"Is that so?" The man circled Xiao Jing twice, "But you guys ambushed thirteen of us. This doesn't seem to be a friendly greeting." "Then you should be thankful that you are the fourteenth person to be ambushed." Xiao Jing quickly grabbed onto his muzzle. The man did not hesitate to fire a shot. With the muzzle pointed upwards, he fired an empty shot. Xiao Jing used the dagger to brush against his opponent's bulletproof vest, causing the high precision bulletproof vest to not be affected in the slightest. The man gave up on carrying his spear and immediately punched Xiao Jing on the waist. Boom! Xiao Jing staggered a step, holding onto his right waist, she frowned, with her current stamina, it was impossible for her to defeat these elites that had gone through hundreds of battles, so she could only choose to use her intelligence. The man twisted his wrist and crooked his finger at the hesitating figure. "Again." Xiao Jing looked at the small stream flowing behind him. A gentle breeze blew past, dispelling the scorching heat in the forest. The man rubbed his fists together as he prepared to attack. "Since you don't dare, then it's my turn." Seeing that he was approaching menacingly, Xiao Jing grabbed the tree branches with both of his hands and climbed up like a scurrying monkey. Then, she swung the tree branch a few times and followed the branch to a big tree. She hugged the tree trunk tightly and followed the momentum downwards. Noticing the direction he had fled in, the man strode after him. Xiao Jing stood in front of the pool, looking at the enormous creature that was floating on the surface of the water bathing in the sunlight, unceremoniously picked up a stone and threw it high, shouting, "Get up and eat!" Half of the crocodile's head emerged from the water as its large, sharp eyes stared coldly at the human that was provoking it. "F * ck your grandpa." Seeing this, the man hurriedly took a few steps back. Xiao Jing grabbed onto the tree trunk once again, thinking to take advantage of the chaos and slip away. "Huff, puff, huff." The crocodile climbed out of the water in embarrassment and its tail swept across the sky, striking Xiao Jing, who did not escape in time. BOOM! Xiao Jing fell to the ground, and as expected, he took another bite of the mud. "Roar!" The crocodile raised its claws and crawled towards them. Xiao Jing rolled twice on the ground, avoiding the crocodile's large claws. He then pulled off the rope from his backpack and looped it around the crocodile's mouth, turned around, and climbed onto the crocodile's back. He then took out a short blade and aimed it at the crocodile's mouth and stabbed it with force. "Out of the way!" The man yelled, then threw the tear gas grenade in his hand. Smoke curled up around him. Smoke billowed from the entire stream, and the smoke that rose into the air could be seen for ten miles. "officer, something's going on up ahead." Jiang Feng lowered his binoculars, looking at the thick smoke, he was nervous, this was probably a big group, the opponent was most likely there were more than 10 people. Mo Luo felt that his clothes had long been drenched in sweat, but he still remained motionless. He was hunting for traces of the enemy, and as long as he detected them, he would immediately shoot and bring them away. "officer, do we need to retreat?" Jiang Feng suggested. "Retreat my ass! Even if there's only one person left, you still have to go up! A majestic battle wing would be completely destroyed without even touching the opponent's fur! If word of this gets out, it will be utterly humiliated!" Jiang Feng laughed bitterly and opened his communication device, asking everyone one by one, "Have you found any suspicious people?" "Vice team, five miles away from the coordinates, there's movement." A person on the communicator said in a hurry. Jiang Feng opened the map and frowned, wasn't that the place where the smoke was discovered? He anxiously said: "Everyone stop moving forward, stay put. Xiao Sheng, you go investigate." "Yes, vice-captain." Qi Sheng immediately rushed towards the incident point. "Bam!" Qi Sheng's body trembled, upon seeing the bullets that pierced through the air, he fell forward and rolled on the ground until he reached a big tree that could cover him completely. He raised his sniper rifle and carefully checked his surroundings. The woods suddenly quieted down. Not to mention the abnormality, there was not even the slightest sound. "Go back and tell you, officer, that the biggest mistake he made in his life was to come to my Iron Eagle's territory and seek training thrills." A ghostly voice came from the forest in the afternoon. Qi Sheng suddenly turned around, but there was nothing behind him. Suddenly, he felt something ice-cold close to his neck. He blinked, and just as he moved, his body shot up into the air. The bullet struck him right in the chest, and in that instant, he felt as if he was about to die. After Shen Cheng Feng finished dealing with Qi Sheng, he rushed over to the stream. The smoke from the tear gas bomb had not dissipated yet. The entire pool seemed to be covered in a layer of dense fog, creating a visual illusion. It was as if it was a paradise on earth. "Cough, cough, cough, cough." Xiao Jing covered his mouth and nose with one hand, while coughing out slowly from the smoke. "Officer." "Is it fun?" He said it lightly. "Yes, it's quite fun." She looked at him, a distance of three meters between them. Her face was slightly flushed, and the corner of her mouth could not help but rise high into the air.
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