Receiving the opportunity to cooperate, the three of them quickly completed their collaboration with Bai Xiaofei. It was a small matter, and Bai Xiaofei had already come up with a rough idea. Other than introducing their organization, all they had to do was listen, so it was very simple. However, when he paid the money, the Thousand Heavy Tower was stunned. He didn't have 2 trillion, but he had signed a 2 trillion contract! Looking at Bai Xiaofei, it felt like a lifetime had passed. He had only started asking for a sky-high price because Bai Xiaofei had 'hinted' at him! Could this really be a trap?! Thinking up to this point, the Thousand Feet Tower had even begun to consider how they should denounce Bai Xiaofei and take revenge on Lu Lingyun. But as it turned out, he was overthinking it … All these difficulties were just a means to achieve one's goal. Bai Xiaofei was here with a goal in mind! After Master Zhang and Wang Ying paid the money and left, only Bai Xiaofei and the Thousand Layers Tower were left in Chu Qingtian's office … "Don't you feel like you've been cheated, Thousand Execution?" Revealing a cheap smile, Bai Xiaofei asked a brain-damaged question. Was there even a need to f * * king ask that! You're already asking for money! "It was Lu Lingyun who assured me. Student Bai, you're not the kind of person who goes back on his words!" His voice was cold and his face was covered in frost... "Are you sure Brother Lu told you that I would give you a discount? He should only be able to guarantee you a spot, right? Bai Xiaofei revealed a faint smile. When he finished speaking, a stupefied expression was instantly revealed on his face, as if he had discovered something extraordinary. After thinking about it carefully, it seemed as though he really didn't say anything... But, what did you help me with, you brat! I clearly yelled out a high price to capture him! He really was tricked this time... Thinking this way, the Thousand Layers Tower was on the verge of erupting. However, just as he was about to erupt, Bai Xiaofei's words once again forced him back into silence, causing his anger to immediately turn into joy. "Just kidding. Actually, I can help you reduce 5 trillion." Atmosphere! He started with 5 trillion yuan. Bai Xiaofei was an unprecedented student in the history of Star Gauze. He might not even have the courage to be number 1 on the wealth ranking! Besides, Bai Xiaofei had earned this boldness through his own efforts! "Student Bai, don't make such a big joke next time, my heart isn't good!" With a hearty laugh, the Qian Jin Tower instantly became a different person. If it was 15 trillion, then it was completely acceptable. "But not for nothing." The smile on the Thousand Layers Tower man's face was frozen by Bai Xiaofei's words before it could fade away. It didn't matter if the incident with a heart attack was real or not, but talking to Bai Xiaofei, you could die suddenly from holding your breath! "Then what should I do?" Swallowing his saliva, Qian Jin asked nervously. "I want a person from you!" After putting away all his expressions, Bai Xiaofei turned serious as he stared at the Thousand Heavy Tower with eyes full of seriousness. "Lu Lingyun?" The Thousand Feet Tower was not stupid. Among the people that Bai Xiaofei knew, the only one who could be worth this price was Lu Lingyun. Furthermore, he did not think that Lu Lingyun was worth this price. If not for Bai Xiaofei protecting the inn, Lu Lingyun would have already gone back to report it! "That's right, he doesn't have much use for you now, right? Why wouldn't a failed employee trade 5 trillion purple crystal coins for him?" Bai Xiaofei seemed to know what the Thousand Layers Tower was thinking as he got straight to the point. The poor Lu Lingyun was still praying for Bai Xiaofei to help him, unaware that he was going to lose his job because of Bai Xiaofei... "If you can..." "There are no 'ifs'. If you can accept the 5 trillion, then accept. If you can't, then you can pay according to the contract." Just as the price of the Thousand Layered Floors was about to rise, Bai Xiaofei put his thoughts into action. I've always been the one to scam others, and you still want to scam me?! Don't forget, your life vein is in my hands, not mine! Bai Xiaofei's specialty was not only turning the tables in adversity, but also gaining the upper hand! "Ok, deal!" Realizing that there was no point in speaking any further, the Thousand Heavy Tower immediately decided to sell Lu Lingyun, who had no idea what was going on, just like that … Sigh, he's in the martial arts world! When you were working for someone else, you would never know what decision was made to determine your life and death. The only thing you could do was to wait and accept! After leaving Chu Qingtian's office, both Bai Xiaofei and the Thousand Layers Tower were very happy. There weren't many 'win-win' situations like this in the shopping mall. After a simple farewell with Bai Xiaofei, the Thousand Layers Tower had already begun considering how to approach Lu Lingyun, while Bai Xiaofei ran towards the Exquisite Pavilion without stopping. Bai Xiaofei was always very busy at times like this. Every time this happened, Bai Xiaofei would run back and forth by himself. It wasn't that he didn't want to be accompanied by others, it was just that no one could keep up with his pace … Rather than wasting time explaining, he might as well do it himself. Furthermore, sometimes, it was easier to make the other party accept it! Standing at the entrance of the Exquisite Pavilion, Bai Xiaofei let out a long breath, thanking Snow Shadow for her training. Otherwise, with such a high intensity exercise every day, Bai Xiaofei might have stopped eating long ago... After adjusting his expression, Bai Xiaofei walked into the Exquisite Pavilion. The situation here was no different from what Bai Xiaofei had expected. Just like usual, there was nothing wrong with the situation. Feng Wuxin never came to where WindWithoutTrace was, so the staff here did not even know that one of the big bosses they had never seen was beside them! "Hello, student. May I ask if you want to take the test or buy a puppet?" A young sister came over immediately. After the peak of the freshmen promotion, the business here had gradually calmed down, so having a guest was something to be happy about. "I'm sorry, I'm not here to buy or test anything. I'm here to see your Manager Feng." Steward Feng, when Bai Xiaofei said those three words, he felt sad for WindWithoutTrace. A brother like him was as different as the sky and the earth! Bai Xiaofei refused to believe what Zhuang Ming had told him about WindWithoutTrace not having any intention to fight for his position. He had come into contact with WindWithoutTrace before, and WindWithoutTrace was not someone who had no desire! So, there must be a hidden reason, and it could even be a grievance! It was also because of this that Bai Xiaofei had come. He did not seek to untie WindWithoutTrace's knot in his heart, but he wanted a chance to untie WindWithoutTrace's knot! Of course, this was not Bai Xiaofei's main goal. Bai Xiaofei was not yet willing to help others to such an extent. What he truly wanted was WindWithoutTrace's ability and experience! Just like how he and the Thousand Layers Tower wanted to obtain Luck of Lu, what Bai Xiaofei wanted to do was to take away WindWithoutTrace! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]
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