Chapter 567 Seeing Su Yun's puzzled face, the woman's face turned red, she could only shake her head slightly. "Do you really want me to explain it so clearly? Alright, I'll be frank." She stood up, looked at Su Yun and gently said: "My physique is rather special, it is a natural body, different from normal people, every three thousand years my body will undergo a change, and every change will cause my cultivation to increase explosively, all the way until my peak, but I also have a weakness, which is my body has two extremely sensitive areas, my breasts, once being touched, it will disrupt the flow of my Spirit Qi, causing all kinds of discomfort." Su Yun, "…" "When you fell earlier, I didn't dare use my profound qi to touch you, so I wanted to reach out to support you. However, my strength was relatively small, so I accidentally let you touch me." The woman spoke very calmly, her expression very calm, but Su Yun did not know if she was forcing it or not. "Since you say so, this should be your secret. How dare you tell me?" "You are a benefactor of my Wanhua Realm, and I can see that you are a person, there is no harm in telling you." "What you see may not be true." Su Yun laughed bitterly, then asked: "But come to think of it, your cultivation should be higher than me right? I simply cannot sense the profound qi on your body, so your strength must be unfathomable. Since that's the case, why can't even me hold on? I should be very light. " Hearing that, the lady shook her head again: "I said it before, my physique is special, I do not need to cultivate, my cultivation is directly absorbing everything in the Wanhua Realm to slowly grow, until the flowers bloom and fruit, although my cultivation is strong, but putting aside my cultivation, I am afraid that when compared to ordinary people, my own strength is no different." No different from an ordinary person? Su Yun looked at the petite girl in front of him, then looked at his own big and thick body, and immediately understood. "So that's how it is." He smiled coyly and said, "Please forgive me for the offense I have committed just now." It has nothing to do with you. No one wishes for such a thing to happen. Furthermore, you did not take advantage of others when they were in danger. the woman said. "That's good." Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief. "One more thing." The woman slightly tilted her head and softly said, "Regarding everything that happened just now, everything that you have heard, please keep it a secret. Do not tell anyone else, is that possible?" "Don't worry, I will definitely keep this a secret. Besides, I don't think anyone would care about this." Su Yun patted his chest and laughed. The girl nodded and turned towards the door. "Since you've already recovered, follow me. I've already arranged a banquet to properly entertain you." "Have someone set up a feast?" Su Yun was startled, seeing the lady walking out, he immediately followed her. Speaking of which, this woman hadn't said who she was yet. Su Yun was full of suspicions as he followed the woman out. Outside the house was a wide wooden path extended downwards, and the wooden path seemed to be like the branches of some huge tree, but in the distance, there were many gigantic buildings, some buildings, some houses, all of them were made from wood. However, these buildings were either suspended by vines or dragged by even stronger branches, and not a single building landed on the ground. "Where is this place?" Su Yun looked around and asked in surprise. "This is the top of the world tree." The woman said. "Boundary Tree? Is it big? How big is it compared to the huge tree that is right outside Wanhua Realm? " Compared to the World Tree, the Haoyue and the Firefly, the Earth and the Sand, the World Tree is the center of Wanhua Realm and is the source of life for the entire Wanhua Realm. Most of the Wanhua Realm's people live on top of the World Tree. The woman spoke simply. Although she did not give a detailed introduction, from her short words, Su Yun already understood how terrifying the World Tree was. Su Yun was well aware just how big that giant tree was. However, compared to the Boundary Tree, it was like grains of sand or fireflies, so how huge would the tree be? The World Tree, the World Tree, it shouldn't be too bad. The lady led Su Yun forward, following the path down, they arrived at a huge green leaf, and at that moment, on the green leaf stood twenty beautiful young ladies dressed in green, they were slim and graceful, all of them had their heads bowed, when the two of them walked over, they all spoke in unison: "Greetings Realm Lord." The clear voice was pleasing to the eyes, but these people calling out the girl's name completely shocked Su Yun. "Realm Lord?" He stared blankly at the girl in front of him, and asked in shock: "You are the Realm Lord of Wanhua Realm?" The woman nodded slightly: "Didn't you ask me before?" "You just said you're the owner of this place." "I am referring to the Wanhua Realm." "I thought you meant the room." "That counts, because that is my place of cultivation." "What?" Su Yun was stunned. Such a simple room, was it actually the cultivation grounds of the Master of the Realm? It didn't seem to have a spell formation, right? Although this woman didn't need to train intentionally to increase her cultivation, it was still too simple and crude. The Realm Lord seemed to have seen through Su Yun's thoughts, and said: "You don't see me as an ordinary person. Even though I am the master of a realm, this is only an identity. No matter if it's the residence or the place of cultivation, there's no need to intentionally decorate it, is there? " Su Yun heard and nodded. After that, with the company of the twenty beautiful servants, the two of them walked straight towards the World King Palace located in the center of the World Tree. The World King Palace was different from the other buildings. Most of the buildings here could still see the signs of manmade things, but the World King Palace was different, it was simply a huge natural gourd, the mouth of the gourd was the entrance, and inside the gourd was the universe, a long flight of stairs extended from the mouth of the gourd into the inside, and there were more than a thousand of them, and at the waist of the gourd, there was an incomparably large multicolored leaf, its leaves were wiggling, and everyone was already sitting, two long wooden tables extended from the head of the leaf to the end, the wooden table was filled with fruits and vegetables. When Su Yun and the Realm Lord stepped down the stairs, the people on both sides of the table all stood up and shouted in unison, "We greet the Realm Lord!" The shouts were uninterrupted. There were several hundred people shouting at the same time. It was an enormous display of power. Hearing that, Su Yun was secretly shocked, he secretly sized up the people here, and realised that majority of them had difficulty smelling anything, their strength was deep and unfathomable. "Seems like this is the core of the Wanhua Realm. Su Yun, you must make good use of this opportunity to build a good relationship with the people here. In the future, you can ensure your safety wherever you go." Just then, a voice came out from beside Su Yun's ears. It was Ling Qingyu. Su Yun was startled: "Qing Yu? It's you? Are you all right? " "I'm fine. Back then when you were continued being treated by the Realm Lord, I had to return back to the sword sheath to treat my injuries. " "It's good that you're fine." Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief and laughed. You're still worried about me, you're already injured like that, and this time you were the lucky one, meeting Lord of the Wanhua Realmd. If it was a normal person, even if they could save your life, they wouldn't be able to protect your cultivation. Ling Qingyu said snappily. "Don't worry, there won't be a next time. This time, it's all because I'm in a hurry to see my parents." Su Yun laughed. But then again, those Devil Cultivator s were probably in the fourth or fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, how could they fight so hard with just the seven of them? Su Yun thought. "Su Yun, why don't you invite that young lady artifact spirit out to enjoy the banquet?" At this moment, a gentle voice came from the side. Su Yun turned his head to look, only to see the eyes of the Realm Lord looking at him. Without waiting for Su Yun to speak, Ling Qingyu's voice came out from the sword sheath. "Thank you Realm Lord for your good intentions. Qing Yu understands, Qing Yu still has some enlightenment, and can't accompany you anymore. Please forgive me." With that said, the sword sheath lost Ling Qingyu's presence. Seeing that, Su Yun laughed bitterly. The Realm Lord wasn't angry, she nodded at the maid beside her and then headed towards her seat. Su Yun, on the other hand, was brought to the right side of the banquet by the maid and sat down. Everyone sat down. None of them dared to use their chopsticks first, and instead, all of their gazes turned towards the young woman in front of them. Su Yun lifted his hood and looked at the Realm Lord, his gaze landed on the fruits and vegetables on the table, and realised that the food was not simple, there was an indescribable spirituality floating about the surface of the table. The Wanhua Realm was a wise man, under the observation of the True Devil Realm, they had abundant resources, and it was possible that the things used to receive them were not ordinary. Su Yun thought. At this time, a loud shout came from the audience seating area. "Pour the wine." Everyone immediately picked up the wine pot in front of them and filled their own wooden cups. The maid, who did not have any clothes on, had to make a move on her own. Seeing that, Su Yun also filled up the space. Following which, the enchanting Realm Lord raised the wine cup in her hand and said loudly: "This cup, honoring my mother, may the life of Wanhua Realm never be extinguished." "Respectful mother, may the life of Wanhua Realm be eternal!" Everyone shouted loudly and drank their wine. Su Yun immediately took out the green liquid from his cup and poured it into his mouth. When the alcohol entered his stomach, he could not help but savor it. Compared to the previous sap of the Boundary Tree, this was even worse. However, when the juice entered his stomach, it made his body feel refreshed and refreshed, causing his spirit to multiply. It was also quite effective. The Realm Lord said "do as you wish," and everyone began to eat and drink. The scene immediately became lively, devoid of any complicated etiquette. No one made any effort to salute the Realm Lord, nor did anyone make any attempts to curry favor with him. Everyone was in a blissful mood, the atmosphere was just right. Seeing this scene, Su Yun could not help but be moved. Even though he had just met this woman, she might still be a good realm lord. "Su Yun, let us drink a cup together, this wine will be my toast to you on behalf of all the living things in Wanhua Realm." At this time, the realm lord walked over, gently lifting the wooden cup and saying softly.
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