After Wu Chi walked out, WindWithoutTrace did not immediately answer the questions in Bai Xiaofei's mind. Instead, he let out a long sigh. "Let's go to the lounge. You guys might want to think about it." After a short pause, WindWithoutTrace followed in front. Wei Feng instructed the young sister waiter for a long time before she immediately ran off in a hurry. "Brother Fei, what's going on?" The stupefied Wu Chi's heart immediately rose to his throat. He had a nagging feeling that something bad was about to happen. "I don't know either, but at worst you won't be able to become an energy puppet master. There's nothing to worry about. Even if you're as ordinary as you can be, I can still pull you back to your current puppet rank!" With Bai Xiaofei's guarantee, Wu Chi's worry was immediately reassured. Damn, what is there to worry about? At least, it's much better than being a martial artist for the rest of your life! As a puppet master who had transformed from a martial artist to a puppet master, Wu Chi was very open about this. He didn't have the burden of other people's choices at all. In any case, it was better than a fighter! With such enlightened thoughts, Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei followed the duo to the lounge. After they sat down, the four stared at each other for more than ten seconds. "Are we just going to sit here? Could it be that Wu Chi's test results are too trashy? " Bai Xiaofei was the first to break the stalemate, unable to hold himself back. "No, what you said is exactly the opposite. His test result is very perfect. Some light spots have stopped, which means that the light dot represents a puppet that perfectly fits him!" As WindWithoutTrace said that, Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei immediately looked pleasantly surprised. There was hope for an energy type puppet master! "Then what was your reaction just now?" Bai Xiaofei asked while WindWithoutTrace sighed once again. "You don't want his life to be in danger, do you?" As he finished his sentence, the pleasant surprise on Bai Xiaofei's face was instantly replaced by shock. Wu Chi, who was beside him, was no worse. "What do you mean?" With a cry of surprise, Bai Xiaofei revealed an expression that said 'you have to give me an explanation'. "Choosing a puppet was originally a good thing. However, the problem lied in choosing Wu Chi's puppet. It wasn't an ordinary puppet. There's something wrong with it …" As WindWithoutTrace said slowly, Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi simultaneously revealed puzzled looks. What problem could a puppet have? "Let me say it. I feel like you are unable to describe it objectively." Wei Feng suddenly interrupted WindWithoutTrace, who was about to speak. "First of all, let me tell you the student's test results. Other than choosing his puppet, he has a very good affinity with earth-type and fire-type energy. If it's completely controlled, you can get 80% and 60% of their affinity, respectively." "And the affinity of the puppet that chooses its master is definitely above 10 points. However, the puppet that chooses its student is a little special. It is a half-incomplete puppet that cannot be levelled up, but can evolve." Wei Feng had indeed acted objectively. His tone was flat without any emotion. After all, he didn't know Wu Chi, so he didn't have any psychological burdens when he said it. "And its particularity starts from the history of its birth!" After a pause, Wei Feng entered the storytelling mode. "Every Puppet Master has a common goal, to forge a Golden-purple Level puppet and then be titled a Divine Craftsman! To them, this is an unparalleled honor, just like how everyone in Stargaze wants to get their hands on the Starlight. " "However, in a sense, forging a Violet Gold-grade puppet is much more difficult than obtaining the light of the Star Gauze. In addition to being skilled in techniques, puppeteers also need the right materials and the right matching method. If anything goes wrong at any one point, their efforts will be wasted!" "Moreover, the resources that will be consumed in this process are extremely terrifying! "That's why there are so few golden-purple level puppets." After narrating a long series of backgrounds, Wei Feng suddenly paused for a moment. A hint of seriousness appeared in his eyes. "And the puppeteer who forged the blood demon is one of the losers!" Blood Demon! Wu Chi finally heard the name of the puppet and his heart instantly jumped with excitement! "However, the blood demon isn't a complete failure. That's why Karsi, who forged it, became the number one person below the level of a divine blacksmith!" However, in the final stage of integration, he failed. The puppet divided into seven parts and became seven golden-level puppets with the same ability. He tried to merge them together, but to no avail. Listening to Wei Feng's story, Bai Xiaofei and his sister felt like they were looking at a puppet master who was staring at their work in a daze. That kind of feeling must be very uncomfortable … "However, after a series of tests, Karsi came to the conclusion that his blood demon can be promoted to a Violet Gold-grade puppet!" "Of course, no one believed him in the beginning. Everyone believed that he was making this up in order to protect his reputation. Only when the two Blood Demon Puppet holders tried the method he told them to do so was this conjecture confirmed!" "Although the Blood Demon is unable to level up like the other puppets, according to Karsi's method, every level up of the Blood Demon will bring about a qualitative change!" Once the number of times is enough, you might even be able to leap into the upper echelons of the purple-gold level! " After the news was spread out, the remaining blood demons immediately became the ones in hot pursuit. Many people rushed forward in a frenzy, but the number of people that could obtain the blood demons' recognition is extremely few. It has been a full twenty years since the blood demons have forged. As Wei Feng spoke, he stopped and looked at Wu Chi. "So, the seventh blood demon that chose me just now?" Wu Chi wasn't so foolish that he instantly understood. "That's right, this is it. That's why I said you're very powerful. The requirements of the Blood Demon Master are very harsh. However, this might not be a good thing." With a sudden change in tone, Wei Feng caused Bai Xiaofei and Meng Duan's hearts to rise to their throats once again. "The blood demon's ability is very good, and its ability is abnormal. However, the problem lies in the leveling up method that Karsi gave us. They would devour each other!" "Using Puppet Master's method to fuse with a blood demon is no longer possible, but after being nurtured by a Puppet Master, a special change will happen to the blood demon, and this change will make it more active. And when a puppet master dies, the blood demon in this active state will become nourishment material, nourishment material that can allow the blood demon to evolve!" "Therefore, the way to level up the Blood Demon Grand Magic is to kill off the six puppeteers who possess it!" Seize their blood demons to strengthen themselves! " Bai Xiaofei and Tang Wulin were stunned as soon as they heard that. This … they really didn't expect … At the same time, they also knew why WindWithoutTrace was hesitating! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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