"Junior, there's no need for us to beat around the bush!" Finally, Su Yu's face was torn apart. This was because he realized that he could not avoid Bai Xiaofei! "Alright, I'm too lazy to beat around the bush. However, Senior, if you had been so straightforward earlier, I wouldn't have talked so much with you." Bai Xiaofei sat down by himself as he spoke, his expression as calm as ever, as though he was a completely different person from before. "Acting is very tiring." She lightly spat out a few words, and Bai Xiaofei successfully angered Su Yu to the point that her face turned deathly pale … … "Then do you know why we came?" Su Yu frowned and asked. This feeling of being seen through made him very unhappy, but there was nothing he could do. He wasn't bold enough to make a move on Bai Xiaofei while he was under the Phantom Demon. "I can guess, but I don't know how big your appetite is." As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he took out an incomparably red apple from his storage ring and started chewing on it. The Crystal Peaks could not get Bai Xiaofei to eat it as a snack, but there was no problem with the other high-grade fruits at all. Bai Xiaofei's storage ring was now filled with all kinds of expensive fruits … "Not much, as long as you are willing to let our student union take over a month of receiving work!" Su Yu said in a serious tone, only to be met with a disdainful sneer from Bai Xiaofei. "That's not too big. Senior, can you tell me why I promised you?" Could it be that you're ranked number 1 on the Power Rankings? "Sorry, this is not worth a penny to me." Bai Xiaofei's attitude instantly turned cold. "The first place on the fighting strength ranking is indeed nothing, but what if I said that I was relying on my status as the president of the student union to represent all the students in the second, third, and fourth years to get you to agree?" Su Yu's voice also became cold. The atmosphere between the two of them was completely different from before. "Oh, I understand. You're just using your senior status to suppress me, and you're even using the weight of 'everyone' to suppress me." With a long "Oh", Bai Xiaofei seemed to have come to a realization. "It's such a pity, senior. You seem to have forgotten the reason why the New Year's Mutual Assistance Community was formed. Are you sure you can represent all the students in the second, third, and fourth grade?" Not mentioning others, how could you represent the people on the Hundred Blossom List? Can you represent the people on the Wealth Leaderboard? You can only represent those ordinary students who have no abilities at all, who are in their second or third grade. " As Bai Xiaofei spoke, Su Yu's face changed. By the time he had finished, Su Yu's face had already turned into a colorful color palette. "Forgive my bluntness, but the people you represent are trash in my opinion!" With that, the four seniors immediately summoned their puppets. If it wasn't for Su Yu stopping them, Bai Xiaofei would have definitely been turned into dust by now. "Junior, you should know that sometimes, disaster comes from the mouth!" As she spoke coldly, the threat in Su Yu's words deepened. "Firstly, I'm not afraid of causing trouble. I can even get Zhai Jiang killed, and teaching a few seniors who came earlier than me by a year or two is nothing at all to me. Second, I don't accept threats! Anyone who threatens me will never have a good ending! " Facing Su Yu's gaze, Bai Xiaofei's eyes showed no signs of shrinking back! "Aren't you afraid that I'll make a move now?" Su Yu's face tensed up, and she stepped forward. The pressure from the fourth level of the Grandmaster Realm spread out and landed on Bai Xiaofei's body. Resisting the discomfort from the level suppression, Bai Xiaofei sneered coldly again. "It's not that I'm not afraid, it's that you don't dare! Even if I lose a hair, you can forget about getting out of the Phantom Demon! Don't forget, whose territory is this!? " As she finished speaking, Su Yu, who had been gnashing her teeth in anger, slowly withdrew her momentum. Indeed, no one could make a move on the Phantom Demon! Su Yu was not afraid of Chu Liuyun and the others, but Lei Min! There was a student on the fighting strength ranking who relied on his tyrannical strength to ignore Chu Liuyun and Yun Sheng and chased after the demon of illusion to force the three Leng Liuli sisters. In the end, it just so happened that Lei Min was there and that student was crippled for life! Even such a heaven defying pill like the Life Recovery Pill was useless! From then on, no student dared to make a move against the Phantom Demon! Because even the gods can't save them! "It's impossible for you to not leave the Phantom Demon for four years!" "No, even if I leave the Phantom Demon, you still wouldn't dare to make a move. Believe me, you are no longer Rank 1 on the fighting strength ranking!" Smiling faintly, Bai Xiaofei directly poked at Su Yu's most sensitive area. I'm fine with anything you say, but the first place on the fighting strength ranking will definitely be mine! "Oh? Do you want to challenge me? I can do it anytime! " Su Yu said with a trace of viciousness in his eyes. The four people beside him were stunned for a moment, and they looked at Bai Xiaofei with a trace of surprise in their eyes. Master level Phantom Puppet Master challenge Su Yu?! Courting death? "Don't worry, someone will challenge you. Prepare yourself. You don't have to lose too badly in such a short time." Seeing everyone's reaction, Bai Xiaofei showed no signs of panic. "Junior, don't be too arrogant. Your new student's community of mutual help won't exist for long. Once there are fewer people, you guys won't be able to contend against the student union!" A wise man knows when to stand up, and it's not good to do something stupid! " This time, the one who spoke was another senior. The mark of the God of the World was particularly eye-catching. Sigh, did he end up with the Human God in the past two days? With this thought in mind, Bai Xiaofei could not help but sigh, then looked at his senior as if he was looking at an idiot. "Who said that there will be fewer new students? Also, seniors, do you really think that the student union will continue to exist? " Bai Xiaofei retorted, causing the five of them, including Su Yu, to be stunned at the same time. "What do you mean!" Su Yu became excited again. Apart from the rankings on the combat power ranking, the student council was the one thing he cared about the most. As a person who pursued fame and fortune, 20-year-old young people were prone to this kind of illness, especially when they had a bit of strength. "The Student Union is just a subsidiary product of the Reputation Leaderboard. If I'm not wrong, the original intention of the Student Union was to help the school manage the relationship between the students and to promote teaching to a certain extent." "But what did I just say the current student body did? "I'm afraid that the student union has already become a place where seniors pretend to be cool and oppress their juniors. Do you think that the heads of the student union are thinking more about how to profit from this?" "Wake up. The Reputation Leaderboard does exist, but students who follow this pattern may not always be tied to the Reputation Leaderboard. Nothing is absolute, especially when substitutes appear!" Bai Xiaofei paused as he spoke, a smile appearing on his face. "Thus, you all should think it over and disband the Student Union with dignity!" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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