"I'm sorry, Head Saint. I don't want to go." Long Chen shook his head. "Long Chen, maybe you don't know how powerful my Shui family is, let me tell you … …" Upon being rejected by Long Chen, Shui Wuhen was not angry at all as he said with a smile. "Lord Headmaster, maybe I should call you Big Sister. This way, we can be more intimate. I don't want to join any family because I don't want to get involved with the grudges of the Shui Family." Maybe the reason why you tried to rope me in was for my own good, to have a better development in the Shui Family. At the same time, my growth was also a great help to the Shui Family. However, since the Shui Family is so big, are they really going to go to foreign countries together? Was there no internal strife? If someone was against me, what would I do? If elder sister is the patriarch of the Shui Family, I might choose to join the Shui Family because I can feel the trust and care you have for me. But elder sister, you are not. If one day I was at the Shui Family, for the benefit of the family, I would be given out as a sacrifice, what would elder sister do? " Long Chen looked at Shui Wuhen and said. When Shui Wuhen first heard Long Chen call her elder sister, she almost laughed out loud. However, when she saw the sincerity on Long Chen's face, she could not help but feel a little touched. She understood Long Chen's personality a little. Shui Wuhen had lived for so long, but this was the first time someone had been so sincere towards her. Even within the family, no one had ever trusted her so much. However, Long Chen's words caused Shui Wuhen's heart to tremble. The clan was heartless, the sect was heartless, and in the face of benefits, all emotions were nothing. And with Long Chen's personality, if Shui Wuhen brought him to his own family, with Long Chen's personality, although it could bring benefits to the family, it could also bring trouble. The family would be beaming with joy after bringing in benefits, but once Long Chen got into trouble, when the trouble was greater than the benefits, the family would not hesitate to give up Long Chen, not to mention Long Chen, even she would be given up as well. This was the family. If Long Chen entered the Shui family, there would be two possible outcomes. One was that Long Chen was schemed to death by the Shui family, the other was that Long Chen was still alive, and the Shui family … When he thought of this, Shui Wuhen broke out in a cold sweat. He recalled Ling Yunzi's reminder before he left — that was a kind reminder. "I understand. I won't force you to join. Also, thank you for the name. This name makes me very happy. I feel much younger now." Shui Wuhen said with a smile. Long Chen was relieved to see that Shui Wuhen was not displeased. If this matter displeased Shui Wuhen, then Long Chen could only leave the courtyard with everyone else. And now, Long Chen was surrounded by enemies from all directions. He wasn't afraid of others alone, especially the newly formed Dragon Blood Legion. It would be a fatal blow to him. Even though Shui Wuhen had a high status and was very scheming in the beginning, Long Chen could tell that Shui Wuhen was naturally kind and trustworthy. That was why he had spoken out loud earlier. "Hehe, I should be the one thanking my elder sister. With an elder sister like you around, wouldn't I slap whoever I want to slap?" Long Chen said with an evil smile. "You dare? Don't use my name to do whatever you want with me. Otherwise, I'll still take care of you!" Shui Wuhen warned. "I was just joking. Am I that kind of person?" Long Chen awkwardly said. Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen without a word, but the look in his eyes was one of disbelief. After this incident, Shui Wuhen felt that his relationship with Long Chen had become a little closer, and he could speak a little more casually. "The Huo family has given our branch family some small shoes. All of our pills were bought from the Pill Tower. However, a few days ago, news came from below that when they went to the Pill Tower to purchase pills, the tower claimed that certain pills were out of stock and could only be supplied in limited quantities. Hmph, these despicable people, you want to play this game with me, are you trying to show me off? "In any case, our side courtyard has a lot of stock. As long as they don't refuse to supply, we will be able to hold on for a period of time." Shui Wuhen sneered. "Tsk, a bunch of fake medicine dealers dares to be so arrogant. They're really courting death!" Long Chen also sneered. "Selling fake medicine?" Shui Wuhen asked doubtfully. "Elder sister, you might not know that the Bone Sacrifice Pill provided by the Pill Tower was tampered with. It could not be seen on the surface, but in reality, only half of the pill's medicinal effect could be seen. However, in the entire continent, only the Pill Pagoda sold Bone Sacrifice Pellets. This was a monopoly. Others did not have the recipe and could not refine it, so everyone was kept in the dark. "Long Chen explained. "Are you for real?" Shui Wuhen was shocked. "How fresh is it? Do I dare to lie to you, big sister? "Fine, since you don't believe me, I'll refine a furnace of pills for you to see!" After Long Chen finished speaking, he took out the pill furnace and began to concoct pills in front of Shui Wuhen. Long Chen was skilled at concocting pills, and his speed was so fast that in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the lid was opened and the pill fragrance wafted in all directions. "They are all of high quality? Long Chen, you are really a genius in pill concocting!" Shui Wuhen was shocked when he saw the nine plump high quality pills. Even though she wasn't a pill cultivator, she had lived for so many years and had never eaten pork or seen a pig run. Her pill refining speed was simply too fast, and each and every one of them were high-grade. Long Wu Chen had been concealing his mistake. If Long Chen were to concoct a batch of pills with dazzling patterns on it, Shui Wuhen would definitely be stupefied. However, Long Chen didn't want to be so flamboyant. He only needed to prove that there was a problem with the pill sold by the Pill Tower. "Elder sister, look. This pill is of the same quality as the Bone Sacrifice Pellets sold at the Pill Tower, but the medicinal effects are absolutely different!" Long Chen said. Shui Wuhen took out a Bone Sacrifice Pill and compared it with Long Chen's Bone Sacrifice Pill. He asked doubtfully, "It looks the same, but the medicinal power is basically the same, I can't see any difference. Also, I want to know, how did you manage to concoct the Bone Sacrifice Pill?" One had to know that in the entire continent, only the Pill Pagoda had the recipe for the Bone Sacrifice Pill. It was a monopoly pill that brought the Pill Pagoda countless profits. Countless people tried to break the Bone Sacrifice Pill's pill formula, but it was simply too difficult. After someone cracked it, they discovered that it was impossible to condense the pill, or even the pill itself; it simply didn't have the effect of a Bone Sacrifice. And Long Chen was actually able to concoct a Bone Sacrifice Pill. This was even more shocking to Shui Wuhen than Long Chen, who was able to concoct a top-grade pill faster than the entire furnace. "If it's inconvenient, don't say it. It's alright!" Shui Wuhen said hurriedly. It was only now that she realized that it was taboo to ask about other people's background. "It's nothing. I accidentally obtained the Bone Sacrifice Pellet in the Secret Realm. Moreover, I'm not planning on keeping it a secret …" Long Chen said with a faint smile. Long Chen couldn't speak the truth. He could only say that he had obtained it in a secret realm because it wasn't rare to find treasures within a secret realm. Furthermore, Long Chen had placed the emphasis on the last sentence. Sure enough, Shui Wuhen was shocked after hearing that. He quickly said, "Don't act recklessly. If you publish the pill formula, you will be hunted down by the entire Pill Tower. No one will be able to protect you." The Pill Pagoda had monopolized the path of alchemy for many years, and the Bone Sacrifice Pellet was also their main pill. If Long Chen were to announce that the entire world knew of the Bone Sacrifice Pellet, then the Pill Pagoda would be dealt a serious blow. "Why should I announce it? I'm only saying that I don't want to keep it a secret. Even if a large amount of pills were to enter the cultivation world, they would not suspect me because there are already people standing up. Moreover, the auction for medicinal pills should have already begun by now." Long Chen said with a smile. "Could it be... "I understand. You used the Hua Yun Sect to sell the Bone Sacrifice Pellets." Shui Wuhen was suddenly enlightened. Only the Hua Yun Sect would dare to oppose the Pill Tower. Long Chen's actions were akin to stabbing the Pill Tower with a knife. Long Chen wasn't interested in the Pill Tower at all, and knew what was going on. Judging from Huo Wu Fang's morals, he knew that the entire Pill Tower was a fellow who used his nose to look at others. Long Chen gave the pill formula to Zheng Wenlong. This was an extremely secretive collaboration. When Zheng Wenlong saw the pill formula, he almost cried out. Long Chen had two reasons for doing so. The first was to help the Hua Yun Sect attack the Pill Tower and point out their despicable business of selling fake drugs. As for the other pill, Long Chen didn't have time to concoct so many Bone Sacrifice Pills himself. He needed the Hua Yun Sect's help. After all, he had many alchemists of his own. Furthermore, the Hua Yun Sect was known for having a good reputation and a strong system of secrecy. No one would know that Long Chen had given the pill formulas to the Hua Yun Sect. The instant he obtained the pill formula, Zheng Wenlong indicated that in the future when he sold the Bone Sacrifice Pellets, he would get 20% of the dragon dust's profit. It has to be said that the Hua Yun Sect's auction houses are everywhere in the world. However, Long Chen didn't care about the dividends. Right now, he only wanted two things: the Bone Sacrifice Pellet and a precious medicinal herb. Because he wanted to build the Dragon Blood Legion, they would need a huge amount of pills. If he tried to refine pills himself, he would definitely exhaust himself to death. Therefore, working with the Hua Yun Sect was a mutually beneficial transaction. "Before long, the entire Pill Tower will be busy with fake medicine and won't have time to worry about us." "We'll use the Hua Yun Sect's hands to stab the Pill Tower. It's about time they withdrew their arrogance," Long Chen said with a chuckle. Looking at Long Chen's sinister smile, Shui Wuhen could not help but feel a little speechless. They were truly unlucky that the Pill Tower had erected an enemy like Long Chen. However, in the cultivation world, although the Pill Tower was neutral, they were too arrogant and had a bad character. No one had any good impressions of them. However, regardless of whether it was righteous or evil, they all needed to rely on their pills. There was no other way but to humbly deal with them. This time, the Hua Yun Sect would behave for a while after stabbing them in the head, and their arrogance would be retracted. "That's right, big sister, what news from Yan Wushuang's side?" Long Chen asked.
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