Chapter 487 - General Mobilization of Security However, if he were to say it earlier, Liu Chang would be the one holding Qin Chao's head. This girl's breasts were much more predictable than Shangguan Yan's. Qin Chao's head was leaning on this girl's chest. How could he be a person who wants to die? Looking at Qin Chao's expression, he looked to be enjoying himself. "This guy is too heavy!" After all, Liu Chang and Shangguan Yan were both ordinary women, and were simply unable to carry a man that weighed over a hundred kilograms. "Come together!" Liu Ying, the guy who feared that the entire world would be in chaos, immediately stood on the side of his sister. She flipped over and jumped down from Qin Chao's waist. Then, with one arm, she helped the two beauties raise Qin Chao's body. "Holy sh * t!" As a devil puppet, and also an Angel Gene, Liu Ying's strength was as great as a demon beast wearing human skin. As if riding on a cloud, Qin Chao felt that he was floating. "Who dares to touch my, Long Bei'er's, man!" Long Bei'er would never allow his man, who had once been a famous figure, to be bullied like this. She immediately jumped up and grabbed Qin Chao's body, preventing the girls from throwing him out. Ah, don't be like this, big brother Qin Chao's body is not completely healed yet! "It will hurt!" Li Na jumped in shock and quickly stood up in an attempt to drag Qin Chao back to the sickbed. "Pull out the river?" Hu Lili rolled up his sleeves and excitedly rushed forward, "I want to come too, I want to come too!" "Heavens, what kind of people are these …" Shi Xin watched from the side with his mouth agape. He felt like he was reading a novel. "Don't be like that … Too, too dangerous … " Fang Wen was like an ant on a hot pan as he stood anxiously at the side, unable to help. "Retribution! This is retribution! " Ai Xiaoxue's heart was extremely satisfied, and he couldn't help but pat his thigh. "A bunch of mad women …" Hu Ke flipped through the newspaper and concluded. Amongst them, there were only Hu Ke and Xi who were the quietest. As a female zombie who had lived for around a thousand years, Hu Ke had long since forgotten about emotions. As for Xi, because he did not seem to have a soul, he was just like a sexy doll, standing by the door. However, there seemed to be a faint smile hanging on her lips. "Mr. Su, where are you going?" At this time, in the Guangyuan Academy's Principal's office, Qin Ling saw Su Fei, who had picked up his jacket with a flustered look on his face, rushing out of the office and asked anxiously. "I'm going to the hospital!" Su Fei slapped a newspaper on Qin Ling's table and was about to walk outside. Qin Ling looked down and saw that on the headline of the newspaper, was actually news about Qin Chao, the man who had disappeared from Guangyuan City for a long time. He was beaten into a vegetable? "No, young miss, grandpa has ordered that you have to have your bodyguard follow you when you go out!" Just then, the battle butler, Jiang Dong, who had been standing guard outside the whole time, heard the commotion. He immediately pushed open the door and went in, blocking in front of his young miss. "Get out of the way! Otherwise, don't blame me for expelling you! " Su Fei no longer treated his subordinates amiably, but instead, her blue eyes flashed with a cold light. Jiang Dong's entire body shivered, but when he thought of his responsibilities, he still stood there resolutely. "Even if First Miss were to fire me, I still wouldn't give way!" Jiang Dong said stubbornly, "Furthermore, Master also instructed me, the Eldest Miss is still on the skeleton list, I want her to stay here as low as possible." "Now that my father isn't here, you have to listen to me!" Su Fei reached out his hand and placed it on Jiang Dong's shoulder. How could Jiang Dong dare to use his power against his own young miss? Su Fei pushed him, and he immediately stepped back, afraid that his Qi might harm his young miss. With just that, Su Fei had already rushed out of the door. "Eldest Miss, please wait!" Jiang Dong immediately chased after him and took out his walkie-talkie at the same time, instructing all the bodyguards. "Everyone follow me! Protect the young miss!" At the command of the Su Family's butler, more than twenty black-robed bodyguards suddenly rushed out from every corner of the administrative office. They were all well-trained as they followed Jiang Dong behind Su Fei. "The weather today is pretty good." Wang Wenkun, the school's security chief, walked around the campus while holding his electric baton. Upon seeing this bullying freshman, he immediately went up to reprimand him. What was this fellow talking about about? He wasn't like a student at all. It was the glory of Guangyuan's students whether or not they had a student ID card. This guy just saw a pair of young lovers kissing me in the distance, the adrenaline in his body began to secrete too much. His own yellow faced grandma was yelling at him at home every day, causing him to feel extremely unbalanced in his heart. When he saw other people's sweet expressions, a twisted displeasure arose in his heart. "Not bad, let me teach you a lesson!" He grinned evilly and slowly walked over. Tension, who was on duty beside him, followed him with a look of displeasure. From the fatty's expression, he knew what his chairman was going to do. This electric baton Wang was simply a psychopath. The two of them had nothing to do with him, so he insisted on breaking them up. Haven't you heard a single word? It would be better to tear down a bridge than to destroy a marriage. It was an especially hateful thing. He was like a gang of criminals following by his side. This was too f * cking depressing. Just as electric baton Wang was about to succeed, a figure flew over from the opposite side of the forest, which was already covered in snow. "That student, who let you pass through the forest! "Stop right there!" electric baton Wang immediately became as excited as if electricity was being released. His expression was as if he had just met a fecal shell cockroach in the middle of a delicacy. There were many forests in Guangyuan Academy. As some students were lazy, they directly passed through the forest, wanting to take a shortcut. This kind of uncivilized behavior was naturally prohibited in the school. However, as it was not a big mistake, the punishment would not be too severe even if he was caught. At most, he would give a few verbal warnings. However, the students of Guangyuan all knew that they encountered other security guards or school staff. If he met the electric baton Wang, then he might as well wait for death. This guy will directly lock you up in the security post, squat for one day and one night, and then inform your guide, your department head, in short, a string of leader s on top of you to sign your name and take you away. This fellow claimed to be related to Su Dong, so no one dared to offend him. If he wanted these, the others could only follow his orders. He was also feeling pity for the person who just ran over. This fellow's luck was too bad, it actually bumped into electric baton Wang. This guy who used feathers as tokens, he'll skin you alive. "Scram!" But who knew that after hearing electric baton Wang's warning, not only was he not afraid, but he had even opened his mouth and scolded. From the sound of his voice, he was actually a girl. "Aiya, it even rebelled against you!" Not only was electric baton Wang not angry, he was even happy. This time, I have an excuse to kill you. "What age and what department are you in? Who is the coaching teacher... "Aiyah..." Before he could clearly see who was running over, another person jumped out from behind that figure. That person was big and tall, he ran very fast and was very skilled at it. With a swing of his hand, electric baton Wang was cleanly knocked to the ground. Then, another few big men rushed out. Each of them wore a black suit with black sunglasses, and one of them even extended his leg to stomp on electric baton Wang's huge stomach. "Mister Jiang, we've found a person who wants to attack the young miss!" "Not at all, let me take a look." Jiang Dong's figure also rushed out of the dead tree trunk. He casually glanced at the fatty on the ground, then waved his hand and spoke. "He's just a retard, there's no need to waste time on him. Just throw it away." After saying that, he turned around and was about to chase after the young miss. This time, the tension could clearly see that the person running out was not a student, but their Chairman Su! This time, electric baton Wang was in for a ride. He must have been trying to act cool and had hit the nail on the head. However, he was very curious, where did this Chairman Su want to go with such a big lineup? Was he declaring war with another university? How could such a matter affect his tension! Just as he was panicking, Qin Ling coincidentally ran out at the end. The female secretary was wearing a pair of broken stockings and was holding onto her high heels as she chased after Su Fei. "Sigh, secretary Qin, where are you guys going?" "Qin Chao was beaten into a vegetable, lying in the hospital! Su Dong was worried and insisted on running over to take a look! " As Qin Ling ran, he threw a sentence at the tension. "Holy shit, the Brother Qin got beaten up?" The tension was immediately taken aback. Who was so capable to turn Brother Qin into a vegetable? He immediately took out his walkie-talkie and told the security guards about the situation. "Quick, keep up with Su Dong!" The security guards immediately followed and shouted, "We must follow them to see the Brother Qin!" "This nemesis!" Chen Yingyang also pulled his throat, speaking through the walkie-talkie in a resentful tone, "I've only been away for a few days, and such a big thing happened. It made my heart flustered!" "Yes, I am following secretary Qin. Hai Shui, I remember you bought a second-hand pickup truck, are you coming? Let's go together!" "What a coincidence!" The security guard named Hai Yang slapped his thigh and shouted, "I just happened to be bringing some cabbages to my house tonight. The car is waiting in the garage, I'll go and drive the car over. As he said that, the walkie-talkie on the other side began to chatter wildly about what kind of comfort it wanted to buy. electric baton Wang crawled up from the ground with a grin, holding onto his electric baton, and said towards the tension, "No one is allowed to go! F * ck, what does the death of that person have to do with the school! [I will fire whoever dares to leave today!] "Hmph, let's see who dares to go." "I'll expel your son of a bitch!" He had endured for more than a day already, but when he saw the look on Fatty's face, he was enraged. He immediately pulled out his rubber rod and threw it towards electric baton Wang's fat stomach. "Pfft!" This time, he wasn't the least bit lazy. was beaten up to the point that he knelt on the floor like a cooked prawn, unable to breathe for a long while. "Damn it, at most I'll just quit." It's better to be a stowaway than a grandson to someone from the Brother Qin. F * ck, putting on an act! "Idiot!" Tension took off the armor and threw it on electric baton Wang's face. He gave him a middle finger and chased after Qin Ling. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = At 10: 10 PM, everyone should remember to watch the white sheep program ~ Black Dragon River Television, "Happy Alliance", hosted by Li Bin and Yuan Zhe. They are all beautiful women, and there are even twins pinching each other ~ You guys found out that there's a wretched fatty in the first row of the audience seating to take pictures, that's me. Hmm, if you want to sleep at night, you can turn on the TV. You guys can sleep. Anyway, please. https://www.biqiuge.com/book/7104/4742262.html Remember that this book starts with a domain name: biqiuge.com 。 [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] m.biqiuge.com
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