At the dinner table, WindWithoutTrace and Lu Lingyun were like teachers at the beginning of a class as they answered everyone's questions one after another. Furthermore, no matter how tricky your questions were, the two of them could give you a perfect explanation. This kind of calm and easygoing attitude made Bai Xiaofei feel like he had found the right person. Of course, it would be perfect if he didn't screw him over … Unfortunately, there was no such thing as perfect beauty in this world! Since you want to interact with smart people, you have to be prepared to be cheated by them at any time! This was the world of intelligent people! He would either scam others or be scammed! After the long question-and-answer session ended, the sky darkened. The homeless WindWithoutTrace and company naturally became the first guests of the Phantom Demon. Thankfully, during the previous decorations, the Phantom Demon had made a bunch of guest rooms. This was what Bai Xiaofei feared the most! He was not afraid of others. He was afraid of Rui Mengqi! Who knew when this little big sister with an abnormal brain would catch him off guard! Therefore, the farther the better! The night passed in silence, and dawn arrived. Since everything was still being prepared, today was a rare day off for Bai Xiaofei. He could only take a break from his busy schedule! When the Starnet Palace was fully opened, even if Bai Xiaofei wanted to rest, he might not have the time! "Boss!" Get up! " While Bai Xiaofei was still sleeping, a voice like that of a nightmare sounded out from the door, followed by a series of hurried knocks on it. Almost at the same time, Bai Xiaofei, who was very difficult to wake up, jumped up from the bed! He bounced to the ground … "Boss?" What's wrong? Are you alright? " Naturally, Rui Mengqi could hear Bai Xiaofei's dull thud as he landed. Her worried voice was heard, indicating that she was about to rush in. "I'm fine!" I'm fine! You must not come in! I'm not wearing any clothes! " Bai Xiaofei picked himself up from the ground and put on his clothes as he spoke. Chu Liuyun and the rest were staying nearby. If Rui Mengqi came in at this time, Bai Xiaofei wouldn't be able to say a word even if he opened his mouth … After dressing himself in a hurry, Bai Xiaofei walked nervously to the door and took a deep breath. After making sufficient preparations, he made up his mind to face death, opening the door at the slowest speed possible... "Morning, little boss!" It was unknown who Rui Mengqi had borrowed from, but it was unknown who she was looking for. With her short skirt and short-sleeved shirt paired together, she exuded a youthful aura. Especially when Bai Xiaofei came out, Rui Mengqi, who had her hands behind her back, bowed slightly towards him. She didn't see much of the smile on her face, but she did see the snow-white Xiaofei who was about to jump out of the white shirt clearly … Leaving aside the fact that Rui Mengqi's brain was not online, just from her appearance, Rui Mengqi was definitely a God-level existence! She could satisfy a man's fantasies about girls! Tong Yan and Hao. Milk, body, trained voice with sweet BUFF, and most of all, she has no brain! However, even though she was standing in front of Bai Xiaofei, Bai Xiaofei did not dare to have any thoughts about her at all! He was afraid of death! He was even more afraid of being deprived of his rights as a man! And with Rui Mengqi's existence, he was always in this kind of danger! "Morning... "Morning." Swallowing his saliva, Bai Xiaofei's voice trembled slightly. "They were waiting for you to eat. Since I was free, I came to call for you. Fortunately, I didn't find the wrong person." There was a hint of pride in her voice. "Then let's hurry up, don't make them wait too long!" Bai Xiaofei was about to slip away as he spoke. He really did not dare to spend too much time alone with Rui Mengqi, or else he would have no idea what kind of hat he was going to be pinned on. "Wait!" Bai Xiaofei had just walked five steps when Rui Mengqi called for him to stop. When he turned around, Rui Mengqi twirled around in a very naughty way. There seemed to be a snow-white scenery under her fluttering skirt. Damn it! Is this to tempt me!? I'll endure! "What's wrong?" Xiao Bai swallowed a mouthful of saliva and suppressed the fire in her heart as she asked weakly. "Boss, do you think I look good in this outfit?" Facing Rui Mengqi's question, Bai Xiaofei was silent for a long time. Tell the truth? He kept feeling that something was wrong! A lie? Sorry about that! After hesitating for a long time, Bai Xiaofei chose to avoid the question. "Where did you get that student uniform?!" With a hint of surprise in his voice, Bai Xiaofei was proud of his intelligence. Who else in this world is wiser than me! "Answer my question first and I'll tell you!" The truth proved that sometimes being smart was useless, especially in front of a girl who desperately wanted proof! What's more, this girl refused to let go of a single point! F * ck, I can't escape this calamity! With this thought, Bai Xiaofei could not help but take a deep breath. Then tell the truth! He had to live up to his conscience. "It's pretty good, but a little small …" After saying that, Bai Xiaofei wished he could slap himself on the face. Was he retarded!? He just said the first half of the sentence, why did he have to add another! Isn't this just asking for trouble!? Indeed, Bai Xiaofei's thoughts were nothing serious! After hearing Bai Xiaofei's evaluation, Rui Mengqi revealed a foolish expression and looked down at her bulging chest. "I think so too, but Sis Lei said that this is already the biggest account." "What a great 'death'," Rui Mengqi said and pinched her own softness. The visual impact caused by the 'change' made Bai Xiaofei's nose turn hot … "Eh? "Boss, why are you bleeding!" Rui Mengqi exclaimed, pulling out a handkerchief and running in front of Bai Xiaofei. Why do you think it's a nosebleed? Don't you know how lethal you are! "It's fine, it's fine. The weather has been a bit dry recently, and I've been on fire for the past two days." Bai Xiaofei took the handkerchief and explained. Mm, it was indeed a 'fire'! "Sister Lei said that she's willing to let me be a pupil, so I'm now a member of the Phantom Demon. Furthermore, I'm in the same class as you, boss!" After confirming that Bai Xiaofei was fine, Rui Mengqi continued with her previous topic. Although Bai Xiaofei just wanted to change the topic, she had taken it seriously … Furthermore, this answer was a little shocking to Bai Xiaofei. This was a tempo that he could no longer avoid! In Bai Xiaofei's heart, the strength of a villain meant that he wanted to cry, but had no tears... "Congratulations, this is a good thing. You'd better study well and not let sister Lei down!" What else could Bai Xiaofei say when his teeth were broken! However, Bai Xiaofei had complained to Lei Min several hundred times in his heart. Didn't he say that the qualifications of a student was very difficult to pass!? How can you act so recklessly just because you're the department head and vice principal and teacher! "Yes, Sister Lei said to let me learn more from you, so from now on, you're my little master!" Rui Mengqi sounded pleasantly surprised. After hearing this, Bai Xiaofei only had one thought in mind. It's over, he's dead for sure … … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Thank you for everyone's support!
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