Chapter 489 - Study Secretary's Thoughts The ruckus lasted for an entire day, and only in the evening did the women gradually disperse. Qin Chao lied on the bed. Even though his vitality was gradually recovering, his mental strength was extremely exhausted. Some men even dreamed of being blessed by the gods and horses. If there really comes a day when he has two wives, wouldn't he be tortured to death? In the evening, Qin Chao was the only one left in the huge ward. Those women, they each had their own things to do. Some went to work, some went to school, and even Liu Ying, the little girl who had nothing better to do, was dragged back by her sister to go through the procedures for re-entry. Hu Ke also checked Qin Chao's body again, then quickly flew away with her stack of newspapers. Qin Chao finally understood what the female zombie meant by that. It would be very lively in a moment. This kind of liveliness, Qin Chao probably did not want it to happen a second time in his entire life. Lying in the sickroom, with no battery on his phone, Qin Chao could only lay quietly on the bed, recovering his energy. The room was so quiet, but Qin Chao's heart was unable to calm down. In his mind, floated the image of Su Fei crying during the day. He had known Su Fei for so long, but he had always thought that Su Fei was a very typical woman. Even if she had met killers, vampires, and Zombie King, she had never shed a tear. But today, she cried! Why was she crying, was it because of her? Qin Chao felt that his brain wasn't enough, it was a pity that all the nine types of living beings with Nine Nether Possession had their combat abilities strengthened, and none of them could strengthen his intelligence. She hated herself for being too flowery, did she let Su Ji down? But if that was the case, then based on her character, she should have gone into a rage and rushed forward to teach him a lesson. He remembered that when he bought medicine for Su Ji all those years ago, it was precisely when he met this big sister strong lady of hers that she scolded him non-stop. At that time, even though she was extremely unhappy about what had happened, it could be seen how concerned Su Fei was towards her little sister. That should be the case... Because they were trying to fight on Su Ji's behalf … Or could it be that she cared about him, so when she saw him like this, she became sad? Qin Chao took a deep breath, shook his head, and dispelled the wild thoughts he had. How could this be? Su Fei had always hated him. Strictly speaking, he was still her brother-in-law. With her strong personality, how could she fall for her brother-in-law? Qin Chao laughed at himself. God damn, he thought too highly of himself. He was just a cultivator, not a super playboy. How could he make all the women fall for him? Just as Qin Chao was mocking himself, the door to the ward was suddenly lightly knocked twice. Qin Chao was shocked, he thought to himself, who is it that came back? This bunch of girls, wasn't that enough during the day! Looks like I'm really going to be forced to death … F * ck, isn't that a vegetable? I might as well pretend to be a vegetable. When Qin Chao thought about this, he closed his eyes and laid on the bed. His body remained motionless, as if he was lying on a corpse. The sound of footsteps could be heard approaching his bed. Qin Chao's nose slightly moved, he felt that something was amiss. Even if this guy wasn't the Demon Dog's Possession, he had a pure dog nose. He understood the smell of the women around him the best. Every girl's body fragrance was slightly different. Especially for Qin Chao, he was especially clear on the difference between the two of them. Although the aroma was somewhat familiar, the impression on him wasn't too deep. It was as if this fragrance had appeared many times in his memory, but he hadn't smelled it for a very long time. Could it be that Yang Shanshan had come to see him? How is this possible!? Even if he died, he would never be able to forget the smell of Yang Shanshan … Who could it be... Qin Chao began to think hard. Just as he was puzzled, he heard faint sobbing sounds coming from his side. This woman who did not know her name was actually crying for him? In that instant, Qin Chao remembered Su Fei's tears. "Why have you become like this after just a few months …" The woman sobbed, and her voice floated into Qin Chao's ears. Luo Qinglin! Qin Chao's mind immediately exploded. Although he didn't really remember the fragrance, he would never forget this sound. This beautiful Study Secretary, was the one that chased him around everyday, telling him to properly attend class and actively participate in class activities. When they were in the reunion session, this Study Secretary even splashed Yang Li's wine all over his face for his sake, and even crossed eyes with him. Back then, when Luo Qinglin treated him as a headache, didn't he feel a little disgusted as well? If it weren't for the honor points of the class, he wouldn't have pestered her every day. But now, why did she treat him so well? "When you were in school, you didn't want to listen to me, so you thought I was annoying." As Luo Qinglin spoke, Qin Chao was suddenly shocked. A soft, yet cold hand gently caressed his face. "Now you're like this. "You can listen to me quietly now …" Luo Qinglin's voice was filled with grief. Although he could not see the Study Secretary's appearance, Qin Chao could imagine the sad look on her beautiful face. "Although at that time, everyone looked down on you and felt that you were just a lackey who had nothing to do. But only I know how proud you are in your heart. They look down on you, and you look down on being with them. However, a university is just a small society. How can you survive by yourself? I care about you, scold you, and scold you. Actually, you just want to cheer you up a little. "But, why do you have to take your so-called pride into consideration and treat my good intentions as evil intentions?" Saying that, Qin Chao felt his arm sink down. It was as if Luo Qinglin had rested her head on her arm. In next to no time, his hospital gown was completely drenched. It seemed that this girl had cried quite a bit... Qin Chao wanted to touch her beautiful hair to comfort her. He suddenly recalled that he was playing the role of a ignorant mummy. Ah no, a vegetative patient. Qin Chao could only be depressed for a moment. He laid there obediently, letting his sleeves be used as a handkerchief. But fortunately, Luo Qinglin was not like that disgusting fellow, and did not have the habit of blowing his nose with his handkerchief. Otherwise, Qin Chao would collapse. "This guy …" "Why can't you feel my intentions …" Luo Qinglin's crying made Qin Chao's heart flustered. What did this girl mean? Her heart? This proud and aloof Study Secretary who had always been the center of attention and reverence would actually treat him as a poor student who had no looks and no abilities? "Later on, you fell for Yang Shanshan … In fact, I don't know what part of Yang Shanshan you like about him. Although Yang Shanshan was a pretty girl, but deep down, she worshipped and admired money. The two of us, when we were still freshmen, were still sisters living in the same dorm. But at that time, she liked to buy some famous clothes and cosmetics to dress up herself. " Luo Qinglin said, there seemed to be a sense of reminiscence in his voice. "Because my family situation is not bad, so at that time, she always spent money and asked me to borrow money. As sisters, I don't want to fuss too much about it, so I lent it to her. You could say that the reason she's with you is entirely because you're willing to spend all your money on her every month. Of course, you were really kind to her, and she was indeed touched. " Sigh, actually, I know that too, but sometimes I'm the one looking at the right person. It's really silly. Qin Chao sighed in his heart. "But do you know that some of the male students in the class would laugh at you picking up bottles and lids one by one and then going to exchange them for prize-winning beverages? They think you're poor and unambitious. However, a few people knew that you had to rely on high-calorie beverages to satisfy your hunger because you had spent all your money on Yang Shanshan … " As Luo Qinglin spoke, his hand caressed Qin Chao's face again. It was so warm and gentle, as if he was caressing a beloved treasure. "Did you know, when you did all these, not only did you move Yang Shanshan, you even made my heart ache …" This heartache made Qin Chao's heart tighten fiercely. "But, but I'm not the kind of girl who likes to break people apart …" So, I can only look at you in silence. Later on, after my third year, because I had less classes, I gradually saw less and less. It was as if I had become distant from you … But the further I am away from you, the more my heart will miss you. " Did she really care so much about him? Why didn't he notice it at the time? Was it really pride? "When you graduated, I heard that Yang Shanshan followed Ling Tian. You did not even have a job, and your house was about to expire. I'm worried about you. But I asked everywhere for your contact information, and even asked for Yang Shanshan's contact information. But Yang Shanshan told me that she had deleted your number. " That girl was indeed an extreme beauty. Qin Chao believed that she would be able to do such a thing. "If I hadn't been looking forward to seeing you, I wouldn't have gone to that reunion. The friendship they had back then had already started to deteriorate when they entered society. It was rather boring. I was happy because I really saw you. Even though you don't talk much, you still look like you're in dire straits. But I can still see the pride in your bones back then. " Was he very proud? Qin Chao couldn't help but think that he was just a kind of person who couldn't stand to watch the crowd gather around him … But once upon a time, wasn't he the same? "I want to protect you. I want to care about you. However, you are already the dignified chairman of the Dafa Group. In contrast, all my efforts were laughable. Besides, you have such a beautiful girl by your side. Really, Qin Chao, you know what, I feel like the heavens are deliberately playing with me. I was thrown up again and again, and then smashed into the ravine. " "Moreover, I can tell that the girl is also very interested in you. She looked at you with love in her eyes. " How could Luo Xi love him? Qin Chao secretly curled his lips. That female Demon was only good at acting. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Thank you for last night! He had won this White Sheep Embroidery! Looking forward to today's viewership results, no matter what, I know, I worked hard for this, my wool also worked hard for this! I'm satisfied with this! 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