The huge rock quickly fell to the ground. After the baptism of the 'Big Rites', the whole base became a mess. There were only a few soldiers left standing, and even Bai Xiaofei's left arm was smashed and fractured. The powerful self-healing ability of Bai Xiaofei, who had realized that it would be useless to stay in this place for too long, once again came online. He ran towards the position he had just left behind. According to the soldiers, the commander in this direction was also near the catapult! A Grandmaster Puppeteer! It was a pity that Bai Xiaofei had already set his sights on this bro of his … Bai Xiaofei's speed of advancing through troubled waters was faster than that of an assassin who would disappear. Under normal circumstances, no one would have thought that someone with such a BUG ability would be able to do so. Along the way, Bai Xiaofei had used Xiaohei's power to create all kinds of terrifying attacks more than once. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation of the group, Bai Xiaofei took the opportunity to take care of them. The original effective advance of the army was due to Bai Xiaofei falling into chaos alone. If so many people lost their commander, it would be even more terrifying than a pile of loose sand. Besides, it wouldn't do to have a leader. Without a leader, any better order could change the atmosphere. And what Bai Xiaofei did was equivalent to cutting off this level of command! Although he could not completely resolve the crisis on the city wall, after Bai Xiaofei's torture, the pressure on the city wall was reduced by at least half! Finding and killing Bai Xiaofei had become an important issue for the attacking army! But finding Bai Xiaofei was easier said than done! For the ordinary people who had no detection abilities, Bai Xiaofei came as he pleased under the night sky and left as he pleased! The chaos continued until Bai Xiaofei was close to his goal! "General, a team of Nighttimers has been formed to surround that assassin. However, there has been no news of them until now." A guard half-knelt in front of the awe-inspiring general, his voice trembling slightly. It had been almost an hour, and the thousands of people who had tried to find an assassin had yet to achieve anything. No matter how they looked at it, this didn't seem right at all. Pass down my order, in addition to the specialized Night Walker troops, everyone else should continue to attack normally. If the captain dies, then the vice captain will ascend to the top, and if the captain level dies, then the captain level will ascend to the top. The general's face was grave, but that did not prevent him from making a definite decision. As long as this order was carried out, everything that Bai Xiaofei had done would be for naught! "As you command!" The guard immediately ran down after receiving the order. The general did not blame him for blocking Bai Xiaofei's defeat. Instead, his heart was filled with gratitude. Sometimes, you don't need to do too much to increase the motivation of your subordinates, because your position in their hearts is much higher than they think. Also, their requirements are much lower than what you imagine! Like this guard right now, all he could think about was how to let the general down this time! Unfortunately, he was overthinking it this time as well … When he rushed over to the soldier, the scene in front of him had completely shocked him. A hundred or so people were lying on the ground in a mess. The blood that flowed on the ground had an enchanting tinge of scarlet when compared to the light of the fire. At the center of the base, Bai Xiaofei, who had turned into General Zhao, was breaking the neck of the last messenger … "Zhao... "General Zhao?" The guard exclaimed in a low voice, disbelief written all over his face. At this moment, his brain could no longer work. This was because he was unable to understand everything that was happening before his eyes. "Assassin, die!" With a loud roar, Bai Xiaofei charged towards the guard, looking as if he had suffered some sort of mental shock. "General Zhao!" I'm not an assassin! I was sent here by General Li … " Before the guard could finish his sentence, Bai Xiaofei's sword had already pierced through his chest. "I'm sorry, but you're not an assassin. I am." Smiling, Bai Xiaofei drew his sword and pushed the guard to the ground. "Looks like I've already thought of a solution. I really can't underestimate these commanders!" With a trace of determination in his eyes, Bai Xiaofei glanced at the guard and changed his appearance. It was time to go meet General Li! Bai Xiaofei ran towards the dilapidated catapult position. The moment he saw the general, his face was filled with fear. His right hand crushed a grain-sized object and wiped his nose with it. Tears and snot flowed out. "General!" The messenger is dead! " Bai Xiaofei's performance, which looked like he had collapsed, did not cause General Li to lose his cool. "Then did you see the assassin?" General Li asked coldly as he carefully examined Bai Xiaofei's reaction. "No, when I got there, all that was left was a corpse. I wonder where that assassin ran off to." As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he realized something was wrong, and his brain began to work rapidly. "Do you remember what my order was?" When he asked again, General Li had already summoned his puppet, an icy-blue longsword! A cold aura spread out, and Bai Xiaofei couldn't help but tremble. "Of course!" Bai Xiaofei nodded his head, looking like he was about to repeat the order. "General, you just told me to. "Kill you!" The picture suddenly changed, and Bai Xiaofei, who was half-kneeling on the ground, suddenly accelerated, charging towards General Li. General Li seemed to have been prepared for this, the puppet protection talisman on his body flashed, and Bai Xiaofei instantly felt a terrifying resistance, following that, General Li's icy-blue sword slashed across Bai Xiaofei's chest, causing blood to spray out and freeze into ice crystals in the air. Bai Xiaofei, who was under attack, was sent flying. After spitting out a mouthful of cold blood, he fell to the ground. "A mere assassin, do you really think that we don't have anyone here?" He walked to Bai Xiaofei's side and stomped heavily on his feet. After discovering no response from Bai Xiaofei, General Li kept his puppet. "General!" "Falling Stones!" At this moment, a guard suddenly shouted. General Li instinctively raised his head to look, and sure enough, a huge rock was falling. General Li, who was already afraid of being smashed, immediately reacted. The puppet talisman on his waist flashed again, and the force that had just been applied to Bai Xiaofei was blocked by Luo Shi. However, at the moment when the resistance met the falling stone, a trace of terror instantly appeared in General Li's eyes. It was fake! Then … "General, you're too careless!" General Li turned his head in shock. Bai Xiaofei, who had been deader than dead, had appeared in front of him at some point. The long sword in his hand had pierced through his heart. "If you have a next life, remember to hit a vital point when killing someone!" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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