After a few days of intense preparation, the first round of the Hundred Blossom List selection officially began. An actor with the ability of a sub-captain had been transferred from the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. According to Bai Xiaofei's request, each of them had their own specialty. In the huge hall created by the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei stood alone on the stage. Below him, the five hundred beautiful women who were about to participate in the competition only occupied a small portion of the seats in front. It was said that a single female student could match up to five hundred ducks, but ever since Bai Xiaofei ascended the stage, the entire venue was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard! "I'm very happy to be able to meet all the beautiful female seniors and classmates. I don't think there's a need for you to introduce me. Of course, if you really don't know me, then you can leave." As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he revealed a very angry expression. Just a small joke made quite a few of the ladies unable to hold back their laughter. "Look, that's right. Why do you see my stiff faces? I don't eat people, don't you know that when you smile, it's better to look at it?" Bai Xiaofei was not a serious person, so he could not keep a straight face to intimidate others. Moreover, he hoped this activity would be a happy one. To put it bluntly, he was playing with these five hundred ladies! Bai Xiaofei's two consecutive moves successfully eased the ice-cold atmosphere in the room. The previously nervous beauties broke into smiles one after another. The sight of hundreds of flowers blooming at the same time made even Bai Xiaofei, the veteran who had been in the battlefields for a long time, shudder. I can't control myself, how could anyone else stand this! This time, he might earn more than he expected! It seemed like the price of the tickets would increase! Bai Xiaofei definitely had the potential to be a scoundrel. With his terrifying sense of business sense and his unfathomable degree of maliciousness, it was practically a game to squeeze out the hard work of others … "Alright, let's cut the crap. Next, I will tell everyone the detailed rules of the first round." With that said, all five hundred of the girls tensed up. Even the powerful Immortal Fox was no exception! She remembered clearly what Bai Xiaofei had told her before. No one was allowed to snatch away the first place! "First of all, welcome to the ten teachers of Phoenix Cry Pavilion on stage!" With that, Bai Xiaofei immediately turned to the side, followed by ten little older sisters with the face of angels and the body of devils. Just from the way they walked on the stage and the smiles on their faces, one could tell that they were different from the group of girls below. Confident, positive, and full of energy! Such a strong temperament conquered all the beauties below. Without Bai Xiaofei's reminder, five hundred of them had already started clapping. In mid-air, at least fifty cameras recorded every frame of the venue. And the people controlling Mirror Eyeballs were people that Bai Xiaofei had called over from their headquarters, Zhuang Ming and company. They were very professional and very reliable! The ten teachers introduced themselves, most of them talking about their own areas of expertise. The Voice of Hundred Spirits was as its name implied. Her voice was one of the highest in the entire Sonic Phoenix Pavilion. The Zither Demoness Jin Xi was proficient in all sorts of musical instruments. Amongst them, the zither was the most proficient. The Heaven Flying Immortal duo, Zuo Luan and Ding Feng, were not twin dancers. They were known as the most elegant pair of fairies in the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. The unbelievable Lin Xuanyi was the one with the most wacky ideas in all of Phoenix Cry Pavilion. You never knew what kind of performance she would come up with, but every time she appeared on stage, people would praise her endlessly. The restless mind of Shang Qiu'er. Zuo Luan and Ding Feng were quiet; even if she moved, she was adept at dancing. However, once Shang Qiu'er went on stage, a man's adrenaline would skyrocket! The Spirit Fox Baili Hong was a special genius proficient in combining puppet techniques with dancing. Some people said that she found a perfect balance between ethereal and enticing, and that no matter more, she wouldn't be able to become a Spirit Fox. The captain of the Thousand Hands Teams was blue, and she was an expert at arranging all sorts of performances for teams. Although there weren't many brilliant performances, she was still a pillar that was necessary for the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. Both she and Jin Jing were good at acting, but her acting never matched up with others, and she never made any sounds. The people who watched her play never disturbed her, but when her performances ended, the applause never missed! The talented girl, Imprint Jing, was currently working on 70% of all the performances in the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. Moreover, she was a very rare actress and the current Guild Leader had already announced that she would be one of the next vice presidents! After introducing themselves, the ten teachers each performed for a bit. After the performance ended, the five hundred people below the stage were completely dumbfounded. Before the official start of the first round, they had thought that the first round might not be that simple, but they had never expected it to be this difficult! Many of them had even started to retreat. Rather than being thwarted during their performances, it was wiser for them to leave now. However, at this moment, Bai Xiaofei walked up once again. Bai Xiaofei had not been idle during the performance earlier. He had witnessed everyone's reaction, so he felt that it was necessary for him to be onstage now! "It's very hard to say. I even saw some of you retreat, but I can understand it, but I won't accept it!" Bai Xiaofei's calm voice resounded throughout the entire venue. Many beauties lowered their heads, and there were even some who were ranked on the Hundred Blossom List. "In the next month, the ten teachers will teach you all, and all you have to do is to be like a sponge and absorb knowledge from the teachers to strengthen yourselves. I have already contacted the school, so you don't need to attend class for this month, instead focus all your energy on studying and rehearsing." "What I believe is that as long as you are willing to risk your life in this month, you will definitely make yourself look at them in a new light!" "If someone asks me to leave, I won't stop them. But now, I hope that you all will give yourself a chance. A chance to go all out. A chance to challenge yourself!" With that, everyone in the audience was stunned. Those who had lowered their heads a moment ago had a look of confusion on their faces. After a long silence, everyone turned to look at Bai Xiaofei, who smiled. That was because he saw five hundred determined gazes! "Alright, let's stop with the nonsense. It seems like no one has any more questions. Let's move on to the next topic." Bai Xiaofei paused as he spoke, his expression turning serious. "Form your own team!" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Thank you for supporting me with your monthly tickets! I'm three tickets short. I'll wait until eleven. If I'm not there, I'll wait until tomorrow. Finally, following Xiao Jiu's suggestion, it was to publicize the book group: 711291617. As long as you like this book, you can come in and talk about the plot! I'm very active!
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