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"Officer, based on my performance today, shouldn't you give me another two points?" Xiao Jing shamelessly pulled lightly on the corner of Shen Cheng Feng's clothes. Shen Cheng Feng's eyes looked down, staring at him as he moved closer to pull his hand, and then pushed it away without leaving a trace, as he coldly said: "You can rest for half a day today." With that said, Shen Cheng Feng changed gears and the car once again drove away. In the camp, the noon sunlight was like a fire grilling, giving the entire camp a layer of heat. Jiang Xin pushed open the door of his dorm, and laid on the ground motionlessly like scorched ice. Cheng Chen walked up, and half squatted on the ground, and slightly frowned: "Jiang Xin, don't you feel that our officer has been a little strange recently?" Jiang Xin turned over and looked up at the ceiling, laughing at himself, "What's so strange about that, isn't it just not working properly all day and going against Xiao Jing?" When did a recruit need to be personally trained by us, officer? "It's still as planned and well organized as ever." "We all know officer's system, let alone fighting with him barehanded, we even felt a bit of fear from just touching him, and now we have finally found one that we can not only touch, but also kiss, wouldn't he be curious to research it?" "..." Jiang Xin sat up and raised his eyebrows with a smile, "Xiao Jing is just a test subject to officer. Could it be that you are counting on them to test you?" "Cough, cough." Cheng Chen thought for a moment, then nodded his head, "You're right, although this Xiao Jing looks pretty pretty, he's a man. officer must think that he's special, and be enchanted by him in the next few days, when the time is over, he should be sent back home." "Dong, dong, dong." Mu Xi Chi stood outside the dorm and lightly knocked on the door, "When officer comes back, he wants us to run a company for him." Jiang Xin jumped up from the ground, came in front of Mu Xi Chi, and smiled playfully, "Did officer not come back last night?" Mu Xi Chi shot a glance at him, put on his military hat, shrugged and said: "officer has been busy with battle plans these past few days, how can he have the time to stroll around in front of us everyday?" "Why is officer with Xiao Jing?" Just as Cheng Chen walked down the stairs, he saw a small figure getting out of the SUV. Xiao Jing saluted the jeep and walked straight towards them. Jiang Xin raised his eyebrows, and spoke with a profound tone: "Why do I feel like this matter is not as simple as it seems?" Xiao Jing looked at the three buddha who were motionless in front of him, and smiled: "Are you guys going to train?" Mu Xi Chi snorted, "We do have missions, we are not as idle as you new recruits." Xiao Jing turned his head and looked at Mu Xi Chi who was proudly twisting his waist and leaving. The air he sniffed was filled with an indescribable sour taste, and he smacked his lips, "Did he misunderstand something?" Mu Xi Chi stood in front of the carriage with his head held high and his chest held straight, "officer." "Come with me." Shen Cheng Feng opened the car door, walked around the car, and headed towards another building. Xiao Jing returned to his dorm and rubbed his sore shoulder, then turned over and laid on the bed. "Knock, knock, knock." A heavy knocking sound echoed in the room. Xiao Jing drowsily opened his eyes, sat on the bed and patted his face, and walked to the door. Seeing that the door was opened, Lin Qi3 laughed: "The moment I heard you were back, I came over." "Is there something wrong with the school in the forest?" Xiao Jing stared at the bag in his hand. Lin Qi3 went straight to the point, "The first time we were training together, I already knew that you couldn't swim, right?" Xiao Jing was born to be a landlubber, not to mention swimming, she didn't even dare to go to the swimming pool. Lin Qi3 grabbed his hand and forcefully pulled him out of the dorm, saying seriously: "Coincidentally, everyone is resting today, I'll bring you to the swimming pool for a swim. I heard that there's diving training in two days, if you can't swim, your points will be deducted." Xiao Jing laughed bitterly: "I can practice slowly myself, thank you Forest Academy for your good will." "We're all comrades-in-arms, so there's no need for these pleasantries. Put on your swimming trunks." Lin Qi3 handed the paper bag over. The smile on Xiao Jing's face stiffened bit by bit. Change into swimming trunks! How? His upper body was naked?

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    Really no rest or peace for little soldier XJ.

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