Chapter 329 Intestinal Injury Powder, Soul Killing Powder, were all highly toxic poisons with Wu Lin's fame. The former was a watchdog method of the Hidden Fairy Sect, while the latter was a secret formula of the Tian Dao Temple. "Soul Killing Powder?" When Li Xuan heard the name of the poison, his face immediately changed. He had always prided himself as a righteous clan, disdained using poison, and even more so disdained being associated with evil sects like the Tian Dao Temple. However, he did not expect Chen Hui to have a relationship with the people of the Tian Dao Temple, and even got himself a Soul Killing Powder. From this, it could be seen that Chen Hui had quite a deep relationship with someone of high standing in the Tian Dao Temple! This made Li Xuan extremely angry, Tian Dao Temple was an evil sect. The most outstanding disciple of the Taiji Temple, had actually tried to seduce the evil sects. Furthermore... He looked at Zi Jianlan, the adopted daughter of the Soul Killing Powder, and thought that she was the adopted daughter of the Hidden Fairy Sect's original Sect Leader. He heard that Chen Hui was also related to her … Chen Hui, this guy, is quite scheming! And for Chen Hui to do such a thing, could it be that it was not secretly instigated by his father, Chen Jianxiong? Not long from now, it would be the day that the position of the Taiji Temple's Sect Leader would change. Chen Jianxiong might even be planning a large-scale operation from there, in order to obtain the position of the Taiji Temple's Sect Leader! Li Xuan's face became gloomy, just that he was currently short and had his body controlled by Ye Feng, causing his chest to be pierced with waves of pain, adding that the Intestinal Injury Powder's poison had started to spread, he had no way of resisting. "Elder Li, whether it is Intestinal Injury Powder or Soul Killing Powder, using your Taiji Temple's Pure Yang Treasure Mirror, can cure the poison, right?" Ye Feng asked indifferently while standing beside Li Xuan. He still remembered what Zi Jianlan had told him back then. The Taiji Temple's most valuable treasure, the Pure Yang Treasure Mirror, was able to cure all the poisons in the world. "You want my Taiji Temple's treasure? "Don't even think about it." Li Xuan was afraid of death, but he was also afraid of losing face. Right now, he had become a hard nut, it was extremely difficult to chew. He clearly knew that if he gave the order for the Pure Yang Treasure Mirror to be delivered, it would definitely fall into Ye Feng's hands in the end. "You really want to die?" Ye Feng snorted lightly: "I was just borrowing it, I didn't say I wanted yours. You and Zi Jianlan will either die together or live together. After Ye Feng finished speaking, he ignored Li Xuan and walked step by step towards the Chen Hui who was kicked away by Long Wan'er. His actions caused the hearts of all the Taiji Temple disciples, including Li Xuan, to rise as they widened their eyes. What was Ye Feng trying to do to Chen Hui? "Get up!" Ye Feng lifted Chen Hui's collar and realized that this brat was already half dead from Long Wan'er's kick. The originally handsome white robed young man rolled his eyes, foamed at the mouth, all the meridians in his body were shattered by Long Wan'er's kick, the Qi in his body was in disorder, and his consciousness was in a mess. If it was the old Long Wan'er, how could she have defeated Chen Hui, and how could she have kicked Chen Hui into such a state? It had to be known that in the past, Chen Hui was the strongest person amongst the young generation in the martial arts world, and Long Wan'er was after all young. Furthermore, because she was a girl and not fully nurtured by the Long family, there was a huge gap between her and Chen Hui. But now that she had started cultivating, Long Wan'er had twenty-five years of Divine Power Cultivation, which was equivalent to fifty years of cultivation in the Inner Qi. At most, Chen Hui's cultivation was only in the span of thirty-eight years. With the difference in cultivation, coupled with Long Wan'er's furious kick, Chen Hui was unable to react in time and was kicked half to death. "You dare to poison Sword Orchid, you're dead for sure!" Without even thinking about it, Ye Feng raised his hand to slap Chen Hui to death. "Stop!" Not too far away, when Li Xuan saw this, he was scared out of his wits. Did this Ye Feng really dare to kill Chen Hui? One must know that Father Chen Hui was one of the most powerful clan elders in the Taiji Temple, Chen Jianxiong. And at the age of sixty, Chen Jianxiong had already cultivated for a hundred years, making him one of the rarest, most powerful practitioners in the world. Little did know that he was not afraid at all. Even if he did not kill Chen Hui, the hatred between him and Chen Hui would never be resolved. Rather than that, it would be better to get rid of his enemy quickly. It could even make Chen Jianxiong more furious when chasing after his enemy, and could possibly cause him to lose his mind, allowing Ye Feng to have a greater chance of escaping or even killing him. As for the rest of the Taiji Temple, they all stared with their eyes wide open, as though they were doubting, if Ye Feng really dared to kill their genius Chen Hui who had always been emitting a bright light in the Taiji Temple, then what would happen to him? However, in the next moment. "So what if we kill him?" Ye Feng snorted, he raised his hand and clenched it into a fist. Mad Devil Fist! This was the Ye Family's martial art, easily executed by Ye Feng. It was also on the same level as the Burst Out Internal Breath, Level 2. Bang! Chen Hui was sent flying by this punch. The white robe was flung backwards like a kite with its string cut. Bang! Bang! Bang! Ye Feng did not stop, both his hands forming fists, as he continuously used Mad Devil Fist. The reason why the Ye Family's Mad Devil Fist was famous was because it was used in the form of a Demon Sealer. Waves of cold wind shot out from Ye Feng's fist, and then smashed onto Chen Hui's body which was in the air. Puff! Puff! Puff! Chen Hui continuously spat out fresh blood. Blood, every time it was about to fall, it would be sent flying by Ye Feng's fist. The white robed figure flew further and further away and it looked like it was about to fall out of the forest. Dragon Claw! In the end, Ye Feng performed this move, using his Innate Qi to grab onto Chen Hui and then pull him back. It would be too easy for him if he were to get rid of him in one slash. Therefore, Ye Feng decided to use a set of Mad Devil Fist. Right now, Chen Hui was about to puke out his feces and piss, not to mention eating supper. Immediately after, Chen Hui was pulled back by Ye Feng, his consciousness telling him that his life was about to come to an end. Puff! The dark green Divine Power Sword pierced through his heart. Ye Feng threw Chen Hui, whose heart had stopped, to the ground. Then, he waved his hand and took out the Soul Shrine from his spatial ring. Swish! The wandering souls in the surrounding area were all absorbed by the Soul Shrine at the same time. This included Chen Hui's soul, which was also absorbed by the Soul Shrine. His dishevelled appearance made him panic, not knowing what had happened. Ye Feng collected the spirits were naturally useful, as for the Soul Shrine, after he received the storage ring, he threw the Soul Shrine into it, and kept it with him all the time. What if Li Xuan did not cooperate, he would have to discuss it with Chen Hui's soul, maybe they could work together? I believe that Chen Hui definitely doesn't want to disappear from this world like this. The corner of Ye Feng's mouth raised slightly. When the time came, Zhao Yibei and Ling Chen would be scared, and then lure him, and tell him about Soul Cultivators, Chen Hui might even compromise. With his identity as father Chen Hui, he could definitely summon the Pure Yang Treasure Mirror here … When Ye Feng completed his set of Mad Devil Fist and killed Chen Hui with a single sword strike, the surrounding Taiji Temple disciples and Elder Li Xuan all fell into a daze.
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