"Tell me about the Blood Demon's ability." After his dazed state ended, Wu Chi suddenly became incomparably calm. His face had an expression of transcendence. Wei Feng was stunned when he saw Wu Chi. He saw an urgent desire in Wu Chi's eyes! A desire to become strong! Moreover, he could feel that Wu Chi's desire was not for himself. Otherwise, he would have been excited and not indifferent! "As the name implies, the Blood Demon's ability is naturally related to blood. Moreover, it also meets the requirements you put forth. The Blood Demon only has one effect, control of blood!" Including your own and your opponents! " Shock! After listening to Wei Feng's introduction, shock was written all over Bai Xiaofei's face! If the Blood Demon's effects were as Bai Xiaofei had imagined, then it was simply too abnormal! On the contrary, Wu Chi had yet to react. "The control you're talking about is …?" Swallowing his saliva, the shock on his face turned into disbelief as Bai Xiaofei weakly asked. "Absolute control. You can control your own blood to strengthen your body. At the same time, you can control the blood of your opponents to make them weak. You can even forcefully draw out their blood to kill them!" "In addition, the control of the blood demon is related to the distance. The closer you are to the opponent, the stronger the effect is. As long as there is a wound on the blood demon below the same level, you can extract it!" With that, the last bit of doubt in Bai Xiaofei's heart disappeared. The blood demon was indeed an abnormal level puppet! When Wu Chi heard this, he also understood. All the expressions on his face were replaced with ecstasy! "This is it!" Without any hesitation, Wu Chi yelled out. His tone was straightforward, as if he hadn't heard what had been laid out in front of him. "You're not afraid …" "What's there to be afraid of? Compared to death, what I'm more afraid of is that my life is useless. Furthermore, I might not be the one who falls. What if I become the final victor?" The golden-purple puppet is still waiting for me! " Before WindWithoutTrace could finish his words, Wu Chi had already stopped him from saying the rest. From his calm appearance, it did not seem like he was forcing himself. Not to mention, we barbarians have never taught anyone how to fear death. They are all abnormal, and if I don't be a bit ruthless to myself, I might never be able to catch up with them. I have an appointment with Brother Fei to become someone useful to him. Wu Chi spoke carelessly. He didn't try to hide his thoughts. Bai Xiaofei, on the other hand, hesitated. "Wu Chi, if you want to help me, then I would advise you not to choose a blood demon. You know what I am. Even if you are only a martial artist, I can display your worth!" Bai Xiaofei was speaking from the perspective of an elder. Compared to strength, he was more concerned about Wu Chi's safety! "But the value that a different type of ability can bring out is different, right? I can only put in a small amount of soy sauce during the Freshman Competition, but Shi Kui can change three each. If I had a blood demon at that time, how could it be him?" Wu Chi reacted much faster than usual, but this was mostly because he had always been scolded by his seniors in the past few days. That was why his mind was filled with this sort of thoughts. "Brother Fei, didn't you just tell me to believe in myself? I'm just following your instructions. I believe that I can become the last one among those seven people!" The corner of his mouth curled up slightly. Wu Chi returned Bai Xiaofei's words, leaving him speechless. "Not seven people. Of the holders of the Blood Demon, only three are alive besides you." Wei Feng, who was standing to one side, spoke out another piece of heavyweight news. "Look, Brother Fei, there are only three left. I will definitely be fine!" As Wu Chi spoke, he patted his chest and assured Bai Xiaofei confidently. However, Bai Xiaofei poured a bucket of cold water over him. "Do you know what level of puppeteer they are now?" Wu Chi was stunned by this simple sentence. After a long moment of silence, he turned back to look at Wei Feng. He definitely knew! "Besides you, two of the other three are already at the Exquisite Rank. They killed two of the blood demon holders, one of them a Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivator. Now, they basically don't even dare to show their faces." Wei Feng's words were akin to adding ice cubes to Bai Xiaofei's cold water, causing Wu Chi to feel a chill down his spine. "If you can hide that person, I can hide it too!" "I have a Sky Origin Stage body. If you give me time, I will definitely be able to catch up!" Wu Chi seemed to have realized something today. The answers he gave several times in a row were enough to make Bai Xiaofei look at him in a new light. Looks like I can't call him a retard anymore. Actually, if I were to force him into a corner, it would be pretty smart... "That's right, as long as you don't use too much control over another person's blood and don't make it too obvious, no one will find out. However, we will only announce that the blood demons that were displayed here on the tour have been sold, and we will not reveal your information." Unexpectedly, Wei Feng gave him a tranquil pill. "Did you hear that, Brother Fei? I'll be careful, so, can we make a decision now?" Wu Chi rubbed his hands together. No matter what, those were golden-level puppets! How many Gold rank puppets does the Savage class have? Only Lin Li had two! What kind of concept is that? After taking down the blood demon, I'll be on the same level as Lin Li! As he was daydreaming in his heart, Wu Chi had already started to sketch out his future. However, if it was simply based on strength, Wu Chi was definitely ranked in the Barbarian class now. After all, he was the only grandmaster apart from Bai Xiaofei and Lin Li! In addition to his abnormal Blood Demon ability, Wu Chi's position as the third brother was assured! "If I say no, won't you beg me? I don't want to see your snot and tears." With a cold snort full of disgust, Bai Xiaofei's disguised agreement made Wu Chi giggle. Other people would pay to get a Gold-grade Gold-grade Gold-grade Puppet, but he couldn't help but laugh out loud! "How much is it?" Bai Xiaofei was prepared to pay a huge price for this "official" question, but the answer surprised him. "The blood demon doesn't need money. This is what Karsi said. He only wants to see his masterpiece become a purple-gold level puppet in his lifetime. He doesn't want the money to become an unnecessary obstruction." WindWithoutTrace, who had remained silent for a long while, smiled. He said something that made Bai Xiaofei delighted. He didn't want money! "Then we won't be polite. President Wei, you can go get the blood demon!" "I've already sent people over, and there are still a few more matching puppets that will be sent over. I believe this student will be satisfied." Wei Feng slowly said, as if he had already expected this outcome! How could a guild leader not have some skill? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Lil 'White's monthly ticket in his mouth was showing his support!
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