"Oh?!" Upon seeing Bai Xiaofei's reaction, Yun Sheng instantly exploded. Could it be that the first rank in the Power Rankings was so worthless in Bai Xiaofei's eyes? "What? My reactions are not sharp enough? Big Brother Yun, are you not satisfied? I can scream and cooperate with you." Bai Xiaofei shrugged. "Do you know what it means to be ranked number 1 on the Power Ranking?! Zongshi realm! The Grandmaster Realm genius of the fourth realm! " After reaching Grandmaster Stage Three, Puppeteers could be considered to have fully stepped into the realm. Upon stepping into the Grandmaster Stage, one would claim to be one of the very few Puppeteers on the continent! On the other hand, there were only five realms of Zongshi realm! First realm, Origin Energy Armor! On the basis of the Grandmaster Level 3 Ruyi, grandmaster level puppeteers could use elemental energy to form elemental armor to protect themselves. Although the vast majority of people's elemental energy armour couldn't compare to the puppet's shield type skills, it was still much stronger than the physical defense of warriors of the same level. Moreover, you can even turn the elemental energy that you release into a weapon. In short, once you step into the Grandmaster Realm, you can play around with the elemental energy in your body as you wish! The second realm, Essence Gathering! All puppeteers could absorb the external elemental energy to replenish their energy consumption, but under normal circumstances, the rate of absorption was very slow, even with primeval stones. However, after entering the second realm, as long as there was two seconds of pause, the elemental energy would instantly be replenished! Of course, this was on the premise that you could absorb the surrounding energy. The third realm, the Imperial Puppet! After reaching the third realm, no matter how far away you were from your puppet, you would be able to control it. This was a deep spiritual link, so stepping into the third realm required extremely strong spiritual energy. Going to the enemy's head thousands of miles away was no longer a dream for puppeteers of this level. The Fourth Plane, the Divine Wanderer! After reaching this realm, even if there weren't any profile-type puppets, the puppeteer would still be able to scan the surroundings. To put it bluntly, it was a type of isolated soul state. Moreover, the spiritual force in his body would be a form of energy, and this form would be completely immune to physical attacks! The Fifth Plane, Awakening. In this realm, you won't be able to obtain new abilities, but this realm is the basis to attack the Exquisite Level. Only when your essence, Qi, body, essence, spirit, and heart have reached a certain standard and are able to enter the Heart's Realm, will the Puppeteer be able to enter the Exquisite Level! To put it simply, this realm was building up the foundation for the Linglong Stage! That was why Yun Sheng was so excited when he mentioned the Fourth Stage of the Grandmaster Realm. This meant that a Puppeteer had already obtained all the abilities he could think of! "So what if you're in the fourth realm? Big Brother Yun, haven't you already reached the second realm, and Sister Liu Yun has also reached the third realm." Bai Xiaofei's casual words made Yun Sheng feel proud. Currently, Xing Luo only had eight students who had reached the Grandmaster Realm, and he was one of them! This was also why the people from the Beast Fist were afraid of him, and why the people from the student union did not dare to make things difficult for him when they saw Chu Liuyun! Amongst the two of them, one was ranked # 8, and the other was ranked # 10! It was true that the Illusion Element wasn't fawning on those of the same level, but when there was a suppression of levels, the Illusion Element was basically invincible! "It's not the same. The fourth realm sounds like a step away from the third realm, but the difference in strength between the two is not small!" Simply put, I can defeat at least five people of the fourth realm! " Yun Sheng made a vivid comparison, but Bai Xiaofei did not seem to care. "So what? Does he dare to attack me?" After Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Yun Sheng was instantly stunned. That's right, did Su Yu dare? "Brother Yun, think about it again. What is he doing here? He has never been to the demon of illusion before. " Bai Xiaofei continued to question, and the confusion on Yun Sheng's face deepened. Yeah, what did he come here for? "Let me ask you another question. If we don't fight head on, which one of the two will make the person feel worse?" Once the third question left his mouth, Yun Sheng fell completely silent. Wealth could make a fool of itself, but Su Yu really didn't dare to fight with a rich man. After all, no matter how talented she was, she was still only a single person … But with money, you can move many people that are stronger than geniuses! And money didn't mean much to the current Bai Xiaofei. Perhaps the only people who could defeat Bai Xiaofei in terms of money were those tycoons of the Chamber of Commerce with abundant funds! "Actually, their purpose for coming here is very simple. They just want to snatch the cake used to entertain guests back from my hands. In other words, they just can't handle the school board and want to directly threaten me." Before they even met, Bai Xiaofei had already guessed Su Yu's purpose for coming here! After Yun Sheng heard this, he did not react at all, apart from standing there in a daze. He didn't know what to say to interrupt. He felt everything Bai Xiaofei said was right! "My calculations were off, but unfortunately, they found the wrong person. Someone who can threaten me has yet to be born in my mother's womb!" Bai Xiaofei seemed to have forgotten that he was under the threat of Hu Xian'er and the rest … However, it was not impossible to explain. Bai Xiaofei had willingly been "threatened" … "Let's go, let's go meet this big boss on the fighting strength ranking. At least he's a 'genius', so we can't be too negligent right?" Bai Xiaofei straightened his clothes as he spoke. "Why don't we split up some of them? "In any case, the freshmen and members of the Mutual Assistance Community are too busy to deal with …" Yun Sheng asked softly from behind, but there was still a hint of fear in his tone. He had been 'educated' by Su Yu. If not for Chu Liuyun, Yun Sheng might have been lying on the ground for a while … "Divide up?" Suddenly turning around, Bai Xiaofei's voice rose an octave. "Don't even think about it! Impossible! They won't be able to take a single copper from me! " Bai Xiaofei walked straight into the reception room, leaving Yun Sheng stunned for a long time. Who the hell cares! If you want to get what you want from me without working hard, I will make it so that you will never be able to dream about me! With this thought in mind, Bai Xiaofei slowly pushed open the door to the reception room. Five seniors, who were waiting inside, immediately stood up. Among them, the one in the middle had two department insignia on his chest. The God of the World and the Sword of Attack! To be able to obtain the recognition of two elements at the same time, this was definitely the first time in Stargaze! Of course, if Bai Xiaofei wanted to, he could get the recognition of all the departments. It was for no other reason but his ability to attract gold was enough to conquer any chairman of the department! Compared to the money, a single acknowledgement was nothing! "Junior Bai Xiaofei, right?" Su Yu, who looked like the big brother next door, stepped forward with a big smile on her face. Unfortunately, no matter if you are a carrot or a stick, Bai Xiaofei won't eat them! He had just returned.
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