Chapter 326 Come on, make a wish These righteous people risked their lives to come to the Shanhua town, not only to suppress the Zombie King, but also to seize the Earth Treasure. Originally, they had imagined that after the Zombie King died, if the Earth Treasure were to be obtained from the Hongmeng Taoist Assembly, the one with the most power would be taken away. But no one would have thought that a kid who had walked in along the way would actually take the Earth Treasure. Without a doubt, this was an atomic bomb dropped on the ground right next to them, causing them great pain in their hearts. Mu Khan's movements were even faster, his entire person suddenly turned into a streak of green light and instantly rushed in front of Qin Chao. "Vajra Palm!" Qin Chao noticed his figure and subconsciously raised his right hand. "Hu!" The air was torn apart and a huge palm covered the sky for hundreds of meters. The palm pressed down Mu Khan, pressing him down onto the ground with a thud. Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" Such a huge palm landed on the ground, and the ground followed it. When Qin Chao withdrew his Bodhi Vajra Hand, Mu Khan was imprinted inside a human-shaped hole, whether he lived or died was unknown. "Pavilion master!" Sun Tianye and Sun Tianmiao were both shocked. They wanted to go up and support their hall master, but they found that their legs had gone soft. Qin Chao floated in the air, his right hand still releasing golden light, coldly staring at the people below. "Damn it..." Dongfang Ying bit her red lips, as though she was about to bleed. Her eyes revealed a deep hatred, "I didn't expect that this kid could actually survive under the divine lightning, and even took the Earth Treasure!" Compared to her, Hua Niang, who was at the side, secretly relaxed. I knew Young Master Qin would not die so easily. He's fine. As expected, he was fine …. Yuan Meng also heaved a sigh of relief. This man was truly terrifying. Even under such lightning, he was able to preserve his life. It could even absorb Earth Treasure s that everyone wanted. His future achievements would definitely be limitless! "He actually stole the Earth Treasure!" Haotian held onto the treasured sword, his eyes filled with a vicious hatred, as if he wanted to swallow Qin Chao whole. "Our Mount Shu Sect cannot let this demon go, we must kill him!" "Right, kill him!" Xu Renfeng also said with killing intent. "Kill him... Do you have the strength to do so? " Behind him, Shen Qing was leaning on her treasured sword, coldly pouring cold water. "Are you all blind? What kind of threat do you think you people can pose to him? " Shen Qing spoke without showing any mercy, "It's still best to obediently go back to cultivate before coming out to take revenge. "Now, do not embarrass us, Mount Shu." "Yes, Martial Uncle..." Xu Renfeng kept his sword and retreated to the side. Haotian looked at Shen Qing with great hatred, but didn't say anything as he stood to the side. Qin Chao floated in the air, watching the people below him, his thoughts moving like lightning. The people below were all looking at him with greed and jealousy. If he continued to bring her down, there was a chance that a group of righteous people would rush over, compete to kill him, and snatch the Earth Treasure away from him. You can't stay here for long. "My fellow dao friends, Qin Chao got lucky today and obtained this Earth Treasure. I know that all of you are unconvinced in your hearts, but in the future, I, Qin, will definitely be present at Hongmeng Taoist Assembly. " Qin Chao's words shocked many of the cultivators present. The Hongmeng Taoist Assembly is a righteous gathering! As a demon, Qin Chao actually dared to run over there! Isn't he courting death! But Qin Chao did not think that way, after taking the Bodhi Vajra Hand, his confidence rose greatly. There was still some time until the Hongmeng Taoist Assembly's meeting. In the past few days, Qin Chao was confident that he could quickly raise his strength. Right now, there were two types of flames that he could absorb. The first was the Bodhi Sacred Flame of Mount Song, and the second was the white lotus Heaven Flame of Emei. As long as he could absorb these two types of flames, he would be able to continue to break through his limits and cultivate the Nine You Method of the fifth and sixth levels. But that was all in the future, and now that he had not completed his mission, he did not know where the Zombie King would be hiding. If I can't find the Zombie King, then I won't be able to get his Orb. Without an inner core, he would not be able to complete the mission. Letting the Zombie King live was a hidden danger after all. "Zombie King channeled most of his energy into the Bodhi Vajra Hand, and right now is the time for him to lose energy. Relying on the Earth Treasure, you can completely take care of him! " Luo De reminded. "But I don't know where he is." Qin Chao sighed in his heart. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he felt that he should continue to make use of these famous and upright sects. "Right now, the Zombie King is still hiding in the shadows. Since all of you are on the right path, you should focus on killing that Zombie King." Qin Chao said loudly. "You are also a fiendish demon!" Haotian coldly said, "Qin Chao, I, Haotian, am not your match today. But when Hongmeng Taoist Assembly arrives, I will definitely make you lie under my sword. " "Lying under your sword?" Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, "Do you think that you have a naked girl engraved on your sword?" "Bullsh * t!" Haotian was so angry that he jumped up and down. "Since immortal Qin has obtained a Earth Treasure, it means that you are fated to have a treasure." Qingxiu said those fair words, "However, this Earth Treasure is closely related to our famous righteous sects, so when it comes to Hongmeng Taoist Assembly, immortal Qin has to be present. If immortal Qin doesn't come by then, even if we have to use the last of our strength, we will bring you to Hongmeng Taoist Assembly! " "Don't worry, Taoist Qingxiu." Qin Chao cupped his hands, "Even though I, Qin Chao, am in the demonic path, I will still be nailed down if I say it out loud." "Alright, since that's the case, then I, Qingxiu am willing to be your guarantor." Martial Aunt Qingxiu was very straightforward. "I'm willing to vouch for you too!" Jiang Yifan also stood out and shouted, "immortal Qin, I am willing to spar with you for a bit more when we reach the Hongmeng Taoist Assembly!" "Misty Mount is also willing to promise." That Dongfang Ying suddenly became abnormal and said with a smile, "immortal Qin, I am really looking forward to your performance at that time." "I have no objections." Taoist Wine said drunkenly, "That Earth Treasure is just for show, anyone who wants it can have it." "If that's the case, then I, Kunlun, will also wait and see." Kunlun's Ximen Yuqing looked at Qin Chao coldly, not concealing the killing intent in his eyes at all. "When the time comes, I will kill you." After Shen Qing finished speaking, she turned around and left with the disciples of her sect. When Haotian left, he glared at Qin Chao with killing intent. It seemed to mean that sooner or later, I would cut off your head. Qin Chao was at a loss, wondering if he should kill that fellow now. Qing Hong and his men didn't say anything, while the people from Mount Song all fainted. Basically, the eight great sects all approved of Qin Chao getting the Earth Treasure for the time being. As for Qing Hong, he was envious, but didn't have the strength to kill others for their treasures. "Since that's the case, I'll be taking my leave." A Evil King Sword flew out from beneath Qin Chao's feet. He stepped on his treasured sword, and quickly descended, pulling Xi'er who was standing below onto his sword. Then, he turned around and quickly left. Watching him slowly turn into a shooting star, everyone had their own thoughts. But Qin Chao did not care about what they were thinking, riding on his treasured sword, he flew towards the direction of the Sunan city. "Now that you have obtained the Earth Treasure, those righteous people from the famous sects will not let you off. "Especially Mount Song." Xi stood on the sword and whispered to Qin Chao. "I don't want to care about those things." Qin Chao said softly, "The only thing I want to know now is, where exactly is Zombie King." Although Qin Chao took the Bodhi Vajra Hand, he was not happy in his heart. Because he was unable to complete the mission that Li Baishan gave him. If he couldn't get the zombie core, he wouldn't be able to earn enough money to reunite with Su Ji. Right at this moment, Qin Chao suddenly felt that Xi Ji, who was beside him, had drowsily fallen asleep. His surroundings also became somewhat cold. "Qin Chao, hand over your life!" A cold light suddenly flashed through the sky, following that, a beautiful woman wearing a disciples of Shushan Mountain Daoist Robe stepped on a treasure sword, flying towards Qin Chao. Why were there still people from Mount Shu coming? Moreover, he had never seen her before. "Die, you monster!" The beautiful woman flew in front of her, jumped into her hands with her sword, and then thrusted towards Qin Chao. When the fragrance of the beauty was brought into Qin Chao's nose, his eyebrows twitched. Then, he extended his hand and pinched the tip of the other party's sword. "Luo Xi, you played this again." "Aiyaya, why is it that you see through me every time!" Luo Xi turned around, took her treasure sword back, stepped on it and smiled at Qin Chao. She bent down. The loose robes she wore clearly did not fit her size. As she bent down, the collar of her Daoist robe immediately slid off, revealing a large area of creamy snow-white skin beneath her collarbone. "I had clearly changed my perfume brand, but why did you smell it …" Qin Chao thought, "What I smell is not your perfume, but your body's fragrance." "I was wondering why Xi Xi had fallen asleep. So it was you who did it." "These soulless zombies can easily take care of her." Luo Xi grinned and said, "I came to help you, don't be so cold." "Help?" Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, "Do I need any help?" "Why not?" Luo Xi continued to laugh, "I am the most sensitive to the desires of my customers! Don't tell me you don't want to find Zombie King? " "I can look for it on my own." Qin Chao shook his head, "It's just a Zombie King, I can definitely find it." "China is so big, where do you want to find it?" As Luo Xi spoke, she took out a thick devil contract and hugged it, saying in a tender voice, "Big Brother Qin Chao, don't be so heartless … Just take care of her performance... At most, they'll let you touch it. " As she spoke, she pulled on her Daoist robe. Half of that smooth and snow-white skin instantly appeared out of nowhere, making Qin Chao's eyes go blurry. "female Demon..." Qin Chao, who had not touched a woman for an unknown period of time, was actually a little aroused. "You're challenging my patience." "When did you become so serious again?" Luo Xi's body, which was as soft as a bone, leaned over, went into Qin Chao's embrace and said tenderly, "Come … "Make a wish, and I'll leave it to you …"
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