No one had expected that this time, the opening of Xing Luo to the public would bring about such great benefits! The daily turnover of Stargaze's merchants had also doubled. The lowest was one to two times, while the most was six to seven times! The restaurants and hotels were the ones that made the most money! The hotel's price had risen several times, but it was still full! After obtaining the information provided by Bai Xiaofei, the hundreds of bets that had been calculated that night had been taken out. Although they had not officially begun, it had already attracted a large crowd of people who came to investigate. As long as tonight's broadcast ended, this wave of people would directly become a large profit! However, in the entire Stargaze, what he earned the most was not some merchant, but the demon of illusion! Under Bai Xiaofei's suggestion, 80% of the renovated Phantom Demon areas were converted into hotels! And the hotel of the Phantom Demon was the highest priced hotel in the entire galaxy! Not only because there was nowhere to live, but also because of the advertisement that Bai Xiaofei had posted! All the competitors will be stationed in the Phantom Demon during the competition. If you come here to stay, you will have a chance to see them at any time! This was a fatal temptation to the guests who came for the Hundred Blossom List. Although it was just a stunt by Bai Xiaofei, all the guest rooms were separated from the people on the list … Other than the hotel, the Phantom Demon had also temporarily opened an oversized kitchen for all guests! The chefs inside had all been transferred from the Thousand Fragrance Tower's headquarters. This was one of the conditions that Lu Lingyun and the Thousand Layers Tower had agreed upon! The Thousand Fragrance Pavilion had obtained a chance to advertise themselves, and the Illusory Demons were able to make a huge profit. It was a beautiful agreement! Initially, the Thousand Layers Tower wanted to share a portion of the spoils, but they were firmly rejected by Lu Lingyun! What a joke, you don't have the qualifications to negotiate at all! In that negotiation, the Thousand Heavy Tower was like a monkey with its neck tied up. He would jump however Lu Lingyun told him to! Finally, there was Chu Qingtian who could not hold back his laughter. That temporary model house had once again become a tool to amass wealth. In addition to the investment and various benefits, this period of time was enough for Xing Luo to earn money that he would not be able to earn in the past few years! And this achievement would be remembered by him, Chu Qingtian! How could he not be happy? If he could, he wished he could hug Bai Xiaofei and make love to him! Everything he had said was just the beginning! After a night of processing by the production team, all the videos taken during the day at the venue were compressed into a three-hour video! The next day, after the advertisement for the whole morning, in the afternoon, Bai Xiaofei organized people to sell tickets! There were three viewing platforms: Fragrant Sky Tower, Hundred Flowers Pavilion, and the Phantom Demon! "The 10 great coaches of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion have all shown off their skills. 500 stars have formed a team!" The 101th team will be competing on the stage, so get to know your goddess in advance! " These words were shouted out over and over again at the various ticket locations. The first wave of the five thousand tickets were all sold out in less than three hours! Amongst them, the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion had a capacity of two hundred people, the Hundred Flowers Pavilion had a capacity of six hundred people, the remaining four thousand two hundred people would become the guests of the Illusory Demons! The staff from the three locations were all nervously preparing. The reception that night was a challenge to them wherever it went, a challenge that was accompanied by a terrifying amount of benefits! All in all, this Heavenly Star Luo was passed out in a state of restlessness. Basically, no one could remain calm, be it the guests or Xing Luo's student teachers! In this state of restlessness, night fell! The person who bought the ticket had already arrived at their viewing spot. The ticket in their hands could even be exchanged for a Hundred Blossom Mirror after the broadcast! The people outside didn't know what the Hundred Blossom Appraisal was at first, but after the student's explanation, they were all overjoyed. This was equivalent to giving away free money! "I believe everyone can't wait, but there are still two minutes left. I hope everyone can be more patient. Trust me, what you have seen tonight will not let you down!" On the Demon side, Bai Xiaofei personally acted as the host for the first round. Before we begin, I would like to express my gratitude to our three sponsors. All of the decorations you see here are funded by the Dao Yan Chamber, and the free snacks in front of you are all provided by our Thousand Fragrance Pavilion's friendship. The Cry Phoenix Pavilion has even made an indelible contribution to our performance. After the advertisement ended, Bai Xiaofei cleared his throat. "Then, hold your breath and wait!" With that, all the lights in the stadium were extinguished. After a silence of two seconds, the gigantic screen was projected with a scene that was being played by a full one hundred eyeballs. The expertise of the professional team was displayed on the screen at the very moment. One by one, images flashed by and the alluring looks on their faces instantly attracted everyone's attention! Currently, each of the top hundred ranked members of the Hundred Flowers List had a brief introduction that lasted about three seconds, which was memorized by many of the people below. This was especially true for Hu Xian'er and the rest, who were standing in front of the screen. Many of the audience members had even come because of the fox form transformation puppet master symbol! The fox form could be described as something that only occurred once every hundred years! Gradually, as the video played, more and more people were remembered by the audience. When they saw the performance of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion's instructor, even more applause could be heard. At the same time, everyone had a hint of expectation. They were looking forward to the effects of the performance by the contestants! Then, they saw the subgroups. During the process of subgroups, the audience's hearts were hanging by a thread. Everyone wanted to see their favorite people become a group, but not everyone got what they wanted. At the end of the video, there was a test by the coaches for the 101 teams. Although most of the performances were rather awkward, the audience was able to show a great amount of tolerance. Among the five thousand people, there were no more than two digits of complaints! When the video ended, everyone felt like they hadn't had enough. They all wanted to rush to the scene and see how they were rehearsing. Bai Xiaofei naturally noticed this reaction, and a new idea formed in his mind! However, this could only come later …. What he wanted to say now was the commotion that would be caused by the broadcast of the video! Under the promotions of these five thousand people, the content of the video was described in an extremely mysterious manner. Those who did not see it were scratching their heads like a kitten that had settled into their hearts. All sorts of calls for Star Gauze to be released immediately went to Chu Qingtian. As a result, the overjoyed Fatty found Bai Xiaofei once again. The opportunity to earn money was right in front of him. Whether he earned it or not, all of these were his words! Bai Xiaofei's reaction was straightforward enough! He definitely had to earn money, but it definitely couldn't affect the next round! Therefore, it was time to think of another devious idea! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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