"Hello senior. If I'm not mistaken, senior, you are the famous Su Yu on the fighting strength ranking. I had originally planned to find some time to have a good exchange with you. I didn't expect senior to beat me to the punch. I'm really ashamed." Bai Xiaofei's words were flawless. Su Yu, who had been calling her 'you', almost floated up in the air. "Brother Bai, calling me senior is already giving me face. I really can't accept this' you '. As for fame, I really can't compare to you right now!" Su Yu was also a sly old fox. When he heard Bai Xiaofei's conversation, the other four were stunned. Aren't we here to cause trouble? What kind of rhythm was this? If you keep talking, you're going to kowtow! "If senior is so polite, then I can only be presumptuous. I hope senior won't be rude when he goes out!" Bai Xiaofei laughed heartily as he spoke. He had no intention of getting down to business. Stop bullshitting, if you continue bullshitting like this, I can chat with you for the whole day! "How could that be? I, Su Yu, am not someone who would brag empty-handed. I would never do something like blackening my junior brother!" Su Yu stuck a piece of gold on his face, but his heart felt like a cat scratching itself. Why isn't this brat asking me what I'm here for! "Seniors, don't stand. Although our place is small, there are still places to sit. What kind of fruits do you seniors eat?" I'll go wash it for you. " Bai Xiaofei did not ask what Su Yu wanted him to ask. "No need, no need, no need to trouble, we came here after eating." Su Yu was afraid that Bai Xiaofei would take the chance to leave and not come back. She quickly told him to stay. "Oh right, senior. I see that you're wearing two department logo at the same time. Why is that?!" He had asked, but this question was still useless … "I majored in two courses, and my results were recognized by both departments. Both departments wanted me, and in the end, the department dean and the others discussed something, and I became a student of two divisions." Resisting the irritation in her heart, Su Yu answered Bai Xiaofei's question in detail. "Then what about you, Senior, if it's a Large Competition? Are you considered as a person with the Sword of Attack or as a God of the World?" Questions came one after another. Bai Xiaofei's ability to chat for an entire day was not for show... "Rotate. This time, we are attacking with the Sword of Attack. Next time, we will go to the Human God." As Su Yu said this, the senior beside him could no longer bear to listen any further. He quietly poked Su Yu. However, Su Yu acted as if he didn't feel it and didn't respond. "Senior is really outstanding. I guess there's not even another person like senior in the entire star river!" Bai Xiaofei turned white as he clapped his hands, looking like he was going to lift Su Yu up to the sky. "If we were to say that the outstanding student is the real outstanding student, then using his own strength, he organized an event that shook the entire star river and even the continent. With the existence of the Hundred Flowers List for so long, you are definitely the first student to make it shine so brilliantly this time!" Su Yu couldn't wait any longer, but directly speaking, he felt that he was being too disrespectful, so he chose to make a wrong move to save the country. But how could Bai Xiaofei not know what he meant! In terms of digging, Bai Xiaofei was their ancestor! "I am just a puppet that was pushed out. Actually, it has nothing to do with me. Let's not talk about this. It is rare for you to come here, senior. Can you give me some pointers on cultivation?" "Ever since I've become a grandmaster, my level has never changed. How the hell do I get to the second phase?" Bai Xiaofei's words were like those of a true cultivation fruit after he became a grandmaster... If even that was possible, then others would probably die from anger! When Su Yu heard this, he couldn't help but curse. After getting down to business, Bai Xiaofei's words had ruined his plan. Ask your teacher about your training! Ask me why! I came here to give you pointers! Although Su Yu was roaring in her heart, she didn't show it. "It's actually not that difficult to control the elemental energy. As long as you intentionally direct the flow of elemental energy on a micro level, it will naturally happen after a long period of time." Now that Su Yu mentioned it, Shi Mu felt that it was as if he was playing a game. However, this really couldn't be blamed on others. After all, he was a genius... "Did I say that!?" I thought controlling the elemental energy was just a matter of constantly using up elemental energy! Thank you for your guidance! Thank you for your guidance! "When I advance, I'll definitely thank senior properly!" Bai Xiaofei looked as if he had seen a new world. To him, acting wasn't difficult at all. F * ck! Does this brat really not know or is he just teasing me on purpose? How the f * * k did he get to be a grandmaster? Su Yu had already started to lose his composure. He gradually realized Bai Xiaofei's intention. The emotions that he had been suppressing all this time were already on the verge of exploding out. When had he, Su Yu, ever been so angry before! "No need to thank me. Helping junior is something that I should do. Oh right, junior, I heard that you organized that freshmen community yourself?" Once again, Su Yu changed the topic. Now, he no longer had any hope of Bai Xiaofei taking the initiative to ask him. "A group of people gathered together to protect themselves. I'm just leading them by the head. Even without my Newcomer Mutual Assistance Community, there will be a day when it will be established. It's incomparable to your student union." "Oh right, senior, I would like to ask, how can I join the Student Union? I've been interested in this for a long time! " Bai Xiaofei didn't even give Su Yu the chance to continue the topic and directly asked her. Bai Xiaofei looked disdainful towards the student union in front of Yun Sheng. As for Su Yu, when he heard that Bai Xiaofei wanted to join the student union, his eyes immediately lit up. "Junior, if you join the student union, I can guarantee you that you'll at least be a vice president. But you know that in order to serve the public, you have to do something for the student union!" Su Yu's reaction was indeed fast. This was what he wanted to say. The four people behind him also revealed smiles. Bai Xiaofei had talked for so long, but in the end, he didn't expect himself to jump in! However, it was too early for them to celebrate … If he could jump in, Bai Xiaofei could naturally jump out! "Then forget it, I'm rather lazy and don't want to be in charge." Bai Xiaofei almost dodged, causing Su Yu to spit out a mouthful of blood. "What's wrong? Senior, your expression is a little ugly. Are you feeling uncomfortable? " Un, it is indeed uncomfortable. Your senior wants to kill someone now! Especially you! But no matter what, there was one thing that everyone present had no choice but to admit. On the cheap road, Bai Xiaofei was far ahead … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] They were asking for the attention of the circle!
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