After letting the squad leader go, Bai Xiaofei ran at an even faster speed towards the nearest catapult position. He still looked like a soldier, but this time, it was a completely different appearance … After Bai Xiaofei quietly sneaked into the position of the catapult, the captain, who had two fingers cut off, ran over and knelt in front of a dignified man under the escort of two third grade infantry. Martial Master, General Zhao! "General, he said that an assassin who can disguise himself came out and knows where you are." After a simple explanation of the situation, one of the captains knelt down before General Zhao. "Since you met an assassin, how did you manage to escape?" Looking at the frightened squad leader, General Zhao did not even bother to think about the assassin. Instead, he asked a question that made the squad leader tremble in fear. "I'm afraid my seat is yours!" He spoke coldly once again, and the team leader who could not hold it in anymore immediately kowtowed. "General!" I don't want to either! It's all because of that assassin, he … " Before the squad leader could finish his words, a long sword had pierced through his heart from behind. Bai Xiaofei's warning wasn't unreasonable, it was just that the squad leader misunderstood him. He thought of war too simply. To a general, this was the most taboo matter. "Drag him away and don't let a traitor affect my mood." With a cold snort, a trace of a cold smile appeared on General Zhao's face. "Looks like I won't be able to hold on any longer. I've already begun to put everything on the line." After muttering to himself, General Zhao turned his head to look at another man who looked like an aide-de-camp. "I'll leave the catapult to you. I'll go to the front myself." "Yes sir!" After giving his instructions, General Zhao left with his guards, followed by Bai Xiaofei. When they were about to reach the halfway mark, Bai Xiaofei shouted, "Throw a rock!" But what was different this time was that he really used Blacky's ability to simulate a huge rock. The group immediately scattered in all directions, including General Zhao. As the first person to make the discovery, Bai Xiaofei naturally hid himself faster. However, no one had the mood to notice that he was hiding in the direction of General Zhao. The huge rock quickly smashed into the ground, but not even a speck of dust was stirred up, let alone its lethal force. Seeing this, the group of people were slightly stunned. General Zhao's face revealed a hint of shock as his eyes quickly looked around in all directions. However, he had never thought to be on guard against his own people … With a fierce leap, Bai Xiaofei wrapped his arms around General Zhao's neck. The power of a Martial Master instantly erupted, and with the resonance of his elemental energy, he twisted General Zhao's neck into a strange angle. A Martial Master level general could be killed in one shot! No matter how strong you were, it would be a waste if you couldn't use it! This was the meaning of an assassin's existence! Not to mention a Martial Master, even a Martial Grand Master like Bai Xiaofei would not be able to survive! After killing General Zhao, Bai Xiaofei charged towards the remaining people like a tiger pouncing on a flock of sheep. Within a few seconds, there was no one left standing. After he was done, Bai Xiaofei transformed into General Zhao. He grabbed a few handfuls of blood from the ground and smeared them on his body. Then, he ran towards the stone-throwing vehicle he had just arrived at. If this position was not resolved, the pressure on the front wall would always be a problem! "There's a group of assassins in front of us. We've been ambushed. Kill them all!" After running back to the base, Bai Xiaofei panted as he spoke. The deputy general who was guarding the base could not help but be stunned. However, how could Bai Xiaofei give him the chance to think? He grabbed the assistant general's collar and pulled him over. "Don't you fucking understand what I'm saying!?" Wait until those fellows rush over, will you block them or me block them?! " "But... "But in that case, our people will also …" "Sacrifice is inevitable, but it's still better than us losing the battle and losing the battle!" Before the Lieutenant General finished his words, Bai Xiaofei spoke again with a cold tone, his eyes filled with a strong killing intent. "Adjust the angle, prepare to throw the stone!" The fear towards Bai Xiaofei made the deputy general choose to compromise. The twenty catapults quickly turned their direction of attack and charged towards the rear half of the attacking troops. Poor soldiers. Just when they thought that victory was right in front of their eyes, a calamity had fallen from the sky. Furthermore, this disaster had come from behind them without any preparation … After three consecutive steles, the attacking troops had already lost a third of their strength. Although this portion of their strength was not counted on Bai Xiaofei's head, it was still much better than losing the city. "General, can we stop?" the deputy general whispered as he walked to Bai Xiaofei's side. "It's done, but there's one thing I haven't done yet." Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei suddenly became serious, while the deputy general was stunned once again. "What else …" "You have to accompany your brother who you killed with your own hands!" Before the Lieutenant General finished speaking, the sword in Bai Xiaofei's hand had already pierced through his chest. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei had reverted back to his original appearance. "I'll make you understand. Otherwise, it'll be hard for you to answer my question when we get down there." Drawing his sword, Bai Xiaofei pushed the deputy general to the ground. Seeing this scene, the surrounding soldiers immediately fell into chaos. Some of them wanted to charge up and attack Bai Xiaofei, while others simply ran away. However, after Bai Xiaofei killed nine people in a row, their reactions turned into that of crouching on the ground, waiting for his judgment. "Right now, you only have one path left to walk. Turn around and attack the catapults in other directions!" After the other three directions were blocked by the fire, the catapults' attacks also came to a halt. In the two directions closest to the main entrance, they pushed the catapults over and joined in the attack. Therefore, settling this position alone was not enough! "What? Don't you want to do it?" With a swing of his sword, Bai Xiaofei decapitated a person. The next second, the others who were scared to death immediately ran to the side of the catapult and started to change their direction. As part of the army, they could understand the horn, so they knew where the other two catapults were located. Who would have thought that the command that appeared to facilitate communication would now become a navigation tool to guide attacks! Accompanied by the whistling of the wind, the catapult once again displayed its might … This sudden attack was something that no one had expected. The moment the huge rock fell, the people in the other direction didn't have any other state apart from being shocked. The horn sounded, but no one from Bai Xiaofei answered. Another horn sounded, and the soldier controlling the catapult immediately revealed a terrified expression. "They're letting people from the other side hit us! We can't stay here anymore! " Before he could finish his sentence, the first wave of flying boulders had already arrived … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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