After the attackers stopped at the edge of the catapult's attack range, close to ten thousand people dispersed from four directions. Gradually, they formed a big circle and completely surrounded the city where Bai Xiaofei was. Looking down from the sky, the enemy and the city looked like an enlarged, round, square, copper coin. The "hole" in the middle looked exceptionally weak! However, this "copper coin" did not exist for long. Along with the sound of a long horn, the soldiers surrounding the city began to charge crazily towards the city. However, this charge was completely different from the previous three! This time, the charge was split into batches. Each batches were split into two to three batches that were about the same distance between each other. The next batch was followed by a similar batch of monsters that had charged out during the previous batches … One after another, more and more people rushed over. Upon seeing this, Bai Xiaofei wished he could pull out the commander to give him a good beating! This was equivalent to crippling Bai Xiaofei's defensive equipment! Fight! With this degree of scattered movement and the nimbleness of a second rank soldier, you won't be able to kill many of them. Let's not fight! Once a player crosses the minimum attack range of the defensive equipment, you won't be able to fight even if you want to! Moreover, Bai Xiaofei could imagine that the moment the soldiers got close to the city walls, the siege equipment would definitely follow them and attack them from both sides. At that time, Bai Xiaofei would be in dire straits! "Inform the other three walls, the one controlling the catapult cannot move at all, even if they rush to their side and cut them down!" As long as the other party's catapults enter their attack range, they must destroy the walls before they can be attacked! " "The rest of the soldiers stay put and don't use their heavy crossbows. The archers would prioritize attacking the archers while the rest are responsible for stopping the soldiers from climbing up the wall!" After a series of orders were given, the soldiers on top of the city walls immediately moved. The advantage of being in high position caused Bai Xiaofei's side to be able to crush their opponents at their range forever. This was also why besieging a city was not easy. Of course, you have to be accurate, otherwise it would just be a waste of arrows... However, it turned out that Bai Xiaofei's soldiers were very reliable! The devil was a foot tall, to the point of being ten feet tall. The attackers won a small battle close to the city wall. Soon, Bai Xiaofei was forced back from the wall! Rows after rows of ladders were placed on the city walls. The soldiers who were attacking the city began climbing upwards as if they were not afraid of death. However, the truth was that even if they weren't afraid of death, they would still die … Bai Xiaofei did not permit him to use fire to attack now. As a result, the way the soldiers had died so far was a mess of flesh and blood. However, there were a few lucky survivors among the five carriages. Moreover, they threw two stones to the ground. Although they didn't destroy Bai Xiaofei's defensive equipment, they still managed to smash several people to death. However, with Bai Xiaofei's attention focused on them, none of the catapults managed to get a second chance to attack. The seemingly dangerous fourth wave still continued for two hours before it was completely annihilated by the city walls. By now, more than half of the day had already passed! One or two o'clock in the afternoon was the hottest time of the day. It was also the time when people were most agitated. Therefore, the people attacking the city wisely chose not to attack at this critical moment. After all, their morale was low. With four consecutive waves of attacks, it would be strange if their morale would be high if they didn't even get a chance to touch the city gates. Therefore, after the fourth wave, Bai Xiaofei and his several hundred soldiers received a long period of rest. However, the fourth wave of attack also let Bai Xiaofei understand one thing. It was also the reason why the other side had sent him to his death! They were probing! By probing all the defensive capabilities of the city and at the same time trying to figure out how to attack effectively, the fourth wave of organizations had already allowed them to find a way to restrain the defensive equipment of the city. If they weren't mistaken, their next goal should be to study how to climb the wall! Bai Xiaofei did not know what new tricks the opponent would use. All he could do was to rest well and prepare for battle at any time! The time he was waiting for always passed by very slowly. Although it wasn't as if he was spending every day like a year, it wasn't too excessive to describe it with the word 'torment'. Gradually, Bai Xiaofei could already see the soldiers chatting and having fun. Compared to their initial tense state, such ease was not a good thing for their combat ability. However, Bai Xiaofei was unable to stop them, because if their mental strength had been high all this time, there would be no meaning to it. The result would be even worse. However, Bai Xiaofei did not expect that the wait lasted until the sun went down and the sky darkened! "Light the fire!" "Light up the entire city wall!" Smelling a dangerous scent, Bai Xiaofei reacted immediately. One by one, huge torches were set up. At the same time, the group of people watching Bai Xiaofei's reaction sighed in unison. Actually, what Bai Xiaofei did was right. However, what Bai Xiaofei did in this stage would lose its meaning as a welfare barrier! It was even possible for him to be defeated on the verge of success! After carefully analyzing the conditions for passing the trial, one could say that the standard for determining whether a city was broken or not was the commoners themselves. As long as you could guarantee that more than half of the commoners would survive, then you would not fail! As for the word "welfare", it was located in the first four waves of attack. Each time, there would be close to ten thousand people in total, making the total strength of the four waves close to one hundred and thirty thousand! As long as he could get to the next stage, there was no loss! The people on the leaderboards decided to find a way to hide the civilians before the fifth wave arrived. They would then lead their men to abandon the city walls, defend the entrances, and hold on until the night was over. Even Sima Ye was no exception. The reason why they chose this was not because they did not want to use normal methods to win, but because the fifth wave of attacks was too damn BUG! This kind of attack was not something that could be dealt with with with with the accumulation of the first three stages! To use four words to describe it, it was a crushing defeat! Yes, this was what Bai Xiaofei saw now! Just now, Bai Xiaofei felt that something was wrong. When he looked into the distance, the night sky blocked everything. As a result, Bai Xiaofei ordered a rocket to be fired … And then he saw the soldiers that were so many that it made his scalp tingle! After the rocket shot out, they gave up on stealth and rushed over using the same method as the fourth wave. However, the density was much higher this time! Moreover, the catapult had already included the city walls in its attack range. Adding on to the terrifying number of twenty on each side, the first wave of boulders came crashing down towards the city wall with an apocalyptic momentum! "Stick close to the wall!" Those were the only words that Bai Xiaofei was able to shout out in time... [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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