"Ahhhh, Shen Cheng Feng, I will fight you to death." Mo Luo threw the communication device to the ground, then angrily stomped it twice. Jiang Feng put down the spear in his hands, he was speechless for a moment. For a grand SSS-Rank Special Operation Force, their entire team was almost wiped out by the other party. Oh yes, they were wiped out by two people. If the Iron Eagle gave them a pleasant surprise this time, then it would be fine as long as it was Shen Cheng Feng and another elite soldier. Damn it, they were completely wiped out by a recruit, how could they, the War Wing Unit, have any face left?! Where was the prestige! "Jiang Feng, gather everyone immediately! I want to rush into the Iron Eagle's lair, I can't take this lying down!" Mo Luo clenched his teeth as he carried his sniper rifle and walked forward without turning his head back. Jiang Feng's expression turned cold, he anxiously followed and smiled bitterly: "officer, this is not appropriate, not to mention that we are not familiar with the location of the Iron Eagle Unit, we have even started fighting with other Special Operation Force! If even they were to find out, the entire army will definitely inform us, this is not worth it." Mo Luo gritted his teeth in anger and said angrily: "I don't care about his rules, I only know that the fire in my heart is burning hotter and hotter, I have to fight with him." "officer, I think we should go back and carefully plan things out before coming back. Today's training isn't that we lack the ability, it's just that Shen Cheng Feng is too familiar with the geography and environment of this place. We aren't clear about the hiding spots he has found, but we should wait for us to properly study the map here. Chen Yi wiped off the dirt on his face. God knows how he got out of the crocodile's mouth just now. Mo Luo held his own spear tightly and kicked the tree trunk with a heavy kick, "Everyone retreat." In the SUV, Xiao Jing used a clean towel to wipe off the dust on his face, and would occasionally throw his gaze towards Shen Cheng Feng who was driving the car meticulously. With one hand holding the steering wheel, Shen Cheng Feng opened up his bag with the other hand and threw a clean roll of gauze onto Xiao Jing's body. Only now did Xiao Jing realize that there was a small cut on his arm from the blade of the blade. No wonder he felt a faint pain from the very beginning. Shen Cheng Feng glanced at the smiling Xiao Jing and asked again, "How do you assess your performance today?" Without hesitation, Xiao Jing replied, "Although there are deficiencies, they are worthy of praise." With that, she turned her head to look at the officer who had arrived based on prestige, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. Shen Cheng Feng retracted his gaze, and stared fixedly at the road ahead, his voice sounded out, "You are very proud of yourself, if Qi Sheng or Chen Yi had been so ruthless back then, do you think you would have been able to get on this carriage?" "..." Xiao Jing's subordinates' movements stopped, and stared at his own superior's side grudgingly. 'Praise me for being lightning struck by the heavens, if I were to, I'll kill you!' "You think I'm wrong?" Shen Cheng Feng looked to the side, their four eyes meeting. Xiao Jing embarrassedly turned his head to look at her, and nodded: "Of course my flowery martial arts are not able to compare to the backbone of War Wing Unit." "You should be glad that crocodile didn't swallow you in one gulp." "I have calculated my own time. In the face of powerful and unknown enemies, I definitely wouldn't be so stupid as to hit a rock with an egg. I treasure my life very much." "What if Qi Sheng does not show mercy? Or could it be that he has already treated you as an enemy on the battlefield, and you still dared to fight him head on? " Xiao Jing looked at his eyebrows and noticed the shadows slowly becoming clearer in his eyes. He said with certainty: "My responsibility is to fight to the death. Between the national interest and the safety of the people's property, even if I die, I will still have honor." "You're quite good at talking." "This is all taught well by the superior." Xiao Jing patted his chest, and spoke with sonorous and forceful words: "Special Forces, these four simple words carry the entire nation. What I carry on my shoulders is not only my weak life, but also my mission, responsibility, and glory. "The road does not stop because it is difficult, and the pace does not shrink because it is afraid." Shen Cheng Feng stepped on the brake, and started to seriously size up the face of the new recruit that was just inches away from him. All the new recruits that had just entered Special Operation Force spoke with such righteous words, but after a long while, these words were just empty words. Their responsibility was to complete the mission. As for the process, as well as the casualties, only the heavens knew. There was no one who was not afraid. Everyone took fear as a form of training. As time passed, they would get used to it.
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