"Senior, I don't think this Zhen Qi you're talking about has anything to do with me!" Suppressing the shock within his heart, Bai Xiaofei made his final resistance. However, the facts proved that this resistance was unnecessary. Sima Ye knew exactly what had happened! "I saw the video you showed in the principal's office when you were dealing with Zhai Jiang. I was also there yesterday when the video was broadcast. Do you want me to explain the subtle connection between the two?" As Sima Ye spoke, his face revealed a trace of a proud smile, and Bai Xiaofei went silent. Bai Xiaofei was almost certain that Sima Ye had grasped onto the crux of the problem. However, he was not willing to give up, so he did not resign himself to fate. "It seems that you don't plan on resigned yourself to your fate. Forget it, there's only the two of us here anyway, so it's fine to say it." Sima Ye immediately understood Bai Xiaofei's thoughts. He paused for a second before continuing. "In the incident at Zhai Jiang, you tricked Zhai Hang into telling you the stupid things you did, but you concealed two of the names. They were the two female students who were still in Star Gauze but were spoiled by Zhai Hang." "At first, I thought you simply wanted to protect the reputation of those two girls, but then I realised that something was wrong. If that's really the case, then you shouldn't ask them for their names." "This question troubled me for a long time because I had been sending people to pay attention to you. However, you have never come into contact with any girl from the Beast Fist. However, after watching that video on the list, I finally know what you are going to do!" He had always thought that no one would pay attention to this detail. After all, the main issue at that time was the Zhai father and son duo, but now, not only was there someone paying attention to it, it was even treated as a weakness in their hands! Bai Xiaofei's thoughts naturally did not affect Sima Ye's narration. He was like a victor counting his own items; Sima Ye could not stop. "Not only do you want to protect the reputation of those two students, you also want to help that student who is about to drop out of school at any time without her noticing or feeling sad about the money." "So, you let Hu Xian'er, who has a deep relationship with you, choose to team up with her, because you know, with Hu Xian'er's popularity, she will definitely be able to rush out of the first round with her. That way, she will receive the prize you set for her, and you can even organize people to help her pass the second round!" "I have to admit, you are a good person, and a meticulously thought out one. If it was me, I definitely wouldn't spend so much effort to design a series of events to help a worthless person, not to mention that no one would know about it." In the end, Sima Ye made a simple comment. It was sincere, but it made Bai Xiaofei quite unhappy. "Fuck you, you are the good one, your entire family is the good one!" Even if what you said is true and it has nothing to do with me, I will f * ck off. Don't f * cking come in the middle of the night and affect my mood! " Bai Xiaofei's outburst of roars caused Sima Ye to fall into a dazed state … He felt that a smart person should be intelligent, gentle and cultured, but Bai Xiaofei, who was like a ferocious beast about to bite, had completely overturned his view of things. It had to be said that Bai Xiaofei's way of handling this situation was very effective. He was very suitable to deal with a smart and disciplined person like Sima Ye, but he could not continue to scare him! "I will definitely spread the news of Zhen Qi as fast as I can. At that time, her existence will become a stain on this competition. What kind of stupid thing do you think she will do?" With that, Bai Xiaofei, who was just one step away from the room, stopped in his tracks. When he turned around, his face had a murderous expression, and his eyes were wide open as if he was about to spit fire at any moment. "If you do this, you will be punished!" His tightly clenched fists and his grinding teeth all showed Bai Xiaofei's state of mind right now. If possible, he wanted to kill the person in front of him who he called a 'scum'. Being heartless for money was very hateful, but being heartless for thought was not only hateful, but also terrifying! "Compared to retribution, I'm more afraid of not being able to improve!" Smiling lightly, Sima Ye was not annoyed by Bai Xiaofei's words. Instead, he felt slightly more pleased with himself. He really enjoyed Bai Xiaofei's helpless state! Good was also one of the weaknesses of human nature! It was just that not everyone would take advantage of this weakness for no other reason. Doing so would only harm the heavens and the earth! But Sima Ye did not seem to have that burden at all! "What are you trying to do!?" Finally, after a long round, Bai Xiaofei returned to the question he did not want to ask. "Very simple. I want you to participate in the command ranking test, rush to the top ten, and then challenge me! Regardless of whether you win or lose, as long as you stand in front of me, I will guarantee that this matter will be ruined in my stomach! " As if he had already expected this, Sima Ye's words were well-prepared. "You spent so much effort observing me just to let me compete with you?" With an expression of disbelief, Bai Xiaofei asked in a low voice. Sima Ye's actions were completely incomprehensible to him, but Sima Ye himself was willing to accept it. "You don't know how lonely Invincibility is. In the current Stargaze, there is no one who is my match anymore." Sima Ye's words made Bai Xiaofei want to scold him. F * ck, isn't that just the command ranking? What's there to be proud about? If you were ranked first on the combat strength ranking, I might still be afraid of you! Bai Xiaofei seemed to have forgotten the fact that he was being coerced. "Okay, I promise you, but can you wait for a while? As long as the things on the list are done, I will immediately go to the leaderboard." No matter how he looked at it, it didn't seem like he was lying. "Impossible, I won't give you a chance. The matter with Zhen Qi is actually very easy to solve. Either you come with me right now, or I will announce this matter right now. There is no third option." Sima Ye's attitude was firm. From his analysis of what Bai Xiaofei had done, he could not believe a single word of what Bai Xiaofei had said! "Go now?!" It's night now! " Bai Xiaofei felt that Sima Ye had become a little crazy. Not to mention that he had to rehearse the people on the list tonight, even he, Bai Xiaofei, was not that diligent! "The sun has just set, and the ranking list has been opened all day. Rushing to the top ten is more than enough for you!" Sima Ye calmly said, showing no intention of giving Bai Xiaofei a chance to live. Damn it, this is telling me to stay up late! Moreover, where the hell did you get your confidence from? "What if I can't make it into the top ten..." Bai Xiaofei asked weakly, but what followed was a resolute look in his eyes. "I will also announce it!" F * ck you! I won't destroy you, you don't know how many eyes you f * cking don't have! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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