He had even sacrificed an Innate realm expert and poured his blood essence into Han Tianyu's body for him. However, ever since he had met Long Chen, he had been continuously thwarted. The last time he had advanced, he had nearly caused his cultivation to go berserk. It was all because of Long Chen. And this time, he had been utterly defeated. When he returned, only half of his life was left. Long Chen had become his nightmare. Originally, an evil expert had advised him to come out after being sealed for a hundred years, to wash away the memories of the devil in his heart. His current state of mind was no longer suitable for cultivation. However, Yin Luo refused to give up. He swore to personally take Long Chen's head, wash his shame, and forcefully break through to the Invigorated Meridian Realm. In the end, his body exploded and he died. "That's not good news. His life or death doesn't mean much to me." Long Chen shook his head. The two were enemies, but they stood on different sides. Long Chen didn't have much hatred towards him, but Yin Luo's death caused Long Chen to feel a bit disappointed. Cultivation was so cruel, and the loser would only be mercilessly eliminated. However, Long Chen wouldn't have foolishly pitied him. If he was the loser, Yin Luo would have instead taken off his head to show off. "That's true. The two of you are no longer on the same level. A Martial Saint genius is nothing in front of Skywalker," Shui Wuhen said with a faint smile. "What Skywalker?" Long Chen couldn't help but be stunned. "It's nothing, I was just spouting nonsense!" Conscious of his slip of tongue, Shui Wuhen hurriedly said, "The bad news is that you are on the evildoer's killing list. In other words, you are listed as a target that evildoers must kill." As he spoke, Shui Wuhen's expression turned serious. "Actually, there's a part of the reason why I won't rope you into my family, and it's also because of the Ranking of Destroyer …" "What exactly is this Ranking of Destiny?" Long Chen asked. "Anyone on the list is a genius who is believed by the evil way to be able to threaten them. They will do anything they can to kill him. Not only will they do it themselves, they'll even hire assassins to kill you if necessary! Shui Wuhen said. "Assassin? Isn't that a profession from the mortal world? " This was the first time Long Chen had heard that there were assassins in the cultivation world. "There are also assassins in the cultivation world, and they are very mysterious. The cultivation methods and techniques they cultivate are all very strange, and they are all used to kill people. Perhaps their true battle power was extremely low, but for them, assassinations beyond their cultivation levels was nothing out of the ordinary. "Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh ~ ~ ~" There were even some geniuses that had a record of successfully assassinating those two levels above them. They were a group of devils hidden in the darkness, specifically taking the lives of others. The Hall of Blood is the most terrifying organization among all the assassination organisations. Their names make the whole world tremble. " As he spoke, a grave look surfaced on Shui Wuhen's face. Fighting head on wasn't something to be afraid of. The most frightening thing was that those strange killing methods would kill you before you could even react. Those that were killed by the Hall of Blood assassins were all killed without being able to resist at all. In other words, many people didn't even have a chance to react before they died without knowing why. That strange scene sent chills down one's spine. "If the evil path can't deal with you, they might spend a lot of money to hire a killer. You have to be prepared, because all the righteous disciples that were ranked on the Ranking of Destroyer are basically dead!" Shui Wuhen reminded solemnly. "Hall of Blood?" Long Chen's heart sank. He never thought that there would be a professional killer in the cultivation world. This was a very troublesome matter, and assassins were usually the most difficult profession to deal with. Perhaps their cultivation wasn't too high, but in order to kill, they did everything they could. They were proficient in all sorts of slaughtering methods, and their goal was to put people to death — extremely sinister. However, Long Chen was not afraid. He had an extraordinary intuition. Those who had enmity with him would be able to sense it with their hearts, and would find it very difficult to get close to him. "I will pay attention." Long Chen nodded. "Mm. I'm just guessing. You're only a mere Bone Forging cultivator right now. You shouldn't be able to attract the assassins of the Blood Slaughter Hall." In any case, there's nothing wrong with being careful. It's fine as long as you are careful. Moreover, the assassins of the Blood Slaughter Hall will not easily intervene. You don't have to worry too much about that. As long as you are on an acre and a third of our side courtyard, you will be safe. If you are going out, it would be best to greet me. Shui Wuhen said. "Alright." Long Chen smiled. "Other than Huo Wu Fang, Yin Luo, and Yan Wushuang, I have also asked about Hua Bi Luo. She was secretly sent to the Hua family by Sha Qi Tian before she woke up." The Hua Clan was very satisfied with this matter. They heard that this girl had received a lot of rewards and was working hard to cultivate. However, there is one tricky thing. Did you kill a disciple of the Skysplit Sect in the Nine Li Secret Realm? " Shui Wuhen frowned slightly. "That's right, he wanted to kill me. In the end, he was killed by me." Long Chen said. "Where did you learn your first move?" Shui Wuhen asked. Long Chen told Shui Wuhen in detail about his experiences in obtaining the first volume of the Sky-Opening technique in the imperial city, not concealing anything. "Do you know why that disciple of the Heavenly God Sect wanted to kill you?" Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen and said. "Murder for treasures?" Long Chen said. "Grabbing a treasure is indeed not wrong, but it's just that on one side, he suspects that you have an even bigger secret, which is why he wants to kill you." You may not know this, but the Heaven Opening Divine Sect's ultimate technique is called the Nine Style of the Sky-Opening and the Battle Divine Codex. The Sacred Battle Canon is a cultivation technique, it is the sect foundation treasure of the Heavenly God Sect. It is as famous as our Mysterious Heaven Method's Mysterious Heaven Method, and it is also a treasure passed down from the Immortal Ancient Era. However, our Mysterious Sky Diagram records the Tao techniques. They are profound, all-encompassing, and profound. However, they are not cultivation techniques or battle skills. They are a Heavenly Book that requires great wisdom to comprehend. The Heaven Opening Divine Sect, on the other hand, has a cultivation technique and a battle skill that complement each other. These are the Nine Style Heaven Opening and Divine War Grimoire that I told you about a moment ago. Cultivation techniques and battle skills were one set. If one did not practice the Battle Divine Codex, it was impossible to use the Nine Heavenly Styles. That's why he suspected that you were lying. Even if you didn't have any treasures on you, he would still kill you. Today, I'll reveal some secrets to you. The Sacred Battle Canon of the Skysplit Sect was complete, but the Nine Style of the Skysplit Sect only had one to six forms. The remaining three forms were nowhere to be seen. Therefore, the disciples of the Heaven Opening God Sect would go to the secret realms to try their luck and see if they could find the missing parts. "That disciple suspected that you had the complete Nine Styles of Opening Heavens, which was why he wanted to kill you. This is really a big misunderstanding." Shui Wuhen sighed. "Then what will happen to them?" Long Chen asked. "The Skysplit Sect is full of tyrannical lunatics. They're unreasonable. If they find out that you've learnt the first move of the Sky-Opening, and that you can even open the sky, they'll definitely force you to hand over your cultivation technique," Shui Wuhen said. "Don't even think about it. If they dare to do this, they will kill me. If they can't kill me, I will cling on to them like a vengeful spirit and not stop until I die." Long Chen coldly said. His battle technique was unsightly and had been spread out. Yet, he actually had someone hand over the technique to him. His head must have been squeezed by a door. If they really dared to do so, Long Chen didn't mind. Every time he advanced, he would go to the gates of the Heavenly God Sect to undergo a tribulation. This was too bullying. "There's no need to be anxious. The Skysplit Sect is not in this region and may not know of this news. I'm telling you all this today to prepare you mentally." Shui Wuhen consoled him. Although he said this, Shui Wuhen was still extremely worried. One must know that the Opening Heavens Sect was the same as the Celestial Sect of Wonders. It was a massive sect that had been passed down for countless years, intimidating everyone in the area. Furthermore, the Heaven Opening God Sect was extremely tyrannical and hard to talk about. The Xuan Dao Sect would never go against the Heaven Opening God Sect for the sake of a disciple, so she was also extremely worried. However, the only advantage they had was that those disciples within the Nine Li Secret Realm didn't know of the existence of the Skysplit Sect. Even those small sects might not know about the opening of the Heavenly God Sect, so they could only pray that this news didn't spread to them. Otherwise, Long Chen would face a great catastrophe. "During this period of time, you will cultivate quietly in the First Courtyard. If there are any problems, you can look for the Vice Principal to discuss them with him. I have to return to the sect tomorrow to take care of some matters. Remember to be honest and not cause any trouble for me." Long Chen left Shui Wuhen's quiet room after listening to his reminder. He was a bit heavy-hearted and a bit angry. Why was it that so many people were pointing their spears at me? "Go back and work hard to raise your cultivation. Whoever wants to die, come at me!" Long Chen clenched his teeth and stepped onto the first transfer array back to the First Courtyard.
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