WindWithoutTrace, who had entered a state of meditation, seemed to have become a different person. Every time he raised his hand, there was an indescribable temperament. This temperament would allow one to follow his thoughts. Furthermore, it was the type that could not be stopped! Perhaps this was one of the reasons why Bai Xiaofei was eyeing him … "Now it seems that the blood demon has brought you a powerful regenerative ability. In addition to the sharpness of the blood demon's attacks, I suggest you give up on defense type puppets and attack type puppets." As WindWithoutTrace said, he directly threw a few puppets to the side. "Secondly, I suggest you choose between the two." As WindWithoutTrace said that, he pointed to a pair of boxing armor and a pair of chain mail boots. The pair of armor, Bai Xiaofei, looked extremely familiar. "Valkyrie's Hand?!" Bai Xiaofei thought of something, his eyes holding a trace of surprise. "That's right, it's Valkyrie's hand. However, this thing does not restrict the use of gender, and its effects are very suitable for you, Student Wu Chi." "This pair of boots is called the Sky Piercing Boots. The effect is to rush towards the designated target and cause damage to the gear along the way." After introducing the Space Splitting Boots, WindWithoutTrace also paused for a moment. "Student Wu Chi urgently needs the ability to quickly close in on the target. This way, not only can it bring out the advantage of a former martial artist in close combat, but it can also help the blood demon achieve the effect of being able to kill. But I don't recommend both of them because it would waste the puppet slots." After the explanation was over, it was now Wu Chi's turn to exercise his authority. Considering the effects of the enemy, the difference between the two puppets was not that big. However, the Valkyrie's Hand had proven through actual combat that it could be a good weapon to assist the teammates, while the Sky Piercing Boots were a little biased towards killing and injuring. This time, Bai Xiaofei did not say anything. He did not know which was more suitable for Wu Chi, so it all depended on Wu Chi! "I choose the hands of Martial Goddess!" Wu Chi slowly said something that made the three of them slightly stunned. Although they did not say anything, the three of them were of the opinion that Wu Chi definitely leaned towards Sky Piercing Boots. This was indeed the case, but in the end, Wu Chi had to consider it from a guild's point of view. With this, he made his decision. "Next group, the Quicksand Armor and the Earth Core Armor." WindWithoutTrace did not act pretentiously. After Wu Chi made his choice, he immediately began introducing the next two items. "Although it's said that the energy descent is too greedy, it's not necessarily impossible to control the second type of energy with the aid of assistance. Your earth affinity is eighty percent, so the Quicksand Armor can become a pretty good choice." "But if you don't want to, you can choose an Earth Core Armor. You remember that Zhao Ziyun from the Freshman Competition, right? His Gravity Gloves have the same effect as the Earth Core Armor, only the gravity traction effect is centered around himself, but the effect is much better than the Gravity Gloves." WindWithoutTrace's words clearly indicated his preference. In terms of control, the effect of the Earth Core Armor was much greater than the former! And Wu Chi's final choice did not disappoint WindWithoutTrace. He had chosen the Earth Core Armor! "I don't have a choice for the last one. If I were to enhance my close combat abilities, the fourth puppet is definitely a great weapon." As WindWithoutTrace said, he picked up a golden ball that looked like an eyeball. "Eye of Intimidation. After activation, it will affect everyone in the surroundings, dispersing all of the enemy's buffs. It will also have an absolute restraining effect on the two types of assassin concealment abilities other than Stealth!" Moreover, it's a Gold rank! " By the time WindWithoutTrace said this, Wu Chi's eyes were already beginning to shine. Putting everything else aside, just the word 'Gold rank' was enough to conquer him! How many people in the entire Star Gauze Palace had two Gold rank puppets? However, Wu Chi still hesitated for a moment. Puppets, as their levels rose, their prices rose exponentially. If Bai Xiaofei … "These three will do. I can just use the Purple Crystal Card." Wu Chi's worry did not last for more than three seconds, before Bai Xiaofei took out his amethyst card. Although the majority of it was already given to Fang Ye and the rest, there was still enough for Bai Xiaofei to make it onto Xing Luo's wealth ranking. As such, Bai Xiaofei didn't care about the cost of a Gold-grade Puppet … "Of course you can!" The smiling Wei Feng immediately walked over. After setting the price, the two amethyst cards lightly touched and a large amount of amethyst coins was transferred to Wei Feng's account. This amount was enough for Wei Feng's performance for several months! Gold-grade puppets might be good, but they weren't that easy to sell! "Let's make a contract. I've already spent all of my money, so at least let me see how a future bigshot will link his puppets!" Bai Xiaofei looked at Wu Chi with a smile. As for Wu Chi, he directly took out the first hand of Valkyrie, covered it with his spirit energy without saying a word, and then … The link was complete! "What the f * ck?!" "Is it that simple?!" With a cry of surprise, Wu Chi moved his Origin Energy, and the Valkyrie's hand instantly disappeared. At the same time, a special feeling surfaced in his mind. After touching that strand of sensation, Valkyrie's hands had already appeared on his hands, turning into a pair of cool and unrestrained fist armor. Upon seeing this scene, WindWithoutTrace's eyes immediately lit up. "Strong soul!" It's a powerful soul! " A joyous voice rang out. Bai Xiaofei and Wei Feng were stunned at first, but soon after, a look of ecstasy appeared on Bai Xiaofei's face. On the other hand, Wei Feng's face was filled with doubt. "Steel Body... He ate a Spirit Concentrating Pill, and more than just one?! " A knowledgeable person was different. After being stunned for a moment, they reacted. "Two, that's two!" WindWithoutTrace took the words and his voice was filled with envy. Just two Spirit Condensation Pills was enough to obtain a special physique of a strong soul. Wu Chi's luck was enough to buy him a lottery ticket! It was definitely a first class prize! "What's a strong soul?" As the involved party, Wu Chi had a stupefied expression on his face. After Bai Xiaofei explained in excitement, he immediately burst into laughter. With the strengthening of the soul of the Sky Origin Body, Wu Chi couldn't help but feel angry! While the iron was hot, Wu Chi used the same method to connect the two puppets under the envious gazes of Bai Xiaofei and the other two, directly becoming a fully armed Grandmaster Puppet Master! Competing with someone could sometimes anger a person to death! After doing all that, Wu Chi summoned the puppet again and again and put it away. He was having fun. Bai Xiaofei really wanted to dig out the Spirit Concentrating Pill he had consumed... This was too f * cking embarrassing! "Um, Guild Leader Wei, we won't be bothering you any longer. We still have lessons in the afternoon. Someone will be looking for us if we continue staying here!" With a simple reason, Bai Xiaofei ran. Wu Chi, who had yet to react, was still shouting that he no longer had lessons in the afternoon, while WindWithoutTrace chased after him while shaking his head. As expected, none of the people following Bai Xiaofei were "ordinary"! This personality … Forget it, let's not talk about it anymore. Saying too much will only result in tears! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Thank you, Scorpio, for your support! He was still five tickets away from running around naked!
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