After Bai Xiaofei finished his words, the whole venue immediately moved. Most people had chosen to fight for at least one teammate, as it would give them a sense of security. This was one of their normal reactions when faced with a difficult situation. However, there were some in the team, and Bai Xiaofei knew most of them! Chu Liuyun, Lin Li, Xue Ying, Yan Su Qian, Qin Lingyan, as well as two of the original Hundred Blossom List members that Bai Xiaofei could not name. Among them, to everyone's surprise, Hu Xian'er did not choose to perform alone. Instead, she found a senior ranked in the 480th rank, Beast Fist! Not only was the others unable to understand, even the senior sister who was invited was slightly surprised. However, in the end, it was a happy ending. That senior accepted Hu Xian'er's invitation and even said that she would definitely not let Hu Xian'er down! That kind of feeling, it was like that Hu Xian'er was the senior sister … … "Congratulations to all of you for finding your partners who will be fighting together for the next month. The rest of the time will be given to the teachers. They will be testing you and giving you some suggestions for rehearsal." After saying that, Bai Xiaofei left. As the leader of the teachers' team, Yingjing began to motivate them with her words. Compared to Bai Xiaofei, she was more professional and serious. Women can never be too friendly with women! Even if there was no competition between them! Bai Xiaofei left the venue after his successful exit. The mission on this side had ended. There were still important matters waiting for him outside! As mentioned before, as long as the rehearsal starts, Bai Xiaofei will not be idle! That was the truth! When Bai Xiaofei announced the start of the rehearsal, Starnet's opening ceremony also began! Bai Xiaofei, who had just left the venue, was also witnessing what it meant to be crazy. The surge of people was like the people who came in to snatch money. They were all so excited that Bai Xiaofei could not think of a proper way to describe them. However, it was still possible to compare Bai Xiaofei with suitable animals. Crazy dog... Un, it is a mad dog. Furthermore, it is a hungry mad dog that has seen the bones! As there were too many people, Xing Luo had no choice but to close the class. Under the efforts of Bai Xiaofei, the task of receiving these guests fell to the Newcomer Mutual Assistance Community and not the Student Union. For this matter, the president of the student union even made his way into the principal's office, but it was of no use. Bai Xiaofei directly said that if he did not give this task to the freshmen community, he would not play! What was there to fight for? There was no point in fighting at all! And the reason why the student union members were so excited was not without reason. The reception time for guests was truly too generous! Most of those who came to Xing Luo were here to get a glimpse of Xing Luo, and at this time, they needed a guide. Students were naturally the best choice, and for this, they had to pay a certain price. Plus, with how big Xing Luo is, he definitely won't let you read it all in one day! So, once you find a guide, it will continue to suck at your wallet for the next few days like a leech attached to your body! Not only that, when you want to eat, you have to choose a restaurant. If you want to buy something, you have to choose a store. Eighty percent of people would believe it. This was human nature. So, the kickback would come … I brought some people to your shop to buy some stuff. You should be able to give me some benefits, right? All in all, Bai Xiaofei was equivalent to snatching a piece of fragrant and sweet cake for the New Mutual Assistance Community, and he would not be eaten by others! It was because of this that Bai Xiaofei's image became even bigger! With absolute authority, no one could shake Bai Xiaofei's position in the freshmen community! "Brother Fei!" When they saw Bai Xiao Fei flying over, Shi Kui, Mo Ka, Xing Nan, and Da Ming, who were coordinating staff at the entrance, immediately came over. They hadn't seen Bai Xiao Fei in a long time, it was impossible for them not to be excited. As for the other freshmen from the Mutual Assistance Community, they actually wanted to come over, but that was just to think about it. The higher a person's status was, the further away they would be from the lower level people. The difference in status would bring about a sense of respect, something that could never be avoided. "The situation is still fine." Bai Xiaofei asked softly with a trace of satisfaction on his face. "This is far more than good. It's been so long, many people have already earned over 100 purple crystal coins!" There was a trace of excitement and envy on his face. Before they came over, Bai Xiaofei had told them that they were only here to coordinate. No matter how much money they earned, if they dared to charge a single point, then their brother wouldn't be able to do it. Having said that, how could any of them dare to be rash? They didn't even dare to eat the ice popsicles bought by the students! "I'll treat you guys to a big meal when the door closes tonight!" As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the excitement on their faces grew even more. However, the difference from before was that they were not so excited because they could beat Bai Xiaofei to death, but because they could talk nonsense together with a bunch of people... Ever since they split up, there was very little time left for the Barbarian Class to reunite. "Will Sister Xue come!?" We haven't met for a long time! " Shi Kui asked with a face full of anticipation, but Bai Xiaofei shook his head helplessly. "Not to mention Sister Xue, even Lin Li wouldn't be able to come. The teachers of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion told me that they shouldn't even think about leaving the Phantom Demon's side for a month." "So busy?!" Xing Nan's face was filled with disbelief, her expression as exaggerated as ever. "It's only right to be a little busy, otherwise what kind of person would shock the entire continent with this!" With a smile, Bai Xiaofei spoke with anticipation. He had not expected this event, but it was beyond his expectations. However, they were all heading in a good direction! "Alright, we still have time in the future." There was a trace of disappointment in his tone as Shi Kui weakly said. "Hey, hey, hey. Student Shi Kui, your expression is very dangerous. Sister Xue is Brother Fei's dish!" You must be tired of living! " Moka, who only feared that the world would be in chaos, suddenly caught Shi Kui by surprise. "Moka said so." "Yes!" "Shi Kui, you." "It's very dangerous now!" Da Ming Xiao Ming's blade was just right. The way the two brothers talked was very suitable for doing this. A knife to the heart! "No, no, no, no! Brother Fei, I definitely didn't mean that! If I had that kind of intention, I would have been struck by lightning from the heavens! " The moment Shi Kui finished speaking, an explosion suddenly sounded out in the cloudless sky! F * ck, what the hell was this!? Heavens, I, Shi Kui, usually do quite a bit of good things! Is there a need to scam me like this! Seeing Shi Kui's face that looked like it had eaten a bitter gourd, the group of people instantly burst out into laughter. That feeling was no different than when they were in the savage class. There are some things that time and space cannot erase! Author's Note: The question is, why would Hu Xian'er choose a senior who has never been mentioned before? This is a hole dug earlier. If someone found out the reason before I did, I'll add another one! It's time to test if you're a real fan! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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