Bai Xiaofei had expected the video to have a good reaction, but he had not expected it to have such a loud echo! After holding it in for an entire night, Bai Xiaofei finally came up with a solution. When this idea was revealed to Chu Qingtian, the dignified Vice-Principal of Starbind Finance nearly kneeled down in front of him! He had no choice but to accept it! Chu Qingtian couldn't wait to pry open Bai Xiaofei's skull and see what exactly was inside. If possible, he even wanted to dig it out and place it inside his own head! Upon receiving Chu Qingtian's approval, Bai Xiaofei immediately got into action. The footage of the first match was quickly recorded into his eyeball. Following that, Bai Xiaofei opened up ten recording points. Anyone who wanted to watch the video could spend money to burn them. The cost would be lower than the admission ticket, but the effect would definitely not be as good as watching a hundred photographic eyes. However, this didn't affect the enthusiasm of the people who were interested in the competition. The ten burn spots were busy from morning until night. The people responsible for recording the matches changed again and again, or else they wouldn't be able to hold on at all … … Finally, at night, when they closed up, a terrifying number was filled up in Bai Xiaofei's amethyst card! Ten purple coins were recorded, Bai Xiaofei received a total of over a million purple coins! In other words, the current Xing Luo guests numbered at least 90,000! Over 90,000 people, what kind of concept was that? Moreover, the number of new guests today was not much less than the previous day. Helpless, Xing Luo had no choice but to build a batch of new sample rooms outside the academy's entrance, and then ruthlessly made a profit … All in all, the Star Gauze had now become a gold attracting magnet, and one that had unlimited magnetism! Besides the bulging pockets of Bai Xiaofei and Xingluo, the merchants of Xingluo had also welcomed spring with such terrifying momentum. It could be said that the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion had put on a show of reviving from the dead! The Thousand Fragrance Tower's popularity, which had obtained the right to play video, soared overnight. Everyone noticed that Thousand Fragrance Tower didn't have a good position, and this was also the first time since the establishment of the Starbind Thousand Fragrance Tower that its popularity surpassed the Hundred Spaces Restaurant! The Thousand Layers Tower almost cried because of this! It could be said that he did not waste his efforts to endure Lu Ling's brutal slaughter! At the same time, good news came from Tongtian Merchant Guild. After the video spread, everyone had a rough understanding of the participants. Then, the gamblers went online! In just a single day, the Tong Tian Merchant Guild had obtained the gambling stakes they hadn't been able to earn in the past two months! According to this speed, after the selection process was completed, Zhuang Ming and the other two would definitely fill the gap with Bai Xiaofei! Similarly, Bai Xiaofei's three investors were able to gain popularity. Tens of trillions of dollars in investments were rewarded on the very first day. In the middle, Hu Xian'er and the other two investors were able to win over the new products from the three families! The people from the Daoyan Chamber of Commerce had already contacted people on how to buy the Beauty Nurturing Pills and the Voice Changing Pills, and the new dishes from the Thousand Layers Tower were ordered by people on the same night. The Phoenix Cry Pavilion had even attracted the attention of a wave of beauties, and many people were already itching to become one of them to attract the attention of others! All in all, everything was progressing in a good direction. Bai Xiaofei's arrangements were well organized and did not disappoint any of the participants. However, just when Bai Xiaofei was relieved and thought that he could take a rest, trouble came knocking! Furthermore, Bai Xiaofei had never seen the person who sought trouble! Top of the command list, Sima Ye! As mentioned earlier, no one who could be listed on the command list was easy to deal with. In fact, most of them had already been declared as a necessity by the major empires or organizations! From the day they entered the command list, it was destined that they would never be ordinary! Using the phrase passed down among the students, they were a bunch of freaks who would shine in the future! A freak with an abnormal IQ! In other words, he was as smart as a demon! (Hopefully, it wouldn't anger a certain great god …) ) That being said, Sima Ye, who came to find Bai Xiaofei, was the Demon King on the command list! As for how he managed to provoke this demonic lord, Bai Xiaofei was unable to come up with a solution even after breaking his own brain. "Bai Xiaofei, I've heard a lot about you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sima Ye, and I'm a fourth year student of the Human God Realm. I'm currently ranked number 1 on the command list." Sima Ye's attitude was friendly, but Bai Xiaofei was not interested in this kind of person who said he was awesome. Bai Xiaofei liked to act undercover. He was not in the same pit as someone who was overbearing... "I'm sorry, but I've never paid attention to the commanding list, so I've never heard of your name." If you are unhappy, you will never get on with it. Bai Xiaofei emphasized the word "big name" purposefully, making the meaning of his mockery obvious. "It doesn't matter. You'll know from now on." Sima Ye was not affected by Bai Xiaofei's mockery at all. His tone was calm, as if he had completely ignored Bai Xiaofei's words. Not simple! Just from this reaction alone, Bai Xiaofei had already labeled Sima Ye as someone difficult to deal with. "It's my honor, but how did you find me, senior?" Bai Xiaofei no longer ridiculed him meaninglessly. Instead, he changed the strategy to sound out Sima Ye's words. "You really underestimate your reputation. There's no need to look for you, your whereabouts have practically become the focus of the entire Starnet City. I just need to ask a simple question." Although Sima Ye's voice was calm, Bai Xiaofei could see the flaw in his eyes! Jealousy, envy, hate! So this was the reason! Smiling faintly, Bai Xiaofei gradually came to a realization. Since he was here to cause trouble, he might as well use the method of dealing with the troublemakers! "Oh? Am I that dangerous now? "Wouldn't it be terrible if there was someone with ill intentions eyeing me..." A wry smile hung on Bai Xiaofei's face, the words "malicious intentions" stabbed right into Sima Ye's heart. The muscles on his face twitched slightly, and Sima Ye held it in once again. At this time, whoever wasn't calm first would lose! "I came to find you for no other reason than to spar with you!" Realizing that he had lost his advantage, Sima Ye immediately changed the direction of his speech. He was ready to get down to business! I'm very busy, senior. I don't have the mood to spar with anyone right now, but of course, if you have a lot of time, then you can wait. Bai Xiaofei did not ask what the sparring was like like as he directly refused. It was best not to come into contact with such people. It was not wise to waste energy for no reason at all. However, Sima Ye seemed to have expected Bai Xiaofei to reject him. He was not only not surprised, he even revealed a calm smile. "I guess you don't want others to know about Zhen Qi!" As soon as Sima Ye finished his sentence, Bai Xiaofei, who had held the upper hand a second ago, instantly changed his expression. Although he kept his words, this reaction was sufficient for Sima Ye. In the end, it was you who wasn't calm! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] It was already the sixth fragment of the night. There was only a single chapter left to choose from. This chapter was the final hint!
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