Chapter 328 Ye Feng was not afraid of Li Xuan's identity. Even if he was one of the eight great elders of the Taiji Temple, he wasn't much to Ye Feng. As long as Su Feiying could kill the Fire Cloud Demon Master, or else find the teleportation circle in the desert and return to the Cultivation World, what would the Taiji Temple count as? Moreover, if he could even kill Li Xuan, with his entire power right now, he would be able to fight Taiji Temple to the death. After all, he had Ye Wentian and the Long family as backup, and his grandfather who seemed to be just as powerful as them. The reason why Ye Feng did not kill Li Xuan, was because he wanted to control him and achieve his goal. Borrowing that sword strike just now, Ye Feng had successfully sent his modified Intestinal Injury Powder into Li Xuan's body, and even heavily injured him! "Why didn't you kill me?" Li Xuan did not know what Ye Feng did, but he felt that it was strange. Could it be that Ye Feng was afraid of killing him because he was an elder of the Taiji Temple? "Why should I kill you?" Ye Feng rebutted with a question, and lightly smiled: "Now that you have the Intestinal Injury Powder, it's best if you listen obediently. If it wasn't for you coming to cause trouble for me, I wouldn't have gone this far … " The meaning in his words was that as long as Li Xuan was obedient, Ye Feng would not make things difficult for him. "Hmph, it's just a Intestinal Injury Powder …" Li Xuan snorted, he then pinched Ye Feng's wrist, who was about to retreat, and shouted: "Chen Hui, move!" Ye Feng's expression changed as he felt a wave of power from his hands making him unable to move. Facing the heavily injured and poisoned Li Xuan, he could struggle free, but he would need two seconds. And these two seconds, were enough for Chen Hui to do something. The moment Li Xuan's words fell, Chen Hui and the rest of the Taiji Temple disciples had already begun to move. "Don't even think about it!" Ye Feng clenched his teeth, the true qi in his entire body congealed on his wrist, wanting to burst the binding on Li Xuan, but he realised that Li Xuan's cultivation was much deeper than his, and he was unable to break free in an instant. Right at this moment, Zhao Yibei and Zhao Yibei, who were hiding in the shadows, started to move at almost the same time without Ye Feng's order. Blade and Bone Spear! One after another, dark gray arrows condensed from the surrounding air and shot towards the ten over Taiji Temple disciples who were rushing towards Zi Jianlan. This strange scene caused all the Taiji Temple disciples to be dumbstruck. What the hell were these gray arrows? How could they appear out of thin air and shoot towards them? This was as strange as the Ye Feng just now! Could it be that Ye Feng was not just one person, but many other helpers? A group of people's hearts were unsettled, but the situation before their eyes made them instinctively react: avoiding the Blade and Bone Spear, they continued to rush towards the purple-dressed woman, seize her, and use her as a threat to Ye Feng. If not for this, they wouldn't have been able to think of any other way to deal with Ye Feng. Celestial Art, Star Burial Arrow! Celestial Art, Red Flame! Long Wan'er and Su Menghan who were hiding in the darkness, finally revealed themselves again. Using all of their skills, they attacked towards the people of Taiji Temple. Long Wan'er had twenty-five years of Divine Power Cultivation, which was equivalent to a fifty year old martial arts expert's cultivation. With this move, the Star Burial Arrow instantly shot through the thigh of an unlucky child, and then shot into the knee of another unlucky child. Two birds with one stone, knocked down two people! As for Su Menghan's Red Flame Fireball, due to its quick arrival, coupled with the fact that the opponent group of people wanted to avoid the Blade and Bone Spear, it still exploded against the chest of a Taiji Temple female disciple in the end. Luckily the female disciple was much stronger than Su Menghan, so she immediately rolled on the ground and used the water from the plants to extinguish the flames, but she was no longer able to stand up and fight. "Not good." Chen Hui secretly took a look at his surroundings, and realized that just from this round of attacks, they had lost five people, and the other two were even killed by the Blade and Bone Spear, falling onto the ground as they wailed in pain. "Taiji Fist, Carrying a Sparrow Tail!" Chen Hui's heart tensed up, and immediately used this move. Using the Burst Out Internal Breath, the strong suction force instantly sucked Zi Jianlan who was lying not far away over. Compared to the Taiji Fist that Li Xuan used, Chen Hui's power was much weaker. However, Zi Jianlan had no way of resisting as he could use the Burst Out Internal Breath, so it was natural that he could absorb her over. "Soul Killing Powder!" Chen Hui's eyes flashed sinisterly, he took out a sharp dart from his waist with one hand and shot it towards Zi Jianlan who was being pulled over. This scene had also exceeded Zhao Yibei, Ling Chen, Su Menghan and Long Wan'er's expectations, and none of them had the time to stop it. Puff! The sharp dart, filled with poison, shot into Zi Jianlan's snow-white waist in an instant. She couldn't help but let out a painful groan. "Hahaha, Ye Feng, you stop immediately!" Seeing that, Chen Hui immediately laughed out loud. The Soul Killing Powder is here! This was a deadly poison that sealed one's soul. If the infected person could not get the antidote within 12 hours, they would gradually lose their consciousness and disappear. This was a highly toxic poison that he had obtained from a good friend in the Tian Dao Temple. "You son of a horse, Soul Killing Powder, quickly stop, otherwise she will lose her life on the spot!" Chen Hui finally walked out from the fear Ye Feng brought him, and he was extremely pleased with himself for a moment. It seemed that even Elder Li Xuan could not compare to him in Taiji Temple. Li Xuan had almost been killed by Ye Feng and he was actually able to control Ye Feng with his tactics. Most importantly, he did not have the antidote for this! If he wanted to cure the poison, he could only go to the Tian Dao Temple or find the Taiji Temple to get the Pure Yang Treasure Mirror. The former would definitely not make it in time, but the latter would depend on Chen Hui's mood. It would be best if he could bring Zi Jianlan back to the Taiji Temple, and take her after it was cured without hesitation so that Ye Feng could have a taste of wearing a green hat … "Shameless." Long Wan'er's angry voice came out from the side, and immediately followed like a gust of wind. The divine dragon swung its tail! The furious kick sent Chen Hui flying, crashing heavily into a large tree. "How are you, Lan?" Long Wan'er accurately caught Zi Jianlan's delicate body, Su Menghan ran out from the side and bravely stood in front of the rest of the Taiji Temple disciples, eyeing them fiercely. And the nearby Ye Feng, had finally broken free from Li Xuan's restraints. Li Xuan was severely injured from the poison, his strength was getting weaker and weaker, and he could not hold on much longer, so he was flung out of Ye Feng's hands. "Soul Killing Powder?" Ye Feng raised his head, looked at Chen Hui who was kicked flying by Long Wan'er, and squinted his eyes. That guy was really brave, to actually be able to use such a move to break through the protection of Zhao Yibei and the other three, causing Ye Feng to be a little surprised. However, did they think that just by letting Zi Jianlan obtain the poison, they would be able to make him compromise? Too naive!
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