A thousand cheers began to come out, and their faces were covered with their arms. Under everyone's anticipation, as the last training video finished broadcasting, the first round of the performance officially began to countdown! And the final veil that covered the face of this group of people that everyone was extremely looking forward to was the tickets to the public performance! [What do you mean it is hard to get even one vote?] Bai Xiaofei used his actions to tell you! The final venue for the show was set in Starbind's square. Apart from being able to accommodate more people, the divine level formations on the square were also a must for the show. For this, Xing Luo had sealed the entire square three times during the past half a month! And even if the final venue was set in an outrageously large square, it would still be unable to accommodate everyone who wanted to watch the show. The people who were originally in Xing Luo and who had watched the video broadcast by the Amethyst Chamber of Commerce to come and watch the show had already completely exceeded Xing Luo's capacity to accommodate. 30% of the first round of voting had been sold out in less than an hour! After seeing this, Bai Xiaofei decisively changed the way he sold the tickets. Auction! Although the duration of the ticket sales had increased, Bai Xiaofei had witnessed the madness of the outsiders! The profit had increased by at least five times! After the tickets were sold out, Bai Xiaofei went to the rehearsal ground for the last time. Some were still making their final preparations, while others were already quietly waiting for the show to arrive. "Come, everyone gather!" In a month's time, Indian Jing had left a big sister's impression in the hearts of all the participating girls. Even Hu Xian'er had a little more respect for her. Of course, in terms of acting … Thus, Ying Jing's words were immediately answered. Regardless of what they were doing, a large group of little older sisters immediately stopped what they were doing and gathered around. "Our organizer wants to say a few words to everyone. Welcome everyone!" With that, a thunderous clap could be heard. Who would have thought that the young sisters outside would be cheering for a male student at the same time … "There's no need to be so enthusiastic. I'm not used to it, I'm really not used to it." With an embarrassed smile, Bai Xiaofei's happiness was written all over his face. With his embarrassed expression, the applause from the audience turned into laughter. Just the laughter of a beauty alone was enough to ruin a country. With 500 of them together, Bai Xiaofei was already dazzled. He was especially so for the rehearsed sisters, who were all drenched in sweat, looking extremely enticing. "Actually, I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to see how the preparations are going. I wanted to ask about it, but seeing your condition, I know that there's no need to ask. If possible, I want to immediately dial the hour hand to tomorrow, because I'm already a little impatient to see your spectacular performance!" As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the people below all revealed a confident smile. A month ago, they didn't believe that they could reach the level of a teacher. But now, a month later, no one doubted them anymore. Everyone believed that they would be able to amaze the four of them! This was not blind confidence, but a confident assurance! Tomorrow will be the first day of your performance. According to the rankings of the people with the highest votes in the previous ballots among your team, the last thirty-three people will be participating as tomorrow's performing team. Although the first appearance might be a bit unfavorable for you, I believe that in the face of absolute strength, all of this is just like floating clouds. Bai Xiaofei was like a doomsday god who could not bring good news, and did not seem like he was here to cheer up. Fortunately, no one below was affected! "Alright, let's not speak of words of insult anymore. As an additional reward for training hard for a month, I announce that everyone present will receive a prize of 10,000 purple coins!" As soon as he said it, five million purple coins was gone! However, if Bai Xiaofei really was just a small amount of money … And in exchange for this "small sum of money", everyone was cheering. 10,000 purple crystal coins, for many people, was a windfall! "Perform well, the tickets sold outside are very good. Now everyone is waiting for you to surprise everyone!" Bai Xiaofei did not finish his words and slightly bowed to everyone. Likes the little sisters for their hard work! After leaving the training field, Bai Xiaofei went to look for Fang Ye. Tomorrow, the scene would need to be kept in order, and this mission would naturally fall to the Freshmen Mutual Assistance Community. The benefits of so many days were not for nothing! As for the coordination of the competition, Bai Xiaofei had already discussed it with Chu Qingtian. This was definitely the first time that a Deity Tier Formation was being used for a show! Shangguan Fan took over the filming assignment. With his huge funds, the new shooting team was many times better than the one borrowed by Bai Xiaofei. Everything was ready, except for the east wind. Furthermore, it was an unavoidable east wind! The long night passed quietly as everyone waited. The public performance was set for the night. During the day, the entire Star Gauze Square was filled with people. There were those who had specially arranged the arena, and there were also many who had come to watch the show. Although it hadn't yet begun, one could already see the scale of tonight's events from the arrangement of the plaza. Not only was there a frightening number of audience members, but Chu Qingtian and Bai Xiaofei had specially built a VIP stage. In the past few days, many big shots had arrived at Starbind City. With Chu Qingtian's introduction, Bai Xiaofei could be said to have been completely recognized by the entire continent! Everything proceeded in an orderly manner until nightfall! Early in the morning, after eating dinner, the audience rushed into the square impatiently. The common white puppets floating in mid-air illuminated the entire square as bright as day, and in the middle of the square was an extravagant stage that was so big that it was somewhat outrageous. Gradually, the countdown began. Looking around, there were at least half a million people on the huge square! It was as if he had already become a sea of people! Under everyone's expectation, the pillars of light in the sky dimmed one after another, and the last few beams of light eventually gathered at the center of the stage. Under the light, Bai Xiaofei's smiling face took up the huge screen in mid-air. The grade 1 student's uniform and the sparkling starlight on his chest were especially eye-catching. Under the lead of student Xing Luo, the cheers rang at the first moment! Cheers for Bai Xiaofei! Unlike the other workers behind the scenes, Bai Xiaofei's legendary experience had led him to the front of the stage. Even outsiders would have an inkling of this mysterious student through his experience. As such, when he saw Bai Xiaofei in person, it was understandable that he would not remain calm. "Welcome, you onlookers and students from far away!" A calm and excited voice rang out. The confidence written on Bai Xiaofei's face instantly ignited the flames of anticipation in everyone's hearts to the highest level! 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