### Chapter 1157 - 'Can't you be so weak?! ' Normally, Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and the others would have gone to bed early since they were already over a hundred years old. Lin Ruoxi wanted to coax Lan Lan to sleep, but she didn't work as often as in the past until midnight. But tonight, the house seemed to be bustling with noise and excitement. The entire mansion area was only open to the public! Yang Chen pushed the door and walked in. As a man with excellent hearing, he very quickly heard the voices of ladies scuttling out from the side hall. "Relax! You are not allowed to act shamelessly! Once they were typed out, they would do it! "I'll touch it!" Lin Ruoxi shouted with force. "Ah... Big sister Ruoxi, you're … Just let me go this time … " An Xin begged. "I've already let you go this time, so obediently give me your card!" "Oh …" "Ruoxi ah, it's already so late, it's time to disperse after our game is over." "Mom, you should go to sleep first. We're not tired!" "Who said that!?" I'm about to faint! " Mo Qianni dispiritedly said. "Qianni, you can't pretend. You've already cultivated for so long, how can you be tired with such a small amount of time?" "My little aunt, please be merciful. My mother has already called to urge me to go back. She has never been like this before …" The women conversed in various ways, accompanied by the sound of the mahjong's "Pa Pa". Yang Chen stiffened, and tiptoed to the door of the side room. In the side hall, Lin Ruoxi had a radiant face, she was focused on playing cards. She was playing at the same table as Rose who had a helpless expression, a pitiful peace of mind, and the drowsy Mo Qianni. What made Yang Chen even more speechless was, Guo Xuehua was yawning and sitting on a chair to the side. His body was limp as he watched a few ladies beat him up. Love, these women fought mahjong until the early hours of the morning!? Seeing Yang Chen return, Guo Xuehua showed an expression of relief. He stood up with a smile and said, "My son! You're back! Quickly come and talk to your wife, she's been dragging us for over ten hours now! " An Xin also quickly pouted and nodded, "That's right, my dear, hurry up and persuade Big Sister Ruoxi. I've already lost more than eight million … We've already lost two villas. " "What!?" Yang Chen was stunned, "How many cards did you guys play?" "Two thousand starting, one big and the other big with hundreds of thousands, if Yanyan was here, she would definitely arrest us like we were gamblers." Mo Qianni rolled her eyes and angrily said. Cold sweat dripped from Yang Chen's forehead, he awkwardly smiled and said, "It's really 'elegant'. What, Ruoxi, you're serious too, why are you playing so big? It's already so late, let An Xin and the others go back." Lin Ruoxi softly snorted, and noncommittally said, "What are you afraid of, isn't this money just speaking of it? Could it be that I can really ask An Xin for 8 million? Just give me a few million dollars. " "This is what you said." Mo Qianni hurriedly said, "I don't have that much money to lose, I shouldn't have to worry about the two million I lost." "That won't do." Lin Ruoxi argued, "Qianni, you can't not express yourself at all, a loss is a loss, just give it to him 10%, if you don't want to spend your own money, just ask that bad guy for it, he has too much money anyways." Lin Ruoxi pouted at Yang Chen as she spoke. Yang Chen sucked in a breath of cold air, unable to understand and said, "Why do I have to listen to it, it sounds like Ruoxi won alone?" You all lost? " Guo Xuehua forced a smile and said, "Isn't that so, it's just that Rose lost a bit less, tens of thousands of dollars." An Xin was a stingy little girl, she would definitely lose if she played mahjong. Ruoxi has just learned it today, I don't know why, but she's acting like an old fox when it's time for us to fight, whatever cards we want, she won't give them to us, she's only playing for real, we can't even guess, she actually tricked us! " Mo Qianni was also upset as she said, "If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have pulled Ruoxi along, playing mahjong became a business thing, even if my brain cells died, I wouldn't have been able to play it, I'd even feel like dying!" Lin Ruoxi happily said, "It's too late, who asked you to make me sit down and play, it turns out playing mahjong is so simple. When you guys fight in the future, you must definitely call me!" Saying this, Lin Ruoxi was beaming with happiness, she was laughing out loud. After listening to Guo Xuehua explain the situation, Yang Chen finally understood the general situation. So it turned out that after Yang Chen left in the afternoon, Mo Qianni had taught Lin Ruoxi how to play mahjong. Initially, Mo Qianni had intended for Lin Ruoxi and the other sisters to have a more harmonious relationship, but in the end, the girls complained incessantly. Although Lin Ruoxi wasn't good at singing, dancing or games that required one to move one's body, a game like mahjong's game of gamble with skill and luck was still a game that Lin Ruoxi was very good at! Lin Ruoxi quickly discovered that on the mahjong table, her expression didn't change at all, while the others found it hard to figure out what was true and what wasn't. She wanted to capture him and force him into action, but there was actually a lot in common with her in the shopping mall. Once connected with the scheming things she did business with, the woman quickly found her way to the door, and was surprisingly quick to delve into it. Not long after, Lin Ruoxi didn't need Mo Qianni to teach her, she remembered the rules, as long as the cards weren't too bad, she would be able to do it. In the entire card game, Lin Ruoxi could quickly figure out who played what, who didn't, who wanted to eat what, who wanted to touch anything, it was just like a human-shaped computer. The other ladies were just playing the game, it would be fine if they were happy for a bit, but Lin Ruoxi absolutely wouldn't admit defeat, since she was playing, she had to work hard to win! Just like how she had to play the game to win against An Xin, this time, the other women were completely no match for her! A rich woman like An Xin, who couldn't be bothered to use her brain to play around, lost completely. Rose had been in the underworld before after all, gambling was a common game, she didn't lose much, but to win against Lin Ruoxi, she was lacking quite a bit. "Son, you don't know, originally, Zhiqing and Mingyu were the ones who came to beat him, but then they really couldn't take it anymore. Zhiqing can finally go back and rest with her mother's help, Mingyu was sent by her father to pick her up. Jingjing was luckier, since she didn't know how to fight she didn't get involved and went back early. Only Rose and her mother were left, Mom had already lost 300,000 yuan today, money was a small matter, but Mom was afraid of losing. Moreover, it's already so late, but Ruoxi still wants to continue fighting. With a bitter face, Guo Xuehua tried his best to suppress his dissatisfaction. Yang Chen rubbed his chin, then said to Lin Ruoxi, "That's enough, Ruoxi, look at what your mother has said. Just accept it today, it's not like we won't have a chance to play in the future." Lin Ruoxi unwillingly pouted, "I haven't had enough fun yet … …" "I can see that you are constantly winning, feel good about it. This isn't right, you are putting your happiness based on the pain of others!" Yang Chen advised, "Be obedient and go upstairs to sleep, how can a mother gamble all night?" Lin Ruoxi saw that everyone was looking at her with such eagerness, so she put down the card in her hand, "Alright, then we'll disperse today, we'll come back another day." The girls were finally relieved, especially relieved. They were so tired that they were about to turn into a puddle of water. Yang Chen sent Rose and the other ladies out. When they parted ways, Mo Qianni quietly came forward and said, "Hubby, tell Ruoxi, don't act like you're dealing with a competitor while your own people play mahjong, there's so much harm in doing that." We both purposely let Mom win a little more to make her happier. The moment Ruoxi started fighting, her mother kept losing, even if she didn't say it out loud, she couldn't help but feel upset. Mom really likes to play mahjong, I can't possibly avoid Ruoxi's attacks forever, right? " Yang Chen pinched the woman's hand, then said with a smile, "You're quite meticulous, no wonder you're trying to please your mother." Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at him, "They all know about matters of this level, An Xin and the others, everyone thinks so. Only Ruoxi is stubborn, she doesn't admit defeat to her mother-in-law and wants to fight to the end, what's the point?" Yang Chen sighed, Mo Qianni said these words for her daughter to have a better relationship with. He didn't know if he should call Lin Ruoxi pure, or if this woman was too serious, but it wasn't a good thing to overdo it. After sending the ladies back, Yang Chen returned to the second floor of his house. Seeing that Guo Xuehua had gone to rest, he walked over to Lin Ruoxi's room and knocked on the door. Lin Ruoxi had just finished washing up and prepared to rest, and when she opened the door she saw Yang Chen standing there. She curiously asked, "Hubby, is something the matter?" "There's nothing else. I just want to tell you that in the future, don't be so serious while playing mahjong." Yang Chen roughly repeated what Mo Qianni said, but after Lin Ruoxi heard it, she just lightly frowned, as if she didn't agree. "I feel that it's not appropriate to do that. If I know which cards will make the subordinate play again, wouldn't that be cheating? Even if it's his family who are going to play mahjong, they should still do it openly and seriously. Besides, I didn't really want the money that they lost. If I want to make my mother happy, do I have to deliberately lose to her? "Mom can't be so unreliable. As an elder, if Mom is even angry at me for something like this, then I feel that Mom is too petty. It's not like I did nothing wrong." Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi's innocent expression, and forced a smile. In terms of playing games, his wife was really persistent. "You ninny, why are you so competitive when you're playing games? It doesn't matter what I tell you. Alright, alright, go to sleep." Yang Chen didn't know how to persuade her, so he decided to ignore her, and returned to his room shaking his head.
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