Chapter 569 "Is this Linglong Mountain?" Stepping on his flying sword in the sky, Su Yun gazed into the distance and muttered. In the distance, a giant mountain peak could be seen amidst the clouds. This mountain was extremely large and tall. Some parts were craggy and craggy, while others were incomparably flat. It was faintly discernible in the clouds, giving off a mysterious feeling. Su Yun did not hesitate, he anxiously stepped on his flying sword and rushed forward, he was extremely fast. "Halt!" Just as he was about to close in on the misty and mysterious immortal mountain, a voice suddenly sounded from below. Su Yun was startled, he looked down to see two figures rushing over. They were two men dressed in purple blademaster clothe, both wearing long swords and jade crowns, both of them looking pretty good. There were also two men wearing purple blademaster clothe, both of them wearing long swords and both of them had jade crowns. The two of them stood in front of Su Yun, sized him up, and asked: "Is this your first time in Linglong Mountain?" "Right." Su Yun immediately cupped his fists and said. "Sir, do you not know that flying is prohibited within the Linglong Mountain? Please proceed onward on foot. In addition, please familiarize yourself with the rules of the Linglong Mountain, and observe the customs and styles of this place. Do not overstep them, otherwise, it will bring unnecessary trouble to both sides. " One of them said solemnly. "I understand." But what were the rules of the Linglong Mountain? "Please advise me." Su Yun said. "We're very busy, so we don't have time to explain it to you." another man shouted. "I have a copy of the Linglong Mountain's Rules here. I'll sell it to you for fifty thousand profound coin s." The man said as he took out a black leather book from his bosom and handed it over to Su Yun. "Fifty thousand profound coin?" Su Yun opened his eyes wide: "What's the difference between this and stealing?" "Friend Xiu, what you said is wrong." The Spirit Cultivator said, then pulled Su Yun down, and the three of them landed on the mountain path below. "Look." The man pointed to a huge stone tablet by the side of the mountain path. Su Yun looked over, to see a few words carved on the stone tablet. "Linglong Mountain: Those who are not familiar with the rules of the mountain are not allowed to enter." Su Yun was slightly startled: "Who set this up?" When the man heard Su Yun's question, he became angry and shouted: "Don't worry about who set it up, either you pay the fifty thousand profound coin to buy this book, or you leave, you are not allowed to enter Linglong Mountain." "Oh?" Su Yun rolled his eyes, and said: "It couldn't have been the two of you, could it?" "You … What are you talking about? How can we have that kind of power? " A person said anxiously with a panicked voice. Seeing that, Su Yun had a rough understanding of the situation. I have to follow the rules of the Linglong Mountain, but the rules are dead, if others want to follow it, they have to at least tell me what rules they have to follow. However, not only did the two of them not speak of it, they were even using their power to obtain benefits. Most likely, the mountain code of the Linglong Mountain was standing here, and not this kind of stone monument, it was most likely something the two of them did. If it was a normal day, these fifty thousand profound coin would come out, after all, it was not a lot. Seeing his parents was important, but he did not have that many profound coin s on him, so although the Suicide Valley's battle had made him rich overnight, he had kept all of the money with Hei Yu, it was naturally very difficult to pay them now. "Can you give me a discount?" Su Yun thought for a while and asked. "This book can't be given to you if you're missing a cent." "There's nothing to discuss?" "I haven't." That person's voice was very firm. Hearing that, Su Yun became silent. "What is it? Do you have no money? If you don't have any money, then go back quickly. Don't waste our time. " The man snorted. Hearing that, Su Yun thought for a while, then asked: "If I barge into Linglong Mountain, what will happen?" When the two of them heard this, they looked at each other and suddenly burst into laughter. "He barged into the Linglong Mountain? Ha ha-ha ha, is your head alright? "Hahahaha …" "If you have the ability, then try to barge in! You don't even know the rules and want to enter the Linglong Mountain? "Hahahaha, you need to know that once you do this, you will offend all of the Spirit Cultivator s that occupy this territory. If you have that kind of ability, I'll let you enter anytime. Hahahaha …" The two of them began to laugh out loud. Their laughter was exceptionally ear-piercing, causing those who heard it to be angered. "If that's the case, then tell your superiors to come." Su Yun's voice became calm. "Did you see the people above us whenever you wanted to?" That person snorted with laughter as he spoke with extreme disdain. But in the next second, Su Yun moved. He raised a fist and punched that person's face at a speed that was hard to be seen by the naked eye. Bang. A muffled sound came out, the man flew tens of metres and fiercely crashed into the ground. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth and nose, he climbed back up with a startled look on his face, and looked at Su Yun in shock. "How dare you." The other person immediately flew into a rage, pulling out a sword from his waist and thrusting towards Su Yun: "You dare to behave atrociously here, I'll teach you a lesson! Eat the sword! " As the sword came crashing down, the body of the sword exploded with streams of sword Qi, giving off a very powerful aura. But in the next second, that person's wrist received a heavy blow, the profound qi in his body loosened, and his strength collapsed. The sword in his hand dropped, his attack instantly dissolving. Looking at it, it was unknown when Su Yun's hand had smashed onto his wrist. What a fast speed. Currently, Su Yun's cultivation was at the Sky Spirit Master Realm. After consuming the World Tree juice, his strength had explosively increased, how could the two ninth grade of Spirit Master cultivators contend against him? The two of them were defeated in an instant, and they immediately knew that he was powerful, but how could their pride allow them to lower their heads to Su Yun so easily? "Just you wait. Damn you, when our head instructor arrives, I'll definitely teach you a lesson." The two of them did not dare to fight anymore. They rolled and crawled to their feet before rushing up the mountain. "I'll wait for you." Su Yun shouted. Both of them cursed as they ran. Soon they disappeared into the mountain. After who knows how long, a group of Spirit Cultivator dressed in purple robes with swords at their waists were charging towards them. Although flying was prohibited in Linglong Mountain, they were flying close to the ground, their flying speed was not slow either. The group rushed over, upon seeing Su Yun, they surrounded him. "Who is causing this trouble!" A middle-aged man with a moustache shouted. "Instructor, this is the guy. He claimed that he didn't know the rules of the Linglong Mountain, and refused to listen to our explanation. He insisted on barging into the Linglong Mountain, and we forbid him from doing so. Then he hurt us." That Spirit Cultivator whose nose was blooming and face was covered in blood shouted impatiently. "Is that so?" Hearing that, the head instructor became angry, he stared straight at Su Yun with his dignified eyes: "Who are you? "How dare you, do you know where this is?" "I know. If I don't, why would I be here?" Su Yun said indifferently: But the words of the two people do not seem to be right? When did I refuse to listen to you explain the rules of the mountain? However, you guys insisted that I spend fifty thousand profound coin to buy the Mountain Rules Manual in your hands. If I refused, you all would not allow me to enter. It's said that there are a lot of sects in the Linglong Mountain, which faction are you from? He actually accepted the tickets in public? I wonder if the other sects did this? Should I ask them? " After saying this, the head instructor's face turned ugly. However, he was not angry, nor was he surprised. It seemed like he was aware of the matter of charging the admission ticket, and might even be involved in it. Don't tell me that it's useless, you don't know the rules of the Linglong Mountain, you are not allowed to enter the mountain, this is the tacit agreement of all the sects in the Linglong Mountain, if you don't know, quickly scram, don't come here and cause trouble, otherwise don't blame us for being rude! The man with the moustache shouted. Su Yun was too lazy to waste words with this group of people, he immediately took out the divine leaf that the Realm Lord had bestowed to him from the spatial ring, and indicated to the group, and said indifferently: "This is the divine leaf that the Realm Lord bestowed to me, my name is Su Yun, I am here to take care of an important matter, if anyone obstructs me, I will not go against the Wanhua Realm Lord!" Everyone was startled when they heard this. Wanhua Realm Lord? Divine leaf? The moustache man looked at the mysterious golden leaf in Su Yun's hand carefully, a look of doubt flashed past his eyes: "You are the person sent by Realm Lord?" "In theory." "Then why did you come here?" "It has nothing to do with you. Release them quickly, or else I will immediately return to the World Tree and report this matter to Realm Lord." Su Yun said in a serious tone. He didn't want to waste any more time with these people. The most important thing was to find his parents. Seeing that Su Yun was serious and did not seem to be lying, the middle-aged man became hesitant. "What rotten leaf are you going to take, and tell me you are someone from the Realm Lord? Who would believe that, if I can casually produce a handful of golden leaves, wouldn't I also be a person of the Realm Lord? "Don't laugh your teeth off, brat. You obviously want to enter the mountain, so you did it on purpose, right?" At this time, Spirit Cultivator, whose face was covered with blood, shouted. "That's right, don't try to trick us." "Don't bother with this. Even if you know the rules of the mountain, we can't let you in today. You've injured our sect and offended our sect. If you enter, how will our Lotus Star Sword Sect be able to stand up for you in the future?" Under the noses of the whose face was covered in blood, the other Spirit Cultivator s started to clamor. When the moustache man heard this, his wavering heart made a decision. He then said solemnly, "You are right, how can our Lotus Star Sword Sect tolerate others trampling on us? I don't know if your Golden Leaf is real or not, but you injured one of my men first, so no matter what, I won't let you enter the mountain. The moustache man was emboldened. In any case, he was doing this from the perspective of the sect. Even if something happened, the sect would protect him, so what was there to be afraid of? However, in his heart, he was unwilling to say such words. However, all of his subordinates had the same intentions. If he were to go against the rules, then it would freeze the hearts of his subordinates. "Fine." Su Yun's expression became cold: Since that's the case, then don't waste your breath. With that said, Su Yun immediately pulled out his sword.
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