Ask, how fast does explosive news spread? Answer, as fast as you can! Bai Xiaofei had just made his move at noon in the Steel Body. Before class even started in the afternoon, the incident had already engulfed the entire Stargaze Academy like a typhoon! Even what Bai Xiaofei said to the freshmen was perfectly imitated! Bai Xiaofei had even become the savior of justice for the freshmen after countless of people had unintentionally "reorganized" him! The freshmen, who were originally divided up among the various departments, instantly felt that they had found their backers! During the whole afternoon, all the pent-up emotions erupted in all of Xing Luo's various systems like a volcano. Some succeeded, some were educated. After successfully becoming the role model for the new students, the story quickly spread. Those who were educated found organizations and brought more people with them to launch a counterattack. The freshmen had no other advantage, but they had more people! It was enough to let you know that two fists were unable to match four hands, eight hands, and sixteen hands! Throughout the entire process, Bai Xiaofei had not shown his face once. However, after this incident, his position as the leader of the Freshmen Mutual Assistance Community had become an exclusive throne that no one could replace! Sometimes, standing up only required mental support! Bai Xiaofei was now the mental support of all the freshmen. As long as he was not beaten down, this support would last for one day! But in Stargaze, there was probably no one who could defeat Bai Xiaofei... Bai Xiaofei, who couldn't beat Bai Xiaofei, would not go after him. If he messed with Bai Xiaofei, he would do anything to kill him. Bai Xiaofei was now a radish with well-developed roots, if you wanted to pull him up, you must have the strength to fight against the earth that was connected to him! He did not know if there would be such a person in Xing Luo in the future, but he was sure there wouldn't be one right now! Putting aside the relationships he had with the bosses, just the students who were related to Bai Xiaofei was enough for everyone to think carefully before taking action! After returning to the Zongshi realm pinnacle, Hu Xian'er used an incomparable amount of strength to subdue the entire Beast Fist, to the point that even the newly appointed department dean had to give her three points! Lin Li had become an existence of the gods of the human world. The dean of the department had even directly said that if anyone dared to make Lin Li uncomfortable, there was no need to stay in the gods of the human world anymore! Fang Ye was originally the type to not reveal his abilities, but a few hours ago, he had directly risen to the top of the wealth list with the wealth of 5 trillion purple coins. The last one to be deliberately protected was Wang Hang. His Assassin's Illusory Puppet directly made him a seeded contestant, and the fact that one person killed a whole scene in the Freshman Competition gave him countless points. At the very least, no one was willing to provoke him when he was on the Concealment Edge, and all the teachers were biased towards him. They wished that they could nurture him into an existence that could shine in the Interdepartmental Tournament! As for the other members of the Barbarian Class, they had their own experiences. Mo Ka, Da Ming, Xiao Ming, and even their lives weren't very good. However, that was all history! After the freshman community of mutual assistance was awakened, everyone in the Barbarian Class had been pushed to the front, becoming spiritual leaders! All in all, Xing Luo had become a new heaven, and this evolution only took an afternoon! When Bai Xiaofei returned to the Demon of Illusions, everyone looked at him as if he was a ghost. "You went out today to do this?" Staring intently at Bai Xiaofei, Chu Liuyun could not help but swallow his saliva. She had thought that this was just a normal moment of relaxation for Bai Xiaofei. She hadn't thought that it would cause such a huge commotion! Bai Xiaofei, on the other hand, had a stupefied expression on his face. Although the news was very lively outside, Bai Xiaofei knew nothing about it. He had spent the entire afternoon sparring with Wu Chi to familiarize himself with his puppet! "Sister Liu Yun … "You mean?" Bai Xiaofei thought that he had caused some trouble as he asked weakly. "You don't know?" Yun Sheng followed with a look of disbelief. "I... What should I know? " His confused state deepened as Bai Xiaofei innocently blinked his eyes. At the same time, he began to search his mind for what he should do and even implicated the Phantom Demon! However, Yun Sheng's machine gun did not make Bai Xiaofei think anymore. In just a minute, he had told him everything. Luckily, Bai Xiaofei's brain worked fast enough, or else he might not be able to understand what Yun Sheng was talking about. "This is a good thing!" Bai Xiaofei smiled happily as he revealed an expression of enlightenment. Who wouldn't want to become more famous! "It's indeed a good thing to hear it now, but have you thought about it in the future?" As he spoke coldly, Chu Liuyun was already prepared to pour cold water over them. "In the future?" "What do you mean?" Bai Xiaofei asked softly with a puzzled look on his face. "How many freshmen are there before the transfer? How many freshmen are there now? And how many were there in the second grade? Have you not noticed that the number of students in each batch decreases with each passing year? " "The reason why you're standing stably is because the majority of the freshmen are strong enough. However, once the first year passes, your advantage of being in the Newcomer Community of Mutual Assistance will naturally disappear. At that time, your 'good days' will come." As he coldly recounted the truth, Chu Liuyun voiced out his worries. Bai Xiaofei had indeed heard of this. "If you mean that a lot of people will drop out of school because they can't afford to stay in Stargaze, or because of some other special circumstances, then you can rest assured!" With a smile, Bai Xiaofei sounded confident. "I'll provide assistance to all freshmen who don't have enough living expenses. If they mention it to me, I'll definitely solve it as soon as possible. That kind of situation with Xiluo definitely won't happen!" Bai Xiaofei was serious now. This sentence was not a joke! Bai Xiaofei did not have this idea all of a sudden! The students of Starnet were all elites among their peers. It was a pity that they were all lost. Therefore, he decided to do something for Starnet! Otherwise, Bai Xiaofei would not be so interested in making money. In fact, he had said the truth before, money didn't mean much to him. What he truly enjoyed was the kind of fun he had when he was fighting with others when he was making money, and the smiling faces of others when he was spending money for others! Bai Xiaofei was not a kind-hearted person. He was just an ordinary child who yearned to interact with others. Hero Gorge's ten years of life were very enjoyable, but it was also very lonely. In the entire Hero Gorge, he was the only child. The feeling of having no playmate was something that most children outside couldn't experience. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei knew how to cherish everyone! Of course, he didn't care if other people's Jane didn't value him, since he was experiencing this process anyway! Play! Of course, the most important thing was for him to be happy! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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