Looking at Bai Xiaofei who had suddenly appeared, Wu Chi suddenly had the urge to cry. However, he held it in because it was too painful … "Brother Fei..." With a wronged expression on his face, Wu Chi called Bai Xiaofei softly. "Shut up, I'll deal with you later if you're stupid. Right now, I'm in a bad mood and want to vent my anger!" Bai Xiaofei increased the strength in his legs as he spoke, stomping the senior on the ground to dislocate his jaw. A vague voice came from the senior's mouth, but Bai Xiaofei completely ignored it. WindWithoutTrace, who had followed behind him, walked over to Wu Chi's side and fed him a pill. "Use soul force to wrap around the injured part. If the bone is broken, then use soul force to connect it. The effects of the pill aren't very good, so the healing process might be a bit painful." As WindWithoutTrace said, Wu Chi immediately did so. Although it was truly painful, Wu Chi, who was clenching his teeth, did not utter a single word. Cold sweat from the pain trickled down his face, drop by drop, to the ground... By then, Bai Xiaofei had already picked up the senior from the ground, his right hand holding tightly onto his shoulder, numbing half of his body. There were many places in Snow Shadow Sect that could achieve this effect. Bai Xiaofei had pretty much remembered all of them. Anything that could torture someone, Bai Xiaofei was always the fastest to learn! "Since when did the Phantom Demon come to the Steel Body to flaunt its might!" The one who spoke was the only third year senior among Wu Chi's five seniors. He was not stupid, he had to admit that. He lifted his steel body and placed himself at the height of the division. In terms of the abilities of each type, the combined strength of the Steel Body was definitely much stronger than that of the Demon Illusionary Body! However, he was overthinking it. In terms of power building abilities, Bai Xiaofei could become his ancestor! "What I represent is not the demon of illusion, but the Newcomer Mutual Assistance Community! I've long since heard that our freshmen have been bullied quite a few times after being assigned to different departments, so I came today to take a look. With a simple sentence, Bai Xiaofei overturned the situation. The freshmen who had been silent all this while immediately shouted out. Initially, they thought that Bai Xiaofei had only come for Wu Chi, but now, Bai Xiaofei had already said so! He did not forget about the new students! Recalling what Bai Xiaofei had told the Barbarian Class to release, all the freshmen that had been watching burst out in unison! Boss Bai is still here! Boss Bai is here to help us! This thought made all the freshmen present excited, and a tsunami like sound instantly formed an overwhelming advantage. At this moment, the senior panicked … They really didn't expect Bai Xiaofei to come out at this time. Rumors about Bai Xiaofei had spread like wildfire. Some people even said that Bai Xiaofei had dealt with Zhai Jiang head on! What kind of concept was that, department dean! Linglong class body transformation puppet master! If that was true, they wouldn't even be able to make a dent in Bai Xiaofei's teeth! Furthermore, Bai Xiaofei was able to control a Martial Master the moment he made a move. He even held him in his hands like a baby chick … "Senior, why aren't you saying anything?" Should you give me an explanation? So many of your junior brothers are watching here! " Taking advantage of the victory, Bai Xiaofei spoke once again. At the same time, he increased the strength in his hands, causing a blood-curdling screech to come out from the mouth of the senior he controlled. "Bai Xiaofei!" Don't think that you're already invincible in Stargaze! " After a long pause, the upperclassman bit his teeth and uttered a sentence that almost made Bai Xiaofei laugh out loud. Damn, no wonder this guy dared to attack Wu Chi. He could not even say a proper sentence! F * ck you, if I don't play you to death today, you won't have your surname 'Bai'! "I have never felt that I am invincible. But senior, I feel that you are like a big boss in Stargaze. You even dare to force Starlight, which was issued by the principal, to retreat. It's such a pity that you don't become a cadre of the Student Union." "I wonder if Wu Chi would want to fight for the starlight back?" "Then I really am a bit scared. If you dare to treat a new student like that now, then after you get to the next level, wouldn't a new student need to wash your underwear every day?" With a single question, the crowd exploded again. The furious voices of the crowd rushed towards the third year students. With this, the senior panicked. He had never thought of it like that, but after Bai Xiaofei finished his sentence, even he himself felt that this was what he was thinking! "You … Nonsense! "I've never …" "What, you've never put any new students in your eyes, right? It seems like you've all forgotten about the lesson you were hung on the second floor! " Before the upperclassman could finish his sentence, Bai Xiaofei took it over and continued to help him set up the "Human Set", a very successful set! "Boss, don't say anymore, we can't beat him …" One of the students standing next to the student who was knocked out of his wits hurriedly tried to persuade him. The onlookers understood what was going on, so it was quite normal for the senior who was speaking to them. "I'll remember today's debt. Return my men to me and we'll leave immediately!" After settling down for a while, the third-year student chose to admit defeat. It was a pity that Bai Xiaofei was not satisfied with his attitude! "Go?!" Coming and leaving as he pleased?! Do you really think that the freshmen are soft persimmon?! So what if you want to pinch it?! " Bai Xiaofei's tone suddenly turned cold, and he shot a vicious glare. "Let's see who dares to leave today!" The moment he said those words, the senior student was stunned once more. This time, he was scared! He could see the killing intent in Bai Xiaofei's eyes! This time, his judgement was not wrong. After seeing that Wu Chi was beaten to such a state, Bai Xiaofei's killing intent had already appeared. If it were not for the fact that he wanted to build up his momentum to ensure that he could retreat safely, Bai Xiaofei would have exploded long ago. "Then what do you mean!" Being pressed down by Bai Xiaofei step by step, the third-year student was already in a state of disarray, walking further and further away on the path of the brainless. This question was basically asking him to wash his neck clean and let Bai Xiao Fei chop him! Upon hearing this, WindWithoutTrace began to mourn in his heart for the students. With their standards, compared to the people Bai Xiaofei had recently interacted with, it was like the difference between clouds and mud. It was too easy for Bai Xiaofei to crush them. Especially since Bai Xiaofei had an absolute advantage in strength! A Grandmaster Puppet Master like Bai Xiaofei might not be able to defeat him, but a Martial Master of the same level could at least fight three of them! "Isn't this the arena? I'll give you a chance to retreat safely. Now that Wu Chi has admitted defeat, I will take the initiative and defeat him. Then, you can leave!" As Bai Xiaofei spoke, a cruel smile appeared on his face! Come on, if I don't cripple you, I'll change my surname to yours! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] It was the end of the fifth fragment of the night. He had just returned because of some matters, so he was late. Sorry about that!
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