"Looks like we came early." Looking at the empty room, Bai Xiaofei could not help but smile bitterly. "The Phantom Demon is just a special case. This is the real Starnet, the majority of people are working hard for the better future. Otherwise, why do you think that the Starnet has such great attraction, this is a place to create elites!" WindWithoutTrace said with a tone that was filled with yearning and envy. Back then, he had also almost become a member of Stargaze. However, due to various reasons, he had missed out on this opportunity. This was perhaps the greatest regret of his life. "Why do I feel like you, Big Brother Feng, suddenly like attending class? It can't be that you want me to be a prodigal or something..." Bai Xiaofei's voice had a hint of revulsion as he looked at WindWithoutTrace, who was constantly starting to talk big, with an aggrieved expression. "It's not that I suddenly like class, it's just that you didn't interact much with me before. When you reach my age, you'll feel very emotional." Faced with Bai Xiaofei's complaints, WindWithoutTrace did not feel uncomfortable. Instead, there was a tinge of arrogance. "Come on, I wouldn't have such a day even if I were beaten to death. How boring." As a young man, he did not understand the feelings of worry. When Bai Xiaofei said those words, he did not feel any burden. With his relaxed appearance, he succeeded in getting WindWithoutTrace's smile. There are some things you don't have to argue about. Time will prove everything. When the time comes, you will know that I was right. As he thought, WindWithoutTrace did not say it out loud. "Tell me, how excited is that idiot Wu Chi going to be?" After passing the previous topic, Bai Xiaofei suddenly became excited. It had been a long time since he had a chat with Wu Chi and the others. Bai Xiaofei was already reminiscing about his new life. "If it were me, I would probably want to give my life to you. You are giving him a new life." WindWithoutTrace's words were not excessive. From the moment the Spirit Condensation Pill was researched, it had been treated as a divine medicine by all cultivators! However, it was too difficult to successfully refine a Spirit Concentrating Pill! Even within the Medicine Tower, the amount of Spirit Condensation Pills produced every year was limited. Only a portion of these pills would be released to the market, but this portion would directly be collected by the various large organizations. Therefore, there were only one or two objects that could be fought for by normal people every year. However, that terrifying price had stopped 99% of the people outside the door … As for Wu Chi, he was one of the ninety-nine percent. But now, he was going to obtain two of them in one go! "You might be thinking too much. That fool of his won't even be able to think about it. He probably won't be able to say anything other than crying loudly." Bai Xiaofei mended the scene in his mind and burst out laughing. "Brother Lu, remember to shoot a picture with your Shadow Eye later. What if this guy becomes famous in the future? If he doesn't recognize me, then just send it out and ruin his reputation!" There was an additional sneer on his face as Bai Xiaofei said 'viciously'. Although he knew that Bai Xiaofei was joking, WindWithoutTrace still felt goosebumps. This precautionary measure was really cruel! The two of them chatted for a while, as time slowly flowed by. Finally, the bell that signaled the end of class rang, resounding throughout the entire academy. Bai Xiaofei, who could barely find a topic to talk about, instantly became spirited. His eyes scanned the crowd that had swarmed out. At the same time, Wu Chi, who had just experienced a combat lesson, was already sweating profusely, but the bell did not make him as elated as the others. There was even a hint of sadness on his face. "What's wrong? Wu Chi, what's on your mind? " The teacher was a martial arts teacher, and he liked the talented Wu Chi who had a good attitude and attitude, especially when he was trained by Snow Shadow in close combat. "It's nothing, Teacher Huang, I'm just a little tired." Wu Chi managed to force out a smile. He chose to suppress his emotions. If he told his teacher, he would be in an even worse situation. Moreover, Teacher Huang might not be able to help him. Even if he could help, it would only be for a short period of time... You seem to be very good at surprise attacks, but your ability to face off head-on is still weak. You must take note of this, we are martial artists, not puppeteers, that sort of partial assassin's combat ability is very good, but ultimately it cannot become a regular tactic. " Patting Wu Chi on the shoulder, Teacher Huang's face was filled with praise. "I will work hard, Teacher Huang." There was a trace of determination in his eyes. Wu Chi said it seriously, the word "simple" written on his face. "Do your best, I believe you will definitely become an outstanding martial artist!" After leaving behind a word of confirmation, Teacher Huang turned around and left, leaving behind only Wu Chi in the training field. Wu Chi let out a long sigh. There was an additional trace of struggle on his face, but he still walked out in the end. Some things couldn't be avoided! After leaving the training field, Wu Chi headed straight for the Steel Body's martial arena. Here, all of the Steel Body students could exchange pointers with students of all grades. But today, Wu Chi wasn't here for pointers! He was here because his senior had set his sights on him … In the past, Wu Chi didn't know what it meant to attract attention, but now, he had a deeper understanding of this word. Although he had never worn the starlight on his body before, no matter who saw him, they would sneer at him. Wu Chi was initially very excited, so excited that he directly attacked, but the final result was very miserable. Anyone who dared to seek trouble with him was either a Martial Master or a large group of them. He had never taken any advantage of them and had even been beaten up more miserably each time … As time passed, the news began to spread. What do you mean, he's not worthy of the highest honor of Starnet, nor is he a trash that has been mixed up throughout the Freshmen Competition, or that he possesses the Heaven's Primal Body... Countless rumors and rumors were assaulting Wu Chi's mind every day. This was why Wu Chi would train himself so hard every day because he wanted to end this! He wanted to prove that he was qualified to wear the light of the stars! However, this path was a little long and painful … Just like today, another senior had said that if he didn't come here, they would block his way to his room! In order not to implicate Shi Kui and Mo Ka, he had no other choice. "Oh, our genius martial artists have really come!" "Un, looks like you've worked very hard today. Tsk tsk, look at your sweat..." "Who wants to test the results of our junior's training today?" As soon as he arrived at the arena, a string of mocking voices immediately entered Wu Chi's ears. He looked towards the voices, and saw that four seniors had gathered together in a small group under the leadership of a third-year senior. These few days, as long as they had free time, Wu Chi would be called over … "I'll do it!" A second year student who looked at least two laps thinner than a martial artist stood up. His joints cracked from being pinched. "Junior, you must show mercy. Senior, I am just an ordinary student!" As the senior on the stage spoke, a burst of laughter rang out … PS: The third update has been released ahead of schedule. Wishing the misfit college entrance exam success! At the same time, he hoped that every college entrance examination examinee who was reading would have the pride to sheathe their saber the moment they put down their brush!
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