Not long after Wei Feng finished talking, the waitress knocked on the door. Under the expectant gazes of Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei, she walked in slowly. "Take it out. Our guests can't wait any longer." There was a trace of ridicule in Wei Feng's tone, causing Wu Chi to blush. Indeed, when his elder sister came in just now, he almost pounced on her. Luckily, Bai Xiaofei held him down. Otherwise, the little sister would have been scared off by now. One after another, large and small puppets were taken out by his big sister. Seeing the puppets in front of him, Wu Chi couldn't help but become excited again. Today was definitely the most exciting day of his life. He wasn't even that excited about getting the light of the stars... However, when Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei looked through all the items, they didn't see anything that resembled the blood demon Wei Feng had mentioned. It was only until the little sister took out a crimson wooden box, which looked to be the size of a palm. "This is a blood demon?" Although Bai Xiaofei had guessed it, he still found it hard to believe. He had thought that it would be something cool, but the small box in front of him seemed more like a medicine store than a puppet. "It might be a little different from what you think, but it is indeed." While speaking, Wei Feng picked up the small box and slowly opened it for the two. The moment the box was completely opened, a drop, no, it should be a drop of scarlet liquid, reflected into their eyes. Under the light of the lamp, the liquid seemed to have some kind of brilliance flowing within it, giving it an unspeakably mysterious feeling. Other than its strange appearance, what made Bai Xiaofei and Meng Chaoran even more surprised was the smell of blood that rushed into their noses! When the box was opened, the entire room was filled with the smell … "It's made of blood?!" Bai Xiaofei felt that his view of the world had been refreshed again. "That's right, the blood of a hundred beasts. There isn't a single magical beast with a heavy build, nor is there a single magical beast below the king level!" After Wei Feng finished speaking, Bai Xiaofei couldn't help swallowing his saliva. He had experienced beast king blood essence before, but what did a hundred beast king blood mean? How many magical beasts would he have to kill to get it? One had to know that magical beasts could self-destruct! "He can even forge blood into a puppet?" Wu Chi's focus was completely different from Bai Xiaofei's. However, Bai Xiaofei was also very curious about this question. After hearing it, Wei Feng revealed a faint smile. The next thing to do was to advertise … "You probably haven't heard about the rumours that spread through the entire Puppet Sacred Mountain, right?" After Wei Feng asked this question, both Bai Xiaofei and Bai Xiaofeng immediately shook their heads. They didn't know where the Puppet Sacred Mountain was, so how could they possibly know what was inside … "Of all the creatures in the world, those who possess a spirit can be made into puppets! For the heartless, I will make it with my own spirit! " By saying this, it meant that anything could be turned into a puppet. Acting like this was befitting of the status of the nine great chamber of commerce! However, Spirit Injection Technique was indeed the research result of a change in the puppet's history, and because of this, Linglong Chamber of Commerce established their position as the overlord of the puppet industry. "But how does this thing link together?" Ignoring Wei Feng's boasting, Bai Xiaofei asked. The blood demon does not need to make mental connections. As long as it chooses someone, they just need to integrate it into their own blood. Furthermore, the blood demon is not something that other puppets need to summon before they can use it. There was always something special about perverts. Humans were like this, while puppets were like this. But no matter what, this was still good news for Wu Chi. Without any hesitation, Wu Chi took a step forward and the Wind Slasher he had bought earlier instantly appeared in his hands. He gently caressed the huge sword's body. A trace of gentleness appeared on Wu Chi's face. "When I first got you, I was really excited, but I didn't think that you would retire before even officially entering the battle. Just treat it as helping me one last time." As he spoke, Wu Chi grasped the sharp blade and slashed once, and blood immediately flowed down the blade. Wu Chi frowned slightly. Even though he wanted to be cool, it was painful! He slowly walked in front of Wei Feng and picked up the blood demon in the small box. The moment he touched it, Wu Chi seemed to sense that the blood demon was sending an excited message to him. When it came into contact with Wu Chi's wound, the blood demon instantly melted and disappeared into the wound. It even helped to heal Wu Chi's wound. Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help but be slightly surprised. This self-recovery ability was not recorded in the Blood Demon's description. However, it wasn't hard to understand. It seemed completely reasonable that a Gold rank puppet that could perfectly control blood had this ability! At this moment, Wu Chi had entered a strange state. With his unpracticed inner vision, he could clearly see that his blood was undergoing a special change. A layer of faint golden light quickly spread out from his body, attaching to every drop of blood. With the flow of the blood that came with the golden light, every part of Wu Chi's body began to change. His muscles became stronger, his bones became harder, his internal organs became faster, and even his five senses became much clearer. When these changes stopped, Wu Chi felt as if he had been reborn. His whole body seemed to be filled with endless strength! Instinctively, he punched out a few times to get used to it. The speed and strength instantly froze Wu Chi. Martial master?! He had wasted so many years without improving, yet he fused with a puppet to become a Martial Master?! Naturally, Wu Chi's transformation did not escape the eyes of Bai Xiaofei and the others. As Bai Xiaofei possessed the same strength, he could clearly feel the power of Wu Chi's punches. "It seems like you can't miss the martial arts practice!" Bai Xiaofei's intuition told him that this puppet might not be the same as the others. In other words, it preferred to train its own body! "I think so too." Swallowing his saliva, Wu Chi looked at his hands as he spoke. "Alright, stop daydreaming. Let's see your remaining choices. Oh right, the test you just passed says that how many puppets can you control?" With a happy smile for Wu Chi, Bai Xiaofei brought the topic back to the main topic at hand. "Four!" And it's perfect control! " Wu Chi withdrew his excited mood and looked at the puppet in front of him after he finished speaking. His eyes immediately lit up like that of a hungry ghost! If I'm not wrong, these should all be at least Violet Rank! "Let me introduce you." As he stopped the reception elder sister, WindWithoutTrace also took a step forward. Since Wu Chi had already chosen the blood demon, he didn't have any psychological burdens. And with regards to the matter of pairing puppets, he was definitely the most authoritative person present! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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