"He's my brother." Yun Jingshuang calmly spat out a few words, and a smile appeared on Bai Xiaofei's face. "I wasn't wrong." Bai Xiaofei was pleased with himself as well. "How did you find out?" The two of us haven't had any contact in Stargaze. " Yun Jingshuang paused and could not help but frown. The feeling of having a secret discovered was always bad. "Although Brother Yun Sheng always has a carefree look on his face, he can't hide the noble aura he has. I've seen him do it and it makes me think of you as a serious person." "That was the first time I connected the two of you together. After all, having the same surname isn't anything strange. After that, from time to time, I would intentionally compare the two of you." "Then I discovered that apart from the similarity in temperament, there are many other similarities between the two of you." The fact that you have to live on a decent living and the way you see things means that you are from a very good background. You will intentionally hide the matters of your own family, which means that you don't want others to know your identity. "So I began to suspect that the two of you might have a deeper relationship." As Bai Xiaofei spoke, Yun Jingshuang's brows couldn't help but furrow together. There was nothing he could do to change that, so there was nothing he could do. "However, I have never tried to investigate this matter in depth. After all, all of you have chosen to deliberately conceal yourselves, and you are all my friends. Thus, there is no need for me to do anything that would make you unhappy." As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei stopped in his tracks. He looked at the frowning Yun Jingshuang, because he could no longer hold back his words. "But these are just your guesses. You're just guessing and you're asking me? "What if I refuse to admit it?" Yun Jingshuang asked with a serious expression. She couldn't help but feel cheated in her heart. "This is also the reason why I didn't ask you before because I wasn't completely sure. But now, I have it, because I've met a third person that is similar to you two!" The moment he said those words, Yun Jingshuang's face was immediately filled with astonishment. "Who?!" "Calm down, listen to me slowly." After pacifying Yun Jingshuang, Bai Xiaofei continued. "This time, the Hundred Blossom List event has attracted a lot of important figures from the outside. In order to help me control the situation, Vice President Chu has recommended me to these people, and asked me to communicate with them. One of them is called Yun Yi! The first prince of the Cloud Mist Empire! " When Bai Xiaofei mentioned Yun Yi, a sliver of a struggle appeared on Yun Jingshuang's face. "He told me that he had two younger brothers in Xing Luo, and so I immediately thought of you and Brother Yun Sheng. In the entire Xing Luo, only the two of you can fulfill this condition." "You told him that you know us?!" Yun Jingshuang interrupted Bai Xiaofei's words with a trace of shock in her voice. "Do you think I'm that sort of fool? "I'm just saying that we're only in a superficial level of cooperation, and that we're only students in the same department as Senior Yun Sheng. After all, there's no way we can hide these things." Bai Xiaofei's words calmed Yun Jingshuang down with a smile. However, Yun Jingshuang's reaction was equivalent to indirectly admitting her identity. The Cloud Curtain Empire's Prince! "Isn't the next step going to be you, Big Brother Prince?" Bai Xiaofei looked at Yun Jingshuang with a playful expression. He heaved a long sigh, Yun Jingshuang's eyes were filled with melancholy. The crown prince of the Dao was of supreme status. Who could not control the imperial family? "You're right, Yun Sheng and I are indeed princes of the Cloud Curtain Empire, we are ranked 6th, Yun Sheng is 7th, we have two underage brothers below us, all five of our brothers are in the Cloud Curtain Empire, and only the two of us came out." "Yun Sheng is a very free man. I can't bear to see the scheming and scheming in the Imperial City, so the two of us came to Xing Luo to study. We wanted to live a peaceful life for a few years, but we were also telling our brothers that we are not interested in the things that they cherish." There was a trace of sadness in Yun Jingshuang's voice. It was obvious that he didn't want to leave Yun Mu, but how many people could understand the pain and helplessness he felt? "Although I don't really understand, but I know that there are some things that you can't escape just because you want to. Soon, you will graduate, so what should you do?" Seemingly infected by Yun Jingshuang, Bai Xiaofei's tone was slightly low and deep. "We'll see. At worst, I won't be the prince anymore. We are brothers after all, they shouldn't just kill us all, right?" To be honest, Yun Jingshuang was still very optimistic, and the current Bai Xiaofei did not feel that there was anything wrong with this. By the time Bai Xiaofei found out, it was already too late. "I don't know if I should say it now. Originally, I wanted to ask you a favor." With a wry smile, a trace of awkwardness appeared on Bai Xiaofei's face. "Since when did you, Bai Xiaofei, become so hesitant? Which one of your tendons are tied to the wrong one?" Seeing the awkward Bai Xiaofeng, he suddenly burst out in laughter. The previous haze had been swept away by his laughter. "Hahahahaha!" "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! "Don't worry about what you want to say. Although I'm too lazy to ask about the Imperial City, no one can change the fact that I'm still a prince. I can still help you a little!" Bai Xiaofei felt ashamed and smiled awkwardly. He swallowed his saliva and spoke slowly. "I plan to establish a Chamber of Commerce, now that I have a preliminary idea, and have already found the core members, after this Hundred Flowers List is done with the selection, my first funds will be completely available, but, although our strategy is good, if we want to start quickly, we need a different source of goods from others!" After saying that, Bai Xiaofei looked straight at Yun Jingshuang, his eyes filled with anticipation. "You have your eyes on Yun Mu's elemental ore?" As previously mentioned, Yun Mu was a country built on elemental ore, and elemental ore was something that the continent could not lack. Star Gauze Stones were only a special product of the Star Gauze Palace, while elemental ore was the core resource that supported the common puppets of the entire continent! Currently, 70% of the continent's elemental ore reserves were provided by Yun Mu! However, under such good conditions, Yun Mu wasn't able to raise someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the eight great merchant guilds, but only existed as the most ordinary supplier. This was something that many people could not understand, and Yun Mu's men were too lazy to explain. "That's right!" Bai Xiaofei nodded seriously. However, Yun Jingshuang's reaction disappointed Bai Xiaofei. He shook his head slowly. The expression on Yun Jingshuang's face was no longer as simple as it appeared to be. That feeling was akin to coming across a question for the college entrance examination... "It's not that I don't want to help you, it's just that the situation with Yun Mu is too complicated!" PS: The fourth update! There was still an hour and a half left, would everyone be able to speak up at the first possible moment?
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