Chapter 327 Do you think this is charity place? Looking at Luo Xi's beautiful appearance, Qin Chao swallowed his saliva. He hesitated. If he was to make a wish like Luo Xi, then it would be no different from making a wish of five million! Didn't it all become cheating? He wasn't relying on his own strength to win the chance to be together with Su Ji. Qin Chao did not like this method of cheating. Luo Xi leaned into Qin Chao's embrace, her watery eyes seemed to be able to see through Qin Chao's thoughts. Female Demon giggled and said. "Idiot, don't you want to destroy Zombie King as soon as possible?" Luo Xi twisted her water snake waist, her small hands lightly slipped into Qin Chao's clothes and lightly pressed against his boiling hot chest, "Zombie King is not a kind person! You saw what happened in Hunter Village. It can be said that if Zombie King survives for one more second, one more person might die. " Luo Xi's words caused his entire body to tremble. That's right, this had nothing to do with cheating! The Zombie King was an evil being, allowing him to live for one more second, and the danger would increase by one more second! "Just think about it, if those people suddenly turned into a group of terrifying zombies, what would happen to them …" Luo Xi's voice was like her ice-cold little hands, flirting with Qin Chao's chest, "Maybe, one of them is your family, or your friends … …" "Enough!" Qin Chao suddenly roared, and pushed Luo Xi away, "If you win, I make a wish." "It's true!" Luo Xi looked at Qin Chao in surprise, not concealing her excitement in the slightest, "That's more like it, her performance depends on you instead." After saying that, Luo Xi flipped open her demon contract, drew two lines on it, "Look, this one is so pitiful, there are only two wishes for you. Come, let's have another one. Zombie King's Orb is waiting for you! " "Tell me, where is the Zombie King? This is my third wish!" Qin Chao took a deep breath and said these words. Luo Xi drew a few lines on the Demon Contract again, then raised her head and looked at Qin Chao with misty eyes. Seeing Luo Xi's incomparably bashful appearance, Qin Chao's heart was moved. However, he quickly suppressed this feeling. Everything in the female Demon was just an act. He definitely could not be moved by her, or else he would definitely die miserably. "Come on, I'm cheating." As Luo Xi spoke, she suddenly moved in front of Qin Chao and pressed her soft lips against Qin Chao's. Feeling Luo Xi's softness, a strange thought suddenly floated in Qin Chao's heart. "Damn it, it's a good thing my demon is a woman. If it was a man …" He didn't know why, but the image of him kissing Chen Yingyang suddenly floated into his mind, and he couldn't help but feel a little disgusted. "The contract is completed …" But I hate kissing people and thinking about other men! " Luo Xi said unhappily as she twisted her waist. "Look at my thoughts!" Qin Chao's eyes were wide opened as he looked at female Demon. "I'm not spying on you. It's because your idea is too naked!" Luo Xi answered loudly, "However, it is indeed very explosive …" "This is way more powerful than your head..." Qin Chao didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Alright, hurry up and tell me, where exactly is Zombie King." "Hee hee …" "female Demon smiled," You should know about this place. That Zombie King is where everything started. " "Where everything started?" Qin Chao was confused by his words, "You female Demon, what kind of Taoist are you learning, and you even want to fight with me!" "Guess how boring it is to tell you directly." Luo Xi placed her hand on her lips and gave Qin Chao a flying kiss. "Come on, darling, guess it to increase the interest!" Qin Chao was exasperated. He supported Xi's soft body with one hand and rubbed his nose with the other. "Could it be in my hometown? The hospital where I was born? " "That's not it!" Luo Xi shook her head, pressed a finger to her lips, and then extended his hand, placing it in front of Qin Chao, "This is where all of this starts. If you didn't have that place, you wouldn't be who you are now. " "You mean …" Qin Chao's heart jumped, a word jumped to his mouth, "Guangyuan Academy!" Bingo! You guessed right! " Luo Xi clapped her clean white hands, "But what should I reward you with? "Forget it, there's no big reward for you right now. Besides, you have taken too much advantage of me, so I'll just verbally reward you." "The Guangyuan Academy is so big, where exactly is she?" Although the area had been reduced, Qin Chao still frowned. "I have to think of a way on my own..." However, Luo Xi started to laugh coquettishly, with her petals trembling. "Or, you can make one more wish, and I'll tell you another step …" "You!" Qin Chao suddenly felt that he had been fooled. He was furious and couldn't help but want to get angry. But at this moment, Xi Lai, who was leaning on his shoulder, suddenly groaned and slowly woke up. Qin Chao turned his head to look, only to see Xi helping him up. "Why am I asleep?" "Isn't it..." Qin Chao's gaze drifted towards Luo Xi, and suddenly discovered that this female Demon had, at some point in time, disappeared without a trace. Damn it! This third wish was truly worthless! "Not what?" Qin Chao seemed to be able to feel that behind the mask, Xi was asking him with blinking eyes. "Nothing." He shook his head. "Maybe you're too tired. Even Corpse Ji would feel tired. " "Tired?" Xi Yi looked at Qin Chao suspiciously, "What happened just now?" Xi, who had no soul, was analyzing it with her intellect. "Nothing, don't ask. Let's go back." Qin Chao didn't want to talk about the female Demon s. To him, Luo Xi was a secret that was hidden in the depths of his heart, "Let's go to Guangyuan City. The Zombie King is there." Oh right, Zombie King. Qin Chao's heart stirred. He could still go and find Hu Ke. Last time in Guangyuan, Hu Ke had chased after Zombie King's corpse aura and appeared there. This time, Hu Ke could also help him. Thinking about it, Qin Chao increased the speed of his treasure sword by a lot and the two of them transformed into a gust of wind, disappearing into the horizon. And at this time, in the Guangyuan Academy. "Why are you people here again!" Zhang Li pointed at the gangsters dressed in gaudy clothes in front of him, raised a rubber rod in his hand and shouted loudly. "This old man naturally will come as I please in your shitty place. If you want to leave, then leave!" A man with two legs in a cast and a cigarette in his mouth shouted, "You brat, hurry up and get out of my way, don't make me, your Master Liu, angry!" "Humph!" Zhang Li, together with a group of security guards, blocked the entrance of the school. "I think you guys just deserve a beating. Wasn't that enough last time?" "Bullshit!" Master Liu seemed to want to stand up. His legs felt pain and he fell on the wheelchair again, "Last time, I was beaten up by your damn security, it was reasonable! "Hmph, beat me up like this. You have to pay for the medical fees!" "Bullsh * t!" Zhang Li also scolded, "If it wasn't because of you, Brother Qin would have been able to leave! Brothers, let's go and beat this guy into the hospital! " "Alright!" The dozen security guards shouted in unison. It was as if Qin Chao leaving, had caused them to feel resentment. Facing the 50 odd hoodlums, the 10 odd security guards actually didn't have the slightest fear. So what if he's a hoodlum? A hoodlum is still a human! Last time, when they had more than thirty people, they had all been defeated by Qin Chao alone! So what if he's here for 50 times? I've risked my life, one versus five! Otherwise, these people really thought that the security guards could bully them as they liked! These security guards were enraged by Qin Chao's actions. "Great, you sure have a lot of guts!" Master Liu sat on the wheelchair and sneered. Hmph, I already knew that your Qin Chao had already left school and went somewhere else to work as a clerk. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to come here. The Fourth Master had already said that he would not touch Qin Chao, but he wanted to cause everyone around to become restless. My Master Liu suffered such a huge loss last time, so we have to take everything back this time. "Looks like you don't want to pay for the medical fees today!" Master Liu laughed sinisterly, "Brothers, do you agree?" "No!" Fifty or so hoodlums shouted at the same time, and it was quite impressive. At that school, a group of students that were just spectating were all taken aback. In the end, being a commoner was still a threat to those students who had never left school. "Come on, at most we'll just fight it out!" Zhang Li gritted his teeth as he spoke. "Aiya, don't be rash. Everyone, don't be rash!" At this time, Wang Wenkun ran out from the hidden security post and blocked in front of his own security, bowing his head and begging Master Liu. "Master Liu, you have a lot of people. Don't lower yourself to the same level as us little security guards." "Director Wang, you …" Zhang Li was shocked, and wondered what Wang Wenkun was doing. "You what? F * ck, shut up!" When Wang Wenkun faced Zhang Li, he let out a loud roar, and looked like he was about to swallow Zhang Li in his mouth. "Your son of a bitch, are you as retarded as Qin Chao! What kind of person is this Master Liu, is someone you can offend! "F * ck, why don't you try your best and pretend to be heroes here!" With that, Wang Wenkun changed into a respectful smile and said to Master Liu, "Master Liu, they don't know anything, I've scolded them already, don't mind them. It's just a medical fee. I'll communicate with the higher-ups and help you ask! " "Hmph, that's more like it!" Master Liu nodded his head in satisfaction, "I don't have a lot of medical fees either. Seeing that you guys beat me up and delayed my work for three months, you guys can accompany me for 500 thousand for my medical fees. A million for my dereliction of work!" "One million and five hundred thousand!" When the security guards heard this number, they couldn't help but be shocked. 1.5 million wasn't a small number! "Master Liu, this, isn't this a little too much …" Wang Wenkun bent his waist and asked carefully. "What the heck!" The Master Liu opened his eyes wide, "And this is the kind heart of your Master Liu, I want it from a small place!" "One million and five hundred thousand, do you think that our Guangyuan is a charity hall?" A cold voice flew out from the school. Everyone turned their heads to look, to see the beautiful Principal, Su Fei, walking out.
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