Clenching his fists tightly, Wu Chi gritted his teeth so hard that they creaked. Today, he had to take revenge no matter what! Slowly ascending the arena, Wu Chi glared fiercely at the seniors across from him. The surrounding people immediately crowded around their platform. Wu Chi's' reputation 'was worth seeing! "Did you see that, our little genius is angry!" As the seniors on the stage teased him, all sorts of cheers were heard from the audience. However, none of them were there to cheer for Wu Chi. "Don't waste your breath if you want to fight. It's not certain who will be lying down!" He stared at the senior in front of him. Wu Chi wasn't planning to hide anything today. Even if he had to put everything on the line, he would do his best to vent his anger! "You're courting death!" The infuriated senior instantly moved. The way he did it was simple, he charged straight at him! In a battle between martial artists, the one to be competed in was none other than the fiercer one! As long as you were a bit softer, you would have already lost half! Knowing that he could not avoid the opponent's attack, Wu Chi chose to take the attack head-on. His right leg drew back half a step and the resonance of his elemental energy was unleashed for the first time! Although he had been beaten up previously, because Bai Xiaofei had told him not to reveal too much of what Snow Shadow had taught him, Wu Chi had kept his strength intact. This was also the reason why he was in such a miserable state. But now, Wu Chi had thought it through. If he didn't beat them up once, then he would never have a good life. As long as he didn't use those special methods! Under the resonance of his elemental energy, Wu Chi's body shuddered slightly as all his abilities increased by one level at the same time. The effect of elemental energy resonance was directly related to the amount of elemental energy and the time needed to resonate it, whereas Wu Chi was a Sky Origin Stage cultivator! The senior's fist was directed at Wu Chi's head. The only reaction Wu Chi could make was to lift his hand to block. However, Wu Chi's strength was still inferior to the Martial Master level senior. His arm and head collided under the impact of the punch, and with the senior's help, his right leg drew a big semicircle in the air as he swung it towards Wu Chi's weak spot. This attack was even harder to dodge! However, Wu Chi had no intention of hiding! Under everyone's astonished gaze, Wu Chi's left foot stomped heavily on the ground. His entire body was inclined in the direction of the student's whip kicks. Surprisingly, he had the posture of being sent up for senior to whip! Courting death? This was what everyone was thinking, and the result seemed to be the same as they had thought. The former was clearly stronger, and the resonance of their Origin Energy could not change this fact. A crisp sound immediately rang out. Wu Chi's two ribs instantly broke under this strike, and the audience's rising thought was that Wu Chi was finished. With just that one strike, he was basically crippled! However, the plot was out of everyone's expectation. Wu Chi's following actions also explained why he was willing to be whipped by his senior! Under normal circumstances, if a person stood straight, this kick would definitely send that person flying. However, Wu Chi had formed a triangle with the ground. Although this would hurt him even more, it was enough for him to stay where he was! At the same time, another common sense came. The senior's whip kick came spinning back at him. Although he had more time to gather strength, if this attack was caught, then he would have turned his back to Wu Chi while his right leg was still in the air! This was the chance that Wu Chi wanted! Ignoring the excruciating pain coming from the right side of his body, Wu Chi hugged the senior's right leg. The continuous resonance of the elemental energy gave him a terrifying power. With a sudden swing, the senior was pulled up from the ground! A Martial Master was indeed faster and more powerful, but your weight was still the same! Not to mention a hundred jin person, even a four to five hundred jin pig Wu Chi could swing it! The next second, a muffled sound rang out. The senior who had lost control of his body was smashed into the ground heavily with a big half circle from Wu Chi. He spurted out a mouthful of blood. However, this was not the end. Wu Chi had no intention of letting go. After the first strike, he grabbed his senior's leg and swung him again! However, at this time, a figure rushed up and punched Wu Chi's broken ribs heavily with elemental energy in his right fist. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A blood-curdling screech came out of Wu Chi's mouth. Under the pain, Wu Chi instinctively released the grip on his senior's leg, and his entire body flew out from the impact. "He has already admitted defeat. Now it's my turn!" As the new second year senior said this, the already stunned senior was lifted off the stage. Wu Chi, who had been sent flying, spat out a mouthful of blood. The broken ribs had pierced through his internal organs. If not for his elemental energy, he would already be half-way to hell by now. "Come on, no matter how many grandsons like you come, I'll kill them all!" Wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, Wu Chi kneeled on the ground and glared at the upperclassman. He could no longer use his elemental energy resonance, or else the injury to his internal organs would have taken Wu Chi's life. Therefore, relying on his body to withstand the attack was the only option Wu Chi had! "Let's see if you have the ability to do so!" Just from the speed alone, this senior was more powerful than the one before. Moreover, this senior had completely put away the thought that he should not have had, like the 'accident' just now, which absolutely could not happen! Wu Chi was unable to dodge the previous attack, and now he was even more unable to. The moment his senior charged at him, a layer of golden light enveloped his body. The starlight! Unfortunately, the senior seemed to have expected this to happen. When he was about to reach Wu Chi, he stopped his charge and jumped out of Wu Chi's attack range. Three seconds wasn't a long time. After the golden light disappeared, the senior slowly walked towards Wu Chi. "There is no longer any possibility for you to fight with me. Just admit defeat, and then return to the things that shouldn't belong to you. That way, you can live the life that should have belonged to you!" Standing in front of Wu Chi, the senior said coldly. This was the reason why they insisted on bullying him. They don't like people who go to school later than they do with things they can't even dream of getting. "Fuck you!" "Damn it, even if I die, I won't return the starlight. If you don't accept it, come over here!" With a trace of a crazy smile on his face, Wu Chi glared fiercely at the senior in front of him. "You asked for it!" As soon as he finished speaking, the senior stomped on the ground and rushed towards Wu Chi once again. But at this moment, a stone pillar instantly appeared on the path the senior was forced to take. Just as he was about to collide with it, the senior immediately withdrew his strength and exerted all his strength to force himself onto the stone pillar to dodge. It was a very beautiful action, but unfortunately, his foot had pierced through the stone pillar … He had stepped on empty stairs. Now, this senior student was experiencing the enhanced version of stepping on empty stairs. He had completely lost his balance and crashed into the ground in a 'handsome' posture, rolling far away … Before he could stop, a large foot had already stepped on his face, helping him stop rolling. "F * ck your entire family!" Which idiot gave you the guts! " [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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