Chapter 327 Ye Feng's figure disappeared! All of the hairs on Li Xuan's body stood up, all of the Qi in his body maintained the white Internal Shield by his side. This set of Internal Shield, was much more tyrannical than the Internal Shield that he had hastily displayed at the beginning. Because right now, this Internal Shield was condensed from the Taiji Fist style that he had used Seemingly Sealed Shut. Whether it was the structure of the inner Qi or its density, both of them far surpassed the ordinary Internal Shield that he had hastily condensed just now. If the power of the sword technique that Ye Feng had displayed was the same as before, he would never be able to break through Li Xuan's Seemingly Sealed Seal! "Elder!" Taiji Temple and the group of people started to clamor, their backs facing each other as they started to be on guard, but they knew that when facing Ye Feng's strange moves, being on alert was completely useless. There was only one possibility for them to survive, and that was to rely on Li Xuan's protection. "Quiet!" Li Xuan bellowed, he extended both of his hands and expanded the seal like Internal Shield by a circle, enveloping all the people in Taiji Temple. As a result, the strength of his Internal Shield decreased, but he was not worried, because he had coincidentally controlled it, causing Ye Feng to be unable to break through his Internal Shield. The dark green sword light finally began to flash! One sword, two sword, three sword … Ye Feng's every sword strike seemed to have cut into the hearts of everyone in the Taiji Temple, causing their minds to tremble. Including Chen Hui, the 10 of them surrounded Li Xuan, protected as if they were in a seal, only to see green sword lights cutting down on the Internal Shield, causing it to deform and cave in. The thirteenth slash! After just half a second, Ye Feng's Void Sword Dance had already come to an end, while the thirteen sword Qis overlapped each other and chopped onto Li Xuan's white colored Internal Shield, leaving behind only a thin layer of the Internal Shield. "Thirteen, it should be the end soon …" Li Xuan silently counted in his heart as his aged face relaxed slightly. He heaved a sigh of relief, Ye Feng really could not break through his level of Internal Shield. However, he did not completely relax, as he did not know if Ye Feng had any other moves, and what would happen next. If Ye Feng's cultivation was a little higher, he, Li Xuan, would be unable to stop him. Li Xuan shook his head, he felt that it was still impossible for Ye Feng to have any more moves, his current sword techniques were already so powerful, if he had any other moves, would he still need someone else to live? The other members of the Taiji Temple were also thinking the same thing, and all of them had joyous looks on their faces after surviving a calamity. Chen Hui's face was filled with excitement, an elder was an elder, his 95 years of cultivation was not just for show. No matter how strong Ye Feng's talent was, if he met with an elder, he would only end up on the street! However, just as they relaxed, the ghost-like fourteenth sword strike suddenly broke through the void and swiftly approached them! This sword stroke, was like a dark green bolt of lightning, instantly chopping the last thin layer of the white Internal Shield. Puff! The sword was broken! The black green sword aura dissipated, while the people of Taiji Temple who were protected by the Internal Shield had their eyes opened wide, stunned and shocked, they quickly reacted. Ye Feng was actually able to unleash the fourteenth slash! This was not scientific! Didn't Ye Feng use this move twice just now, making it a total of thirteen swords? Although the Void Sword Dance was fast, they were all the elites of the Taiji Temple, so it was possible for them to count the number of swords Ye Feng had drawn. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Someone immediately cried out in alarm, it was a young man who was the closest to the Internal Shield. His face was filled with panic, because Ye Feng's dark green sword was sweeping towards his face. "I'm not interested in you." Ye Feng stood in the air, the corners of his mouth curled up, and looked at the young man's panic-stricken expression, as well as the twisted scene in his surroundings. One slash! The fifteenth slash! Ye Feng swung out the last strike. This was also the last time he displayed his superior power, so he swung straight at Li Xuan. The dark green Divine Power Sword advanced through the distorted space and no one was able to discover it … A sword suddenly appeared in front of him. Li Xuan was immediately shocked. Not one more sword, but two more swords. This Ye Feng could actually temporarily increase his comprehension of techniques? This was a level that only peerless geniuses could reach … Li Xuan didn't have time to think about it, luckily he had already prepared a move. Taiji Fist, Wild Horse Splitting Hair! Li Xuan released the Qi from his entire body, his figure became short, his hand slid down, all the Qi in his body suddenly exploded out, and in a moment, a burst of Qi rushed towards Ye Feng's body that had just appeared. Li Xuan's reaction speed could be said to be fast, and his mental state was also extremely good. If it was any other person facing such a move from Ye Feng, they would have pissed their pants long ago. Just thinking about why Ye Feng would suddenly appear did not mean he had the time, much less thinking of ways to counterattack. As an elder of a Taiji Temple, Li Xuan had a lot of battle experience. He knew that in this situation, his priority was to defeat his opponent, rather than thinking about how to use his opponent's move. There would be plenty of time to think about these things once he defeated his opponent. "As expected of the Taiji Temple Elder." Seeing the other party's reaction, Ye Feng was secretly pleased, and his mouth revealed a strange smile. Bang! The air current that the wild horse split its mane into burst apart instantly struck Ye Feng's body, the berserk force sent him flying, but immediately after, the surrounding people discovered that this "Ye Feng" had actually turned into green smoke and dissipated. , Chen Hui and the others instantly felt that something was amiss as the strange smile on their faces disappeared. "Die!" Ye Feng's figure suddenly appeared from behind Li Xuan! This was the real Ye Feng, the fifteenth strike of the Void Sword Dance, only now did he appear behind Li Xuan. The "Ye Feng" that was in front of Li Xuan before, was completely just a soul form that Zhao Yibei had temporarily condensed. It had easily deceived Li Xuan's senses, and had allowed him to place a prepared wild horse split mane in the wrong direction. Puff! Ye Feng's sword finally lived up to everyone's expectations, and stabbed deeply into the back of Li Xuan's short figure. Fresh blood splattered behind Li Xuan's back, dyeing his white robes red. Time seemed to stop at this moment. All of the Taiji Temple disciples including Chen Hui were all dumbstruck. Could it be? Ye Feng had disappeared like a ghost. Even the ninjas of a country wouldn't be able to defy the heavens! What kind of martial arts was this? "Elder!" Chen Hui immediately shouted out, and his face turned pale white. Li Xuan's sword had pierced through his chest! This scene simply exceeded his imagination, he had never thought that Li Xuan would lose so easily to Ye Feng.'s strength was obviously not only that, if he were to execute the complete set of Taiji Fist, even ten Ye Feng wouldn't be able to handle it! But the reality was so cruel, Ye Feng used some strange method that he did not know of, and pierced through Li Xuan's chest with his sword, causing his white robes to be dyed blood. "Elder Li, you've lost." Ye Feng smiled faintly as he kept the dark green Divine Power Sword. He did not pierce through Li Xuan's heart, but spared his life! It was not because of Ling Chen, but because of a special reason …
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