"Brother Tie Zhu!" The attack frequency of the catapult was reduced! And it seems to be only available on the left! " "There aren't that many people attacking the city!" Surprise sounded one after another on the city walls. The soldiers who had thought that they were doomed to die were reignited with hope! "Shut the fuck up, I'm not blind!" Cheer up! It must be the general who is lightening the burden on us! " Tie Zhu, whose body was drenched in blood, cursed in pain. However, no one on the city wall felt any discomfort because of his curses. At the same time, the others also gradually began to believe Tie Zhu's words. They didn't believe that Bai Xiaofei was really going down there to fight with his life on the line. If it weren't for Tie Zhu's support and the fact that they had nowhere to escape, they definitely wouldn't have survived until now! At this moment, Bai Xiaofei was turning his head. There were three catapults that could reach the main gate. He had already destroyed two of them, and after taking care of the third one, his chances of defending the city would increase to 80%! Along the way, Bai Xiaofei plowed through the enemy troops once again. The simulation of Xiaohei had been tried and tested, because most of the people who had seen it had already died... It wasn't long before Bai Xiaofei found his third target. However, upon seeing the target, a troubled look appeared on his face. The mute flames of the other two catapults made them feel a sense of crisis, and the pressure of the disguised assassin loomed over their commander like a mountain. Therefore, he chose an extremely conservative plan! The group of second rank soldiers encircled the base in three layers. Everyone was on alert. Other than those who were defending, no one else was allowed to get within a hundred meters of the base! Simply put, the commander here had turned the catapult into an iron turtle! It was an Iron Turtle that could not be eaten by a precise predator like Bai Xiaofei! However, Bai Xiaofei did not continue to be troubled. After all, there were more solutions than difficulties. He could not stop the small difficulties in front of him! After thinking for a while, a smile gradually appeared on Bai Xiaofei's face. After the fusion between Bai Xiaofei and the waiter was removed, Bai Xiaofei donned the clothes of the besieging little soldier. Bai Xiaofei practically had as many of these as he wanted! Under the night sky, after Bai Xiaofei and the waiter muttered to each other for a long time, the waiter who understood the situation immediately exclaimed in excitement. Why are you screaming at this time? Are you afraid that I will die too slowly! The elemental energy poured into the waiter's body, and the exquisite body of the waiter instantly went into a state of explosion. In a few blinks of an eye, the image of the Devouring Thunder Tiger appeared once again! With an incomparable roar, the cylinder that could emit the sound of exploding thunder was once again pulled out by Bai Xiaofei. The huge momentum successfully attracted everyone's attention. "Swallow …" The Devouring Thunder Tiger?! " For a moment, all the soldiers had looks of surprise on their faces. However, this was still far from the end. The waiter who had completed his transformation charged straight at the iron-like position! "Don't mess around!" Don't mess around! " The general on the ground shouted, but it was of no use. He looked at the waiter who was charging at him and chose to run! If a human could block it, how could a king level magical beast block it? Just like this, the waiter was not obstructed at all, and he directly rushed to the front of the Martial Master. At such a close distance, the waiter slowly lowered his head and blew a mouthful of hot air onto the general's face. This was f * * king true! Why would a Lightning Devouring Tiger appear here? Panic was written all over the general's face. He had originally thought that this Lightning Devouring Tiger was just an illusion or something, but now that the truth was right in front of him, he could not help but suspect! As for resistance, it was not something that a Martial Master would consider. A king grade magical beast, how could he, a Martial Master, resist it? They had trampled him to death! Therefore, the general's only hope now was that this Lightning Devouring Tiger wasn't on the defensive side of the city. After looking at the waiter for a long time, the sweating general couldn't help but swallow his saliva, and at the same time, started to try retreating backwards. However, just as he took half a step out, the waiter immediately roared at the general, a hint of anger appearing in his lantern-like eyes. The frightened general immediately stopped and stretched out his hands to comfort the waiter. "I won't move! I don't move! Can you understand what I'm saying … " The general braced himself and began to communicate with the waiter. What made the general excited was that the waiter actually responded! "What do you want? I'll satisfy you, then you can leave, okay? " It was like coaxing a child, the general said softly. What he did not expect was that the answer was not given by the waiter! "It wants you dead!" Bai Xiaofei's voice sounded from behind the general. The general turned around in shock, but it was too late … A kick landed on the general's knee joint, and with a crisp sound, the general immediately fell to the ground. When the general raised his head again, Bai Xiaofei's sword was already stuck in his throat. "Tell me, where is your commander?" The general's only reaction to Bai Xiaofei's question was to stare at him coldly. "You asked the wrong person!" Ruthlessness flashed past his eyes. The general exerted his full strength, intending to fight to the death with Bai Xiaofei. However, he was not faster than the sword that was stuck on his neck. Bai Xiaofei squatted down to help the general close his eyes and let out a long sigh. He was sighing over the cruelty of the war and the persistence of the generals. He was also sighing over the situation he could not tolerate right now … After destroying the catapult at the fastest speed possible, Bai Xiaofei brought the waiter, who had returned to his original form, and rushed out. Otherwise, by the time the soldiers reacted, Bai Xiaofei would most likely be dragged to his death. To Bai Xiaofei, mobility was his fate! As he did not get the position of commander, Bai Xiaofei gave up on the idea of assassinating others. Instead, he changed his plan and started to run back and forth among the soldiers, killing all the commanders. The attacking troops from all four sides were now paralyzing Bai Xiaofei on three sides. Furthermore, the degree of paralysis was getting bigger and bigger! At the same time, the other students who had been watching the entire time were completely dumbfounded. Even Sima Ye's eyes were wide open. Unexpectedly, ten thousand of them did not! He didn't expect that he could actually do this! He did not expect Bai Xiaofei to be able to do this! Furthermore, he never expected Bai Xiaofei's puppet ability to be so abnormal! In the past, if one person researched a new method to pass the trial, the others would immediately use it as a reference. However, no one here could use Bai Xiaofei's method as a reference! "He's that Bai Xiaofei who took first place in the Freshmen Competition, right …" "It seems like he even established some sort of community to help the freshmen …" "He must have overpowered the chairman of the Beast Fist department..." "This time, Hundred Blossom Pavilion's re-screening seems to be organized by him as well..." All sorts of surprised voices rang out. Now, no one was criticizing Bai Xiaofei like how they did in the beginning. Because they weren't worthy! At this moment, Sima Ye's eyes were already red … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Could he not run naked today …
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