The words "Spirit Condensation Pill" was very lethal. After all, it was a Grade 8 pill, and not many people could resist this temptation. Bai Xiaofei was even more impossible! However, Bai Xiaofei's reaction was not that intense, because the Spirit Condensation Pill could no longer be avoided! When Bai Xiaofei turned around, the follower of the Thousand Layered House had already walked over. The box that was like Master Zhang's deep sea ebony box was opened, and a thick medicinal fragrance instantly filled the whole reception room. "This greeting gift is good enough!" Staring intently at Bai Xiaofei, the heart of the Thousand Layers Tower was already bleeding. He had prepared this pill for his nephew! But now. Oh, that's not right. He had become Bai Xiaofei's man! "We can re-sign the contract. Brother Lu will talk to you about the contents of the plan. I hope there won't be any more unpleasantness." Putting away the Spirit Condensation Pill, Bai Xiaofei's face remained as cold as ever. After saying that, he turned to leave. WindWithoutTrace did not have any intentions of staying any longer. In the entire room, only Lu Lingyun remained! "Deacon Qian, we can begin!" Smiling faintly, Lu Lingyun instantly entered the state. A state of confidence! Today, I will show you what kind of person you abandoned because of five trillion! … …. Leaving aside his old superior Lu Lingyun, who was going against him, Bai Xiaofei, who had left the guest room, took WindWithoutTrace and sneaked out of the illusion demon. Firstly, it was because he had something to do, and secondly, the atmosphere of the Phantom Demon was too strange. He really didn't dare to stay here for long! "Brother Feng, what would happen if a person took two Spirit Condensation Pills?" Bai Xiaofei suddenly asked as they were walking. Only Bai Xiaofei could ask that question... He'd taken two grade eight medicinal pills in succession! Who the f * * k would ask such a question? "It can't be. The Mind Focusing Pill is a rare grade eight pill type of gentleness. Master Zhang was not wrong in saying this. Moreover, taking two of them together might have brought about an unexpected change." Faced with Bai Xiaofei's question, WindWithoutTrace did not show much surprise. "What change?" Bai Xiaofei's eyes lit up with interest. "There was once a person who took three Spirit Concentrating Pills in succession. After that, he became someone who acquired a special physique that was rarely seen." "And this special physique is a very rare strong soul!" As WindWithoutTrace said, his voice sounded filled with excitement. If he did not guess wrongly, it was very likely that he would become someone who witnessed the formation of a special physique after birth! "Strong soul?" Bai Xiaofei was not to be blamed for this. Special Physique was not something that could be taught separately, it was just extracurricular knowledge. "You can forcefully link your mind to a Life Puppet or a high level puppet without suffering any backlash!" However, it's not a 100% chance of obtaining this special physique. The people following closely behind won't even be able to eat six or seven of them. " Spreading his hands, WindWithoutTrace had clearly stated the problems that could occur. If not, it would not be good if others were too disappointed. However, WindWithoutTrace did not see any interest in Bai Xiaofei's expression. There was even a hint of frustration. Indeed, this special physique was of no use to Bai Xiaofei. Ever since the Heart Eating Beast entered his sea of consciousness, Bai Xiaofei realized something. It was very likely that he wouldn't suffer any backlash from the puppet's connection! Otherwise, with the size of the waiter and Xiaohei in his sea of consciousness, even a hundred of Bai Xiaofei would not be enough to deal with them! As for why Bai Xiaofei did not know, it was probably due to the special splendor of the sun and moon. Bai Xiaofei didn't have any qualms about this. It wasn't a bad thing anyway! "It's still better than not having an opportunity. Let's go, we're going to the Steel Body." When he finally said his destination, WindWithoutTrace was slightly surprised. "You don't want to eat it yourself?!" With eyes filled with incredulity, WindWithoutTrace felt as though his three views had been refreshed. If Bai Xiaofei was a Linglong Realm Puppet Master, he would understand why WindWithoutTrace did this, but Bai Xiaofei had just stepped into the Grandmaster Realm! The Spirit Condensation Pill was a heaven-defying treasure to puppeteers below the Exquisite Level! "Why would a puppet master like me eat it? Do I look like someone with a crippled soul?" Bai Xiaofei looked at him like he was looking at an idiot, but WindWithoutTrace did not dwell on this because he only wanted to correct Bai Xiaofei's wrong point of view! "No!" If a Puppeteer's soul … Calm down, calm down. No matter what the effect is, there's always someone who needs it more than me. With a chuckle, Bai Xiaofei interrupted the rest of WindWithoutTrace's words. He was afraid that if WindWithoutTrace said the word, he would be unable to resist eating it! After all, he wasn't someone with abnormal mental fortitude. The only way to control his desire was to not know what effect it would have … And as for WindWithoutTrace, he thought of a person and instantly understood what Bai Xiaofei wanted to do. "Are you sure that you won't waste these two Grade 8 pills of yours?" "I've seen too many people who don't get along after graduation. Even if they do make contact with each other, it's not the same as when they were in the academy." As he lowered his voice, WindWithoutTrace said with an experienced tone. "What happens in the future is not my concern. I only know that he treats me as his big brother, and the closest one at that. That's enough." Bai Xiaofei continued to walk towards the Steel Body with a bright smile on his face. WindWithoutTrace was left stunned for a long while before his dazed look slowly turned into a faint smile. Perhaps his intelligence was only relative. Sometimes, he was really dumb! However, I hope he can continue to be so foolish. As for the rest of the matters, just let us do it! With that in mind, WindWithoutTrace hurriedly followed Bai Xiaofei's footsteps. Although the two of them didn't walk very fast, they still reached the Steel Body before lunch. Unlike the Illusory Demons who were extremely free and unfettered, the Steel Body was the most disciplined body in the entire Stargaze world! The weak fighting for power! The martial artists that couldn't become puppeteers were the weak, so if they wanted to go higher, they had to put in a great deal of effort! This effort was at least a hundred times, a thousand times! Because of this hard work, it was rare for a martial artist to have a long life. Under the same level, a martial artist's body was indeed better than a puppet master, but once their physical fitness stopped improving, their body would begin to collapse at a terrifying speed. It was just like moving against the current. If he didn't advance, he would retreat! There was only one outcome for him to retreat, and that was death itself … A good ending was still considered good. When people drifted around the world, they would not have many enemies. When you were weak, they would become stronger, and at the same time, a tragic ending would come knocking on their door. This was how a martial artist, who had fought all his life, died because he was stronger than a martial artist! However, this group of people had never been short! This, was also a fighter! Just like you and me, even though we know that life is full of thorns and thorns, we still choose to walk alone, even if our feet are cut open. Because if you stop, you lose! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Please give me a shameful ticket so that I won't run around naked!
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